Freezer Corn

Sticking with Da’s Corn theme this morning, I have a simple tutorial to share with you: DIY Freezer Corn. It’s not quite as cute and memorable as Enzo with his popcorn kernels but it comes in real handy at dinner time!You know we love corn at this house. So why not freeze it? I noticed Sparkle Power doing that very thing and I wanted in on the action.
It’s so simple. Well, probably not as simple as opening a can. But it tastes so much better and is an easy side project to have going on as you’re preparing dinner or helping kids. So next time you’re at the store, grab 8 ears or more and peel back the husks.
Grab a huge pot, boil some water, toss in the ears, boil them for a few minutes till they’re tender and the color looks vibrant, drain the water, and let the corn cool.
Using a knife, cut all the kernels off the cob.
And you end up with something like this:
and eventually this:
It’s okay if some of the clumps stay together. It’s easier to snack on them while you work.

8 ears of corn = a big ole bowl of kernels.

I’d say that my $2 went a whole lot further than canned corn.
To freeze the corn, spread the kernels out on a cookie sheet. Give them plenty of room so they freeze individually. If you toss them in a bag while wet, they’ll freeze into one big clump.
Stick your pan(s) in the freezer:
And prepare your freezer bags. I like ziplocks with labels on the front so I can mark the date and contents. I’m amazed at how often I put something in the freezer and a month later I look at it questioningly, “is that spaghetti sauce? or taco salad sauce?” I guess corn is more obvious. But the cataloging helps.
When the kernels are frozen, stick them in a bag.
And place them back in the freezer.
Next time you’re making salad or salsa or tacos or whatever your corn was meant for….open a bag! Yum yum.
(this tutorial is archived in the RECIPES link at the top of the blog).

Are you a corny family too? I’ll let you interpret that however you want.

  1. 1) Louise Marie

    mmm-mmm-mmmmm, i love fresh corn.

  2. 3) Amanda

    I also saw Martha Stewart cut the corn off holding the ear over a bundt pan, with the ear of corn resting in the center hole. All the kernels are contained in the pan, then!

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