Harvest Crown

Like 99% of little girls, Lucy loves crowns. She loves to be a princess. She loves to be the Queen. So at the library yesterday we noticed a simple crown craft that a child was wearing and Lucy said, “Ooooo Mom. Look at that leaf crown.” Oooo indeed, I thought. Now that’s a craft I can do with my kids! I know, last week I declared how much I hate to craft with my kids. And I still do. But this seemed so easy: paper, store-bought leaves, and glue (or staples).
So off we went to Joanns….

And after a 1/2 hour of crafting, we came up with this:
It’s not the most polished idea. The staples are exposed. And it’s nowhere near as cool as felt crowns like these and these. But it really was easy to do (once we realized that staples worked better than glue) and Lucy loved being the Harvest Queen for the day.

You only need a few things: Cardstock, fabric leaves, scissors, and some sort of adhesive or fastener (glue or tape or staples). The colors of cardstock in this package are perfect! (affiliate link)
Leaves were even cheaper than I thought! 50% off $1.99. Yes, please. We got 4 bags and only used 2 of them. (very similar ones hereaffiliate link)
I kept everything as simple as possible here….

Tape two pieces of cardstock together on the front and back. Leaves will cover the exposed tape.
Using a ruler, draw the top of the crown. Totally eyeball this, don’t get technical with the numbers. Draw two parallel lines and then draw triangles in between:
and cut off the edges:
Now, originally, I thought we would simply glue the leaves on the cardstock:
But….since the leaves did not lay flat, they just wouldn’t stick to the paper. I tried placing a can of food on top for a few minutes to flatten it and it did nothing. Now, a hot glue gun would work fine but with little kids, that’s not an option.
The easy solution: Stapler.
The kids lined up and organized leaves on their crowns.
Then we stapled them right on top.
Definitely not classy. But easy and fast. “Crafts are fun again!”
When you get the leaves in place and stapled down,
wrap it around and staple it closed, to fit the size of your child’s head.
and you’re done!
Try them on!
Then make a harvest crown for your friend Savannah and drive over to her house to deliver it (wearing your favorite princess dress that Mom rarely let’s you wear in public. But hey, you’re the Harvest Queen.)
Hooray for fall!

  1. love these. i came across this on pinterest. I hope to make some with my boys soon. We love to dress up and have fun. When i do i will give a link back with credit for the idea to you. Take care, jaime@FSPDT

  2. 2) Jen

    I love this idea! As soon as I can find leaves we are going to make this! We might have to do our first crowns with real fall leaves! Even though they won’t last as long as the craft kind. I like yours better than the links you posted! Thanks!

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