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I recently became a laptop person and I’m loving the mobility. But right before heading to Minnesota for the Market I realized, I didn’t have anything to carry it in. I checked all the usual suspect stores for cool computer bags and nothing caught me eye.
and when you don’t see what you want in the store, it always takes me a while to remember….duh, you can make it yourself!
Because really, store-bought clothing and bags are nothing secret. It’s nothing you can’t create yourself (and with your own personal flair). Big manufacturers just have heavier duty machines to sewn on. So go for it!
When I began conceptualizing, I thought….I’ll make it just like a zippered pouch, only really big!

But if you’re anything like me, once I start a project, I tend to add this there and expand on that over there and before I know it, the “simple pouch” has snowballed beyond even a simple bag and into a complex carrying case. And I’m up till 3am finishing everything. (sigh)

But I do love how it turned out!
When sewing pouches and bags with zippered pockets, you have to think the whole thing through backwards. Start with the smallest pockets first and work your way up to the final step of sewing the whole bag together.

Also, think about your needs. That’s the beauty of making your own stuff. The bag is totally personalized to what you need and love best. So…

I added two small pockets to the front. One expands slightly at the bottom and is the perfect spot for my portable mouse (because a mouse always makes photo editing easier).
If needed, my phone also fits in there.
The other pocket is for my postcard size business cards .
I added a large pocket to the back for holding documents,
and a similar pocket to the front for my mouse pad, power cord, and anything else.
I lined the inside of the case with foam (for padding) and plastic canvas (to make it more sturdy)
Then there are D rings on the outside and a matching strap attached. I regret not making the strap a bit more padded. But hey, I simply need to remove the old strap and add a better one!
It wasn’t the easiest project to make but I felt accomplished (and relieved) when I was done. I toyed with the idea of creating a pattern for it….but then images of you yelling at your sewing machine (like I was) flashed before my eyes and I decided not to.
So if you need a new Computer Case, go for it! Make your own! And you can definitely make it less complicated if you’re just starting out. There’s also a cool tutorial/pattern for a simplified computer cozy in the One Yard Wonders book (you can see a finished version on Amber’s blog. It’s cute!)
and if you haven’t guessed yet….I’m in love with all the striped fabrics at IKEA. You’ll be seeing more colors down the road!

  1. 1) Susann

    Hi Dana,
    I was recently commissioned by a friend to make her two laptop bags, because I sew purses and travel bags for people. I said oh sure – no problem! I love to create my own designs or copy designer bags with modifications to call them my own. That said, I wasn’t prepared for a computer bag – I have a store bought one that gave me the inspiration, but still wasn’t sure about the padding. I LOVE WHAT YOU’VE DONE with yours and will copy your idea for the outside zipper pouches. I asked my local fabric store what I should pad it with and she looked at me like I was nuts – said she had never been asked that before. So I’m going with the 1/2″ foam and will put stiff interfacing on both sides of it to give it more stability inside the bag. But your bag takes the cake – it’s adorable and very chic. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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