Celebrate the BOY, closure

Your comments have been making me laugh…..

“I’m already going through BOY withdrawls. I can’t believe the month is over.”

“Checking your blog every day during Boy month was like Christmas morning.”

“Can you turn your blog into a BOY blog all the time?”
Yes, I can’t believe the month is over already too! It was crazy and busy and it totally flew by. I’m so happy you enjoyed it as much as Christmas morning. I guess as adults there are funny things we look forward to more than Santa and unknown gifts. Hmmm….maybe tutorials are like gifts? They’re as much for me to give as they may be to receive. So thanks for enjoying them and trying them out.

And as interesting as BOY months has been….sorry, I won’t be doing boy gear around the clock. MADE will resume it’s bi-partisan sewing status; featuring designs, photos, and projects from all walks of life!


You’re right.
It’ll probably be heavier on the girl side. BUT. This month has really changed my sewing gears. I caught myself in the car yesterday daydreaming about new projects and whadaya know…..they were all boy centered! I guess my mind has started thinking in a new light. So have no fear, the boyish side of life will creep into my blog more often than in the past.
NOTES for moving forward:

* I plan to ARCHIVE everything from Celebrate the Boy here on the blog for future reference. I’ll be reformatting other stuff as well. In the mean time, you can always find my tutorials in the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the blog.

* The old original MADE button doesn’t work any more. So grab a new one! We have Green Pixels or Signature MADE to choose from. All the info is in the box in the right-hand column. Make sure you scroll down in the html box to get the entire code.

* I’ll be doing a final BOY roundup this week, so make sure your projects are in the you MADE it Flickr group. Sorry for the confusion with two flickr groups. The You MADE it group is for any project you’ve made based on tutorials or patterns, from our site. If your pics fall in that category and you’ve only put them into Rae’s Celebrate the Boy group, make sure you get them into you MADE it too!

* BOY Month was so fun that Rae and I will probably do BOY WEEK here and there throughout the year. We’ll keep you posted!

* A HUGE thank you to my GUEST bloggers who shared fabulous ideas with their own boyish twist. Each are true artists who inspire me and have inspired you too (sorry your google reader is now filled with 20 more blogs to read).

* Can I tell you how cool Rae is? She and I emailed months ago, saying we should do a collaboration of some sort. But we didn’t know what. We sat on it for a while, she had a baby (who I can’t wait to see more of, now that BOY month is over), we emailed here and there, and then one day…..it all fell into place. Celebrate the BOY. And who better to share it with, than Rae? I knew she’d do it justice. Of course we quickly realized that the task was far bigger than the two of us. So thanks for emailing and tipping us off to so many great boy ideas that are out there!

I love working on projects with fellow artists because you really get to know them as a person. And Rae is one hilarious, genuine, and clever lady. Did you know she plays the Voilin and Organ at her church? That she has 6 laptops (all working) in her house? She hates to cook. She met her husband in high school. She didn’t start having kids till she was 28, like me. She has two darling Dutch tow-headed children. And she’s totally cool/down-to-earth like all you crafty ladies out there. Yea, she was just as annoyed that Project Runway was NOT on last week as I was. Way to ruin my night at 1am, as I sat down to watch. But on a lighter note…..

From Rae and myself to all of you, a small photo collage, recapping our thoughts.

In case you still wondered….
We love to sew for them, sing to them, (clean up their messes?), and learn how to kick, throw, and knock down towers from their tiny hands. Boys are boys. So……
For letting us be your moms.
Thank you READERS for stopping by all month. We hope you continue to come back!
Thank you Blogger for never crashing on us (fingers crossed).
Thank you Nate and Casey (the big Boys of the house) for letting your wives stay up till 3am, for (almost) every night of the month.

and a high-five for: surviving the month without dying. Seriously. Please don’t be expecting daily blog posts with tutorials from here on out. I’ll try my hardest to do cool things. But that pace will definitely kill me.

And finally. Hmmm. We’re just idiots, that’s all.Let’s hear it for the BOY!

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