Celebrating MOM

Since I had so much with Celebrate the BOY I thought, let’s continue the Celebration!

But let’s make it girly, and let’s make it for you, and let’s find someone really ruffled and darling to collaborate with on it…..


So, for the next two weeks……

equals =

That’s right!

For the next TWO weeks, Disney from the adorable blog Ruffles and Stuff and I will be CELEBRATING MOM (which really means, we’re celebrating YOU and all women out there! Because let’s be honest, Mother’s Day gifts are just a cool excuse for us to buy, make, and exchange the girly things we love).

For TWO weeks (starting this Monday) here’s what you’ll find:
* Daily Posts
* Giveaways
* Guest Bloggers
* Ideas for making Mother’s Day gifts for your mom and moms you love
* Round-up of Mother’s Day gifts to purchase
* gift-wrapping
* pretty pictures
* girly fun!

And it’s all happening on TWO blogs! Ruffles and Stuff and MADE will be Celebrating together. Our blog headers will have a similar theme. We’ll also have buttons at the top of our blogs so you can easily jump from one to the other (remember those wildflowers I so rebelliously picked? It wasn’t in vain. They made some lovely buttons!)

And of course we want you to Celebrate with us! We have two buttons for you to post on your blog and party along (the html for these will be on my site on Monday). But if you’re antsy for pretty flowers, here you go!
And this time around, I’ll be archiving the Celebration as I go (unlike the BOY month, which is still on my To-Do List! Sorry folks) So, look for the “Celebrating MOM” button on my blog to find all posts from our Celebration.

And there you go!
See you all Monday!!

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