Clouds and Corn

I realize this is my 2nd post in one day. But when I post something that says “giveaway winner”, it feels like a rip-off post for the day. Just not as fun or inspiring. So here I am again.

And after reading Rae’s spot-on blog post about blog post frequency, I’ve been thinking more about the topic. In fact it’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you guys about for a while. So it was great to read all the comments over there! A well discussed topic and Rae states it perfectly.

So….not to exasperate the subject but do you think I over-blog? Blog too frequently? Some days I wonder that. I wonder how many posts are too many posts for you guys. The other week I formulated this blog post in my mind (mostly in jest but when I saw Rae’s post, made me chuckle inside. She and I are often stewing over similar things at the same time. Maybe we were twins separated at birth):

Dear Pioneer Woman,
I love your blog. I love your humor. I love your style. Your smarty pants quizzes are weird, so I pass those up and I’m not a real animal lover. But I love your food and you reel me in with your photos and life commentary. BUT….every time I add you to my Google Reader, I end up deleting you a week later because I just can’t keep up with your explosions of blog posts in my Reader inbox. If you posted less frequently, I’d honestly check-in more often. That’s all I’m sayin.

Many thanks,
A less-busier blogger who still feels overly-busy with blog life.

When I first started blogging, I felt purist on the topic. I only wanted my blog to be filled with sewing projects, so that if you thumbed through the archives it would be a portfolio of sorts with inspirational sewing ideas. But somewhere along the way, I realized that it’s also interesting to see the person behind the creation. At least I assume you guys might feel the same? My favorite design/craft/DIY blogs are those that share ideas but also insert themselves from time to time.

So, I’ve started to share bits of our life, recipes here and there and random thoughts from time to time. I don’t think I’ve sacrificed content for frequency. But who knows, maybe you feel differently? Maybe you wish I shared less and only chimed in on the big projects. All in all, it’s an interesting balance being a blogger, mom, and wife. It’s a topic we could discuss for days. So let me just say this….

We’ve been having great summer weather here in Texas! With clouds that look like this:
Since we don’t have a pool in our backyard or neighborhood, we do the next best thing: cheap sprinkler under the trampoline.
One hour of solid entertainment.
(with the option of being clothed or naked)
And when the grass and kids are water logged, it’s time for a snack.
I spent two months looking for these. A simple request, right? Cheap corn holders, nothing fancy. But all I could find was a $6 set at Walmart. Finally these popped up for $2 in the Target summer section. Thank you.
Nothing beats summer like sprinklers and corn on the cob.
Lucy insisted there was something wrong with the kernels on the end. Silly girl.
Mom and Dad got in on the action too.
Happy hot summer evening to you!
Maybe I won’t see you for a few days? Experiment?

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