Crocheted Gnome Hat with GUEST: Lorajean’s Magazine

Today’s guest is a site I love to visit. Every photo feels carefree, the lighting is soft, the food looks irresistible, the projects are sweet and unique. I just want to rock on a porch swing, sipping lemonade, as the sun warms my face. This is how I feel at Lorajean’s Magazine.
Lorajean is an artist, sewer, sculptor, mother, teacher, crafter, and inspiration. I recently stumbled on her blog and wondered why everyone in the blogging world did not know about her yet! Hopefully you already do! I could get lost in her photos for hours.
And while she’s well known for her girly style and doily trims, Lorajean is a mother of two boys (and one daughter) and dabbles in the masculine craft world from time to time.
Today she pulled out her crochet hook to Celebrate the BOY with us! She’s created something totally fun, totally cute, and it totally makes me smile. So let’s hear from Lorajean!…
Hi Everyone. I am Lorajean from Lorajean’s Magazine and I am so excited to be part of this years “Celebrate The Boy”.
I love Dana’s blog and am so flattered that she asked me to participate! šŸ™‚ Today I am sharing instructions on how to crochet a baby gnome hat. Growing up I loved the fairy illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker. In her illustrations some of the boys wear adorable pointy hats. While I was looking at the pictures with my daughter last month I decided I had to try and make one.
I was determined to make the perfect one but I ended up making five. After each one I wanted something more so I made another one changing it a bit here and there. I am very happy with the way this last one (the one I am sharing with you) turned out. I decided to call it a gnome hat instead of a fairy hat to give it a more masculine feel.
One of my favorite things about this hat, aside from it being adorable, is that because of the ear flaps it is really warm and covers the baby’s face and cheeks more than other hats. Also, this little boy of mine will not even wear hats unless they are tied on, so the ear flaps and ties are really nice for that reason, too. Happy crocheting everyone!

Thank you Lorajean for sharing a fabulous non-sewing idea with us! I just have to smile looking at that photo above. Too, too cute.
Click HERE for the complete Crocheted Gnome Hat tutorial and pattern on Lorajean’s Magazine.
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