Building a new home: the Formica craft table!

Remember when I talked about making a new art table for the Studio?
And you wondered which color I would choose?
Okay.  You already knew what I would do….
Formica table
But at one point the Studio looked like this:

And we brought in some IKEA shelves to build the “legs” of the table….

And the Formica® Brand contacted me to see if I wanted to work on a project with them?  For their new Formica® Laminate Jonathan Adler collection?

And I was all like, whaaaaat?  YES.
(Sorry.  I’ll just recap the play-by-play, in case you didn’t read my other post)

And it was like a blogging matchmaker put us together—because I had been thinking about a laminate table top for my studio for a year!  And then Formica® Brand sent me free samples of the product?  And I had to choose my favorite one….

My table is done!
How to make your own craft table
And it’s orange.  And I totally love it.
DIY craft table
Here’s the Before and After:
before and after DIY Craft table
The original table-top was a hollow construction door.  And now it’s a glossy, fitted surface.
I wasn’t sure how the glossy finish would look in the room but I LOVE it—the kids can’t even draw on it!  The marker lines just wipe off!  That is HUGE, and fantastic.

And so is the fit.
The table sits right on top, like the lid of a gift box.

We had a cabinet maker come to the house and measure for the table top.
Then he made the table of MDF in his shop, and covered it with Formica® Laminate—in Orange Lacquered Linen, and brought it back to my house.

I seriously love it!
how to make a Craft Table
I replaced the metal legs on the cabinets with caster wheels—and the jury’s still out on that.   They look kind of “messy” to me.  But I love the mobility.  We’ll see how that part goes.

….and we’ll see what I do with the chairs.  Cause you know I love oilcloth.

For now we’re all enjoying the new look….with fresh projects and art designs.

So….are you loving laminate now?
It’s so much fun!
And so is the Formica® Laminate Chic Your Space Contest, which is currently live and runs through the end of June.  Just visit Formica Group on Facebook for a chance to win a $10,000 makeover with Formica® Laminate! Hurry!—the contest ends 6/30.

  1. 1) Tabitha

    Love the table top! Orange is one of my favorite colors.

  2. 2) Teri

    Love the table and the caster legs. Mobility will be great!

  3. 3) Julie V

    I love the Orange! I like the castor wheels too; so versatile.

  4. 4) Shannon S

    WOW the table looks fantastic!

  5. 5) Ashley

    Such a fun table. It would be a great new table top for my office!

  6. 6) Kristie

    Love the wheels. I would not have picked orange, but it looks fabulous in your space.

  7. 7) Becky

    I definitely want to make one of my own, I love the orange!

  8. 8) Laura

    I love your table! It looks perfect in your studio!

  9. 9) Alana

    Absolutely love the new table and the pop of color it gives your studio. My concern with the IKEA casters is always about catching my foot on the part that sticks out. I know it offers stability, but I’m clumsy! I do like being able to move things around easily, though.

  10. 10) Kat

    Love the orange!! But I can see how the wheels look wonky, maybe just finding different wheels?

  11. 12) Shelly

    I wouldn’t be brave enough to pick orange myself, but it looks great in your space. I also love the glossy top. It looks fabulous and seems totally useful, especially in regards to marker marks, as you mentioned!

  12. 13) Julie

    LOVE IT !!!! I want one for myself—great for school projects too !!

  13. 14) Windie D

    love the pop of color in the room! great choice 🙂

  14. looks like it’s meant to be a fun place to hang out on. the orange is a nice color for inspiration and creativity!

  15. 16) Maxine

    The table turned out fantastic, Dana! Love it!

  16. 17) Tracie S

    I love how much workspace that table provides!

  17. 18) erin

    Great table…love how it all came together! It is great that the laminate is so durable : ).

  18. 19) April

    I love the table! I love the whole room! I am going to show my husband this and hint that this table would be great and I can finally stop using the dinner table. 🙂

    • 20) Christine Funk

      Love this idea! Is it sturdy enough for sewing on?

  19. Your table looks so fun, love the pop of orange.

  20. What a great workspace. It’s looks fantastic on your room.

  21. 23) Trish G

    I absolutely love this idea! I’m definitely going to look into re-creating one for myself

  22. 24) Carol Winn

    Just this summer it occurred to me to get a Formica tabletop made for my sewing area, which is my son’s former room, converted into my new sewing room! I have re-painted, cleaned the carpet and am just now planning furniture – what perfect timing is your post! I think the Formica surface is ideal for setting my serger and sewing machines on, and fabrics will just glide right over the smooth surface. I’m so excited!

