Celebrate BABY: little gifts

Over the past few months some darling things have shown up at our house, addressed to miss Clara.   Just thought I’d share some cuteness with you….

From Tiffany at Simply Modern Mom, some crocheted headbands and a little hat.  Lucy couldn’t get over the ties on the hat and kept saying, “mom! Clara has pink hair braids!” My good friend Katherine gave us these totally fun chewbeads and Clara is just itching to use them (drool constantly oozes from her mouth).A while back I shared pics of the kids on my favorite yellow blanket…which comes from Katy at No Big Dill.  Isn’t it cheery?!  (she’s got a tutorial for the triple stitched blanket here). It showed up at our house the day after Clara was born so Casey brought it to the hospital and the timing was perfect.  A cold front came through and I hadn’t packed enough blankets for taking Clara home.  No big Dill saved the day.A medley of purple and pink from my cute friend Lonna and sister-in-law Laura (baby GAP and Old Navy). I had pinned the pink chevron dress and Laura caught wind of it. Just another reason to love Pinterest (and sweet sisters-in-law):Another darling blanket and personalized name frame from my photography friend Katie Evans. Each time we have a newborn in the house I pick one blanket that stays on the couch for the baby to lay, be changed, hang out, etc. But it has to match the decor of the room…and I couldn’t find the right one….till Katie’s blanket showed up. Yay!  It was meant for our house.Some soft sweet cuteness overload here…
• A crocheted hat from Delia. Love the color.
• From my sister-in-law Lauren, an adorable sun hat and handmade bootie set purchased in Barcelona, Spain when she was on vacation.BOTTOM:
• An ultra soft blanket from Renee at Little Ticket. If you’ve never been to their shop, GO NOW. Everything is darling.
• Two hand-knitted hats from Casey’s co-worker McKenzie. Great colors, so very soft, totally cute, and dude, she’s got skills. She made the sweetest green sweater for Owen when he was born that I’ll never be able to part with.

One last grab-bag from Katie at the Red Kitchen. A vintage sheet bib, dyed onesie, handmade buttons, and even a treat for me…m&ms! (in totally cute packaging). This girl knows how to brand things.Thank you, thank you, thank you friends!
Clara blows a few thank you bubbles your way too.

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  1. so so fun to see all the sweet gifts you have received for Clara. adorable!

  2. Aww, sweet baby Clara. Melts my heart. What a loved little girl!

  3. What a gorgeous bundle of lovely gifts and such sweet photos of your baby girl.

  4. Can I submit my address for sweet baby goodness too! Such cute stuff!

  5. 6) Jen

    I just got some chewbeads for my birthday! can’t wait for my baby to be old enough to love on them!

  6. 7) Erin

    That butterfly crocheted hat pattern (that Delia used) is one of my favorites! It’s such a satisfying quick project. One of my go-to baby gifts!

    • 8) DebbieH

      Would you mind linking me to the pattern? It is so adorable!

  7. such cute gifts! my favorite is the sun hat & the booties from your sis-n-law…so pretty!

  8. Hi Dana and Casey and three adorable children! I just discovered your site and wanted to tell you hey, lady, good job! Cute babies, cute site, cute family. I’m overwhelmed by all the cuteness.
    Glad to hear things are well all the way out in Tx.

  9. Looks like you have been properly showered with gifts for that beautiful Clara. 🙂 Those chew beads look so cool! I’ll have to check that out some more.

    Love your poppy festival pics too. So pretty!

  10. i am LOVING celebrate the baby! Thank you. I’ll be welcoming my fourth baby in about 8 weeks and your crafting ideas are satisfying all of my “nesting” restlessness.

  11. 13) Karis

    That pink shell stitch hat is beyond adorable, she looks like an adorable gnome <3

    Is there anyway to know where to locate the pattern?

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