Crackers and Frosting, circa 2010

Since many of you have been making THIS, I know you have some of this leftover:

And crackers and frosting bring me right back to being a kid. I can picture our old kitchen with the golden-yellow countertops, running in the house after school, my mom standing there with a big package of graham crackers and crazy colored frosting (from someone’s birthday earlier in the week), slathering it on those little rectangles. Such simple times.

If you had graham crackers and frosting as a kid too, you must recall similar bliss.

But I made a lovely discovery the other day (perhaps from having more grown-up taste buds now?) I realized that graham cracker with frosting is too much sweetness. Sweet and sweet. Wrong ratio.

So….I put it on Ritz Crackers instead and YUMMMM. An excellent Salty/Sweet combo.

So, grab a box of these (love the retro packaging):

Spread ’em with your favorite frosting

And enjoy. Cream cheese sweetness with salt-brushed tops:

Casey and I thought we had a money making combo on our hands! Then we saw a pre-packaged version at the store. Ritz beat us to it. But homemade ones are definitely much better. And cream cheese frosting is far too tasty.

  1. 1) Brad

    I’m happy to report that your idea of frosting on Ritz crackers is fantastic! I used the ready-made chocolate frosting from Betty Crocker, and it was great….even better than on graham crackers, just as you said! : )

  2. 2) megbot

    I use pretzels. They taste great with any frosting. I always buy pretzels when I know I’m going to have extra frosting! Yum!

  3. 3) Donna Carnall

    Saltines & frosting is great, too! My mom years & years ago used to give my brother & I this treat when she had left-over frosting. Thanks for the reminder of some good memories.

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