  23. 25) craftygramma

    hi Dana-
    Love the Formica, and orange is so you! I would love to make something like this, with a Formica top in yellow, red, or pink. I had pink Formica years ago with 5 (!) sons and it held up perfectly!
    I bet you will come to love those wheels. I would need them for mobility reasons. This workstation is my dream table!
    Enjoy, and thanks

  24. 26) Beth

    I think the bold color looks great against all the white!

  25. 27) Lissette Knight

    This is such an awesome table for crafting with your kids! It would be so fun to do something like this! 🙂

  26. I LOVE your table!! Now I really, really want to do something like this for my crafting area!! Something in green would be perfect!!

  27. 29) Karen Christensen

    Love the new look. I need a table to work on and your idea would work perfectly

  28. I think it’s perfect! I know it would be a challenge, but maybe consider spray painting the metal part of the caster wheels orange… I think it would look less messy because the color would tie it back into the table top.

  29. 31) Rebecca L.

    It’s beautiful!!!! I love all of the fun Formica options available now:)

  30. 32) Katy Moss

    We just bought a new house and I’d love new Formica countertops to replace the chipped/scratched ones in my kitchen!

  31. 34) MichelleV

    Love the color and the pattern in the design to help hide any messes – great finish!

  32. 35) jessica

    I love the new table-top! When I hear formica I don’t think of something nearly as modern and cute — I would love to do the same thing for my craft/cutting table in my new sewing room!

  33. I’m not usually a fan of orange, but your table looks great. I love the casters especially!

  34. 39) Cynthia

    Love it! Perfect for the space.

  35. 40) Sarah Stevener

    It looks really nice and so handy! I’d love to have an area like this someday 🙂

  36. 41) Kathie

    Your table looks fantastic! Totally brightens your studio; good choice.

  37. It’s amazing! So surprised you picked orange. NOT!

  38. 43) Corrine

    I love the table! It’s so versatile. I think my favorite part is that the markers don’t even write on it. Sigh. That would be amazing.

  39. 44) bdaiss

    It turned out great! And so perfect for your family! It’s a great combination of fun, funky, and functional.

  40. 46) sarah o

    how cool is that!

  41. The orange is SO great! It’s my favorite color. Your studio is a work of art and makes me want to be there and go to work! Well done, Dana!

  42. 48) Erica Ricky Kennedy

    My youngest daughter LOVES all things orange and even painted one wall in her new kitchen ORANGE. I think I would pick something a bit tamer, maybe reddish? Anyway, after raising my four on what are now 50 year old counters, they could do with an update!

  43. 49) Mary Morochnick

    I just love the glossy orange. It gives punch to the whole room. I had orange counters in the kitchen of my first house. How retro yet popping new.

  44. 51) Tori

    Love the patterns. The white reminds me of the formica my parents had in their avocado green kitchen. Still love it though!

  45. 52) Wombatish

    I -love- the orange, but then I always have.

    And I like the caster wheels (+function!) but I think I border a little more industrial than you at times. Are there any that would/could go more ‘up underneath’? I think that might help with the neatness.

    Is the table top actually attached to the cabinets? Or is it able to be lifted off for variety/space/etc? Either way is cool but I think I would worry about #2 a little with kiddos.

  46. 53) Claire

    It looks great!

  47. 54) Kristie

    The bold orange is outstanding surrounded by all the white in the studio. I love the size of the workspace too.

  48. 55) Keri Chu

    I knew you were going to go with orange. I’m all over the green like you are with orange!

  49. 56) Rebecca McAfee

    It’s amazing!! I love the shine. I’m redoing my sewing room now and am take nag inspiration from yours. Thank you!!

  50. 57) Wendy

    Love it!

  51. Great studio table! Love it!

  52. 59) Melissa Gravert

    Wow! What a studio. Thank you for sharing the update! And thanks for the giveaway:)

  53. 60) Stephanie Rodd

    Can’t wait to make table like yours too! Love the Orange, reminds me of fall & Formica cleans up so easily. My secret is try 409 cleaner with lemon on Formica. Cleans up anything:-)

  54. 61) Erin

    It looks like a fun crafting spot!

  55. 62) Anita

    Very mod. I love laminate!

  56. I knew you would go with the orange~ and it looks FABULOUS!
    I really like the gloss surface too. Awesome!
    I think you may need some teal chairs to go with it:)

  57. 64) Dora

    Love the color of the new table!

