Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

I really love to cook. Well, actually, I love to bake. Anything with chocolate, coconut, vanilla, frosting, apple-crisp-ish, etc?
I. Want. To. Make. It.

But here’s the problem:
When I’ve spent the day sewing and using my creative energy in one specific area, it’s often hard for me to expend it other creative areas. Meaning….if I’m sewing/blogging all day, then when dinner time rolls around it’s like, “how fast can I get something on the table??” Instead of, “Where’s the yummy Butternut Squash/Gruyere Lasagna recipe I’ve been meaning to try?”

Are any of you the same?
I guess my creative juice has a tipping point.

Don’t worry, my blog won’t turn into a recipe site. There are far too many decadent sites for that (here, here, and here).
But from time to time I would love to share a recipe with you.
And this is one of my absolute favorites.
I posted a picture of it once when we celebrated Lucy’s 3rd birthday last year. And the comments started coming in. What is that cake????
Well, it’s THIS:
Chocolate Marshmallow Cake.
It’s one of my Mom’s tried-and-true classics. She is a master in the kitchen. One day I’ll share her cook book with you all. But until then, you can find the recipe HERE (and in the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the blog):

So if you need a Sunday Night Dessert Recipe (I know you do. I need one every week), try some Chocolate Marshmallow Cake. You will never look back.

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