bye-bye Disney and thoughts on blogging

Hi Friends.
Sorry I’ve been a bit spotty the past few weeks. We’ve been on vacation! (and loving the time away from responsibility). We’re still getting back in the swing of things. So the posting may continue to pop up here and there, but I’ll try my best to share stuff with you. Especially since I’m sure you’ll agree…..we already feel the void of Ruffles and Stuff saying goodbye to the blogging world.

Oh Disney, we will miss you greatly and dearly!
Your creativity is astounding and has inspired so many. And I never, ever grow tired of your lovely photos. Just scanning back a page or two to grab these pics put a smile on my face.

The only consolation is that your lovely blog still floats around in space, so we can scan the archives when we need a cute girly tutorial. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us Disney!
Being a full-time, every day, creative blogger (or any sort of blogger for that matter) is time-consuming; it’s a full-time job. People often ask me how and why I do it. I’ll be honest, there are days it wears me down. There are times it puts a strain on life. There are days I need to just walk away from it and go swimming for a few hours. There are times I look at the computer screen and just wonder what and why I’m doing this. We all ask these questions. And I know it was a hard decision for Disney to make. Because like the rest of us, I know that being creative is something she loves and feels passionate about. But we all have to do what’s right for ourselves and for our family. It’s hard to find that balance and to keep the self-imposed pressure at a minimum. In a way Disney, I’m a little envious of your new freedom.

So why do we do it?
Sharing ideas and blogging is worth the time and effort because, aside from the work, it’s also a joy! I love the creative outlet. I love sharing ideas and learning from others’ takes. And mostly, I enjoy making connections with other people out there, living parallel lives in their own sphere. What an amazing time we live in that I can find a stay-at-home-mom in Sweden or Indonesia who loves to sew and share just like me. And I can become friends with them without ever hearing the sound of their voice?! The internet is very amazing that way.

I’ll just say this. Disney, we love you and respect your decisions. We pray the best for you and hope you keep in touch! I have no doubts we’ll see you again in the future. Creativity is something that can’t be suppressed. It’s only a matter of time before your genie festers enough and you rub him out. Man, I swear this sounds like an obituary. Sorry! It’s just been so much fun getting to know you and sharing a month of Celebrating MOM together.

We welcome you back any time! Thank you again for sharing your talents and time!

(all photos, courtesy of Disney’s blog)

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