  58. 65) Lauren B

    I love it! A great addition of color to the room!

  59. 66) Beth K

    New table is awesome! Love the orange. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. 68) Heather

    The green would make a cool table.

  61. 69) Nicole

    I love the table! Love the laminate and that the kids cant write or draw on it. HUGE seller for me! The orange is fun and bright!

  62. 70) Erin

    I love it I learned some new things reading thru your how to description. Thank you for being so fun, creative and inspiring.

  63. 71) Nancy

    I absolutely love the new table! Forget Orange is my favorite color so I’m bias but look at that shine! And loving the texture in it! Fantastic choice! It pops and inspires you to work! Brilliant.

  64. 72) Becca Harrison

    love the orange “pop” in your sudio

  65. 73) Pattij

    This is a fantastic idea! Love it!

  66. 75) Ann

    the orange is so bright and happy. Perfect!

  67. 76) Glenda Pryor

    I’m so into orange right now! I absolutely love the color! So modern and chic! Love it!

  68. 77) Lana

    I adore that table, it’s so cute. And I think the caster wheels are way better than the ikea legs. They had functionality and that cool industrial look. 🙂

  69. 78) Nanci Fitschen

    Love your new table and your studio.

  70. 79) Summer

    I just bought an old home in Joliet, Mt and was trying to figure out what to do with the kitchen. It is got the original ceramic sink and had a variety of metal cabinets. I think I am going to go with a red and white 1950’s diner style. The new Formica products look amazing. I am going to have to look into what they have that would work. Thanks for sharing!

  71. 80) Jennifer

    Gorgeous table! I love the linen pattern.

  72. 81) JaMsb

    Amazing! I’d go for white or teal, but I love your

  73. 82) JaMsb

    Amazing! I’d go for white or teal, but I love your Style!

  74. 83) Kim P

    Love the table. Almost the color of poppies!

  75. 84) Sarah J.

    I love that table! The orange is the perfect pop- though I don’t know if I would have been bold enough to choose it (bummer for me!). Your space is amazing- and this is the perfect way to finish it off!

  76. 85) Nicole

    So great to see Laminate getting back in style!

  77. 86) Melina K

    Awesome table! Love your color choice!

  78. 87) Lynette

    I love the added mobility of the wheels! That was a really smart idea.

  79. 88) Marilyn

    I just love that table. I want it.

  80. 89) Brianna

    Looks great!!!

  81. 90) Aly

    Orange is my favorite color too! Would love to update my craft space with a little help from Lowes!

  82. 91) Barbara P.

    Great table, great color!

  83. 92) nancy

    I’ve been following you for as long as you’ve had the blog. I love everything you do. You’re so inspiring….now you’re inspiring us to organize and beautify our spaces! Love the orange!

  84. I love love love the orange! It’ perfect in your space – and I love the casters as well!

  85. 94) Judith Ann

    That table is fabulous. I’m so glad you showed us how great this laminate looks, and I’m hoping to change out my cutting table surface someday!

  86. 95) Allison B.

    i absolutely love the orange in your space! I’m lusting over this Formica – I would totally pick the green for my kitchen – it is a perfect match to our 1960s retro double wall oven.

  87. 96) sorahart

    I love to craft and orange is my favorite color, so I think this is awesome!

  88. 97) Mary Jo

    The table looks great!

  89. 98) krystina

    I honestly was not sold on the idea of formica until you said the marker lines rub right off… that is big.

  90. Oh my! I’ve always wanted a craft table and this is the perfect solution! Gorgeous color choice!

  91. 101) Erica McDonald

    Love the orange 🙂 There is so much I could do with a gift card to Lowes!

  92. I love the table! I would love a Lowe’s gift card, since we are getting a quote from them today on a new kitchen!

  93. 105) Trina H

    Great Table and Space!!

  94. 106) Katie

    I love the table! The design is so subtle yet interesting! We would love to try this for our breakfast bar! We have so many summer house projects planned!

  95. 107) Brandy

    eeek! i love it! i especially love how shinny it is!!

  96. 108) Susan

    i knew you would pick orange! Looks fab!

  97. 109) Mary

    I love the tabletop! Would love to use that orange to replace my original 1950’s Boomerang Formica. It’s a bit worn thin after 60 years of daily use.

  98. 110) Katie

    I love your new table and so definitely need one as I’m going to be setting up my own studio soon. I think I would be a bit more neutral though.

