Chocolate Ruffles

A little onesie for my friend’s baby shower next week. (I probably shouldn’t post before gifting but I don’t think she checks this blog, so here it is.)
I took a thrifted onesie (that had ugly puppy dogs on front) and appliqued the little doll, which comes from a new favorite fabric purchase (watch for more doll sightings in the future!). I sewed a simple stitch twice around the doll fabric and left the edge a little frayed (matches the vintage vibe, to me.) I had tried doing a solid zig-zag stitch around a different onesie last month and it was a disaster. Sadly, I still gave it away at another shower. But something I need to work on: zigzaging and knits.

On the back are bum ruffles of course. These were made from strips of jersey knit, serged on both sides. I stretched the knit as I serged to give it the lettuced look, then stiched them right to the onesie.
A simple project and one I really love! Too bad I don’t have a little baby girl, or this one I’d keep.

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