CarSeats and more Carseats

Carseat covers should be made-to-fit the seat, not loose and baggy. Thus, when it came to making my first cover I simply took apart the old original cover and used that as a pattern. It worked perfectly! Fabric choices I like: twill, canvas and heavier cottons. Double-fold bias tape is used to border the edges of all pieces. Here are some covers I’ve made for family or sold to clients.

Delilah’s chair:
Canvas fabric from Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley. I also dissected the headrests and formed new ones with a double layer of batting for the curve. I should have made the headrest come out further in front (less shallow). It doesn’t hold baby’s head as well as I’d like.
Ava’s chair:
Cotton fabric from Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley.
Savanna’s Chair:
Cotton fabric found online.
Owen’s Chair:
Michael Miller – Mirror Dot (that’s a tongue twister) cotton fabric from Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley.
Paige’s Chair:
Flannel fabric from JoAnn’s.
Owen’s other chair:
Canvas fabric from JoAnns. Headrests are made of soft micro-suede and cotton.

  1. 1) Tiffany

    Hi, your covers are so cute! im not great at sewing but i need a new cover for my graco carseat… do you make these for anyone? and if so how much would you charge for one?

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