Colored Rice Easter Eggs

I may have had more fun dyeing the rice for this project, than making the final product itself.

The colors are gorgeous together:

But there was a purpose behind the plates of rice.

Keeping with the Split Pea Shamrocks idea, I stuffed the colored rice inside vinyl ovals, added an eyelet on top and voila….Easter Eggs!

In many shades.

I gotta be honest, I think the Shamrocks are cuter and easier to make (it was impossible to get the rice squished between the eyelet up top.)
But once we hung them up, I decided I like them.

Trinkety but simple; they add such color to our archway. Casey thinks the Orange looks like Spanish Rice.

These would be perfect to hang in a tree outside or inside your house. The vinyl is water proof and should hold up well (of course I’m sure water can seep in through the eyelet. So at your own risk, I guess.)

Combined with our Peeps bunting and Lamb Pillows, the house is starting to look like Easter!

Though these are similar to the Split Pea Shamrocks, I created a tutorial which shows you how to easily dye rice. And how to make a color changing egg like this:
Check it out HERE (or in the Tutorials tab at the top of the blog):

3 days till Easter! I hope your decor is coming along too.

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