  99. 111) Jessica Thompson

    Love the new countertops!! The orange really pops against all the white

  100. 112) Kristin

    Wow! That is so cool! I would love this set up as a sewing table in a different color!

  101. 113) Laura Beck

    I love your new craft table. My favorite part is that is mobile!

  102. 114) Paige W

    Awesome! I love that you love orange! 😉 It looks super classy. Are the legs and casters the same length? It reminds me of my pack n play with legs on one side and wheels on the other so it’s mobile but stable. You could put the legs on the side you see if you like them better ascethically.

  103. 115) liz v.

    What a gorgeous table!!! I like the wheels!

  104. Love the table! I’d also like to hear more about the making it process (as in, how, exactly, did your guy adhere the formica to the MDF??)

  105. 117) Sheryl

    The table is beautiful! You have inspired me.

  106. 118) Kathleen T

    I love orange, too! Thanks for the chance to win (:

  107. 119) Rebecca W

    Yay orange was my favorite. Great pick!!

  108. 120) Amy W

    Love the vibrant orange color! The IKEA shelves look like the perfect “legs” for the table. I think you have created my dream crafting space!

  109. 121) Sammie

    Love it!!! And totally sheds a new light on formica

  110. 122) Rebecca

    I really like how this turned out! the orange is FABULOUS, and the shine FANTASTIC! well.done.Dana.

  111. 123) Jill H.

    I love that craft table! I want to make the exact same one!

  112. 124) Cathy Peek

    Love the orange Formica tabletop! Oh for a room like this to sew and craft in! Casters are functional and look just fine!

  113. 125) lisabrenata

    The table looks amazing. I can’t wait to see what else you do to your studio & rest of the house. You have awesome taste.

  114. 126) Lisa Bright

    Love the orange!

  115. 127) Ann-Marie

    Wow Formica looks so fresh & modern! Love it and all of the color choices.

  116. 128) Carolyn Colton

    I love it! Such a good idea to keep it on casters.

  117. 129) Amanda

    Out of those colors, I would have picked orange too!

  118. 130) Megan

    Looks great!

  119. 131) erica best

    I love the color they bright orange add the color to the room love it

  120. 133) Hilary

    the color is outstanding!

  121. 134) mary

    Your new table is awesome!

  122. 135) Cynthia Dennis

    Dana, I love the new table and the Orange formica gives it a POP of color! Great idea and IKEA helps make them happen!!

  123. 136) maria cantu

    I love the color orange.

  124. 137) sue

    I. Love. This. What a transformation. Did I mention I love it?!?!?

  125. 138) Hilary

    Who knew we’d all be talking about how sassy and pretty formica is again?! I’m thinking my entire kitchen would look awesome in the dark gray.

  126. 139) Heather

    I love the orange! Wow so you!

  127. 140) Maria

    Great table and orange is my favorite! Thanks for showing us how the tabletop sits on the bookcases.

  128. Love the high gloss shine! And your sewing space is just a dream, can’t wait to see what else you do with it.

  129. 142) MommyMary

    Awesome orange. love it!

  130. We are actually starting on a cutting table this week….never considered formica though. Wish they had turquoise. Would you mind sharing how high your table is? I also like the idea of having the chairs in the middle, just wondering why you didn’t push the bookcases more to the edge so you have more chair room in the middle. I was originally thinking nothing underneath for mine, but I’m still deciding. I’ll write up a blog post here:

  131. 144) Natalie

    I love the table, especially the color! It inspires me to make my own and put it in my craft room!

  132. 146) Tamee

    Love the color of the counter top

  133. 147) Elle

    I like the new table top a lot, it adds a nice pop of color in the white room.

  134. 149) LaTanya

    I love your table

  135. 151) Susan Smith

    The table turned out fantastic. I love the color!

  136. 153) Kimberly

    I like the color, but I really LOVE the shine. It adds some texture to the room. 🙂

  137. LOVE the orange and the glossy finish. so mid century modern looking.

  138. 156) Lisa Brown

    I think it is great and the chosen color, orange, is fantastic.

  139. 158) courtney b

    I love it .. I feel like this should be on one of those home shows !:)

    So pretty! xoxox

  140. 160) Mami2jcn

    I think it’s very modern and cool looking.

  141. 161) Mami2jcn


  142. 162) Kelly D

    I love the orange finish of the table. It is a nice contrast to the white.

  143. 164) Jessie C.

    I love the pop color of your new table.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  144. 165) Jessie C.


  145. 166) ANGEL JACKLYN


  146. 168) Heidi L

    Oh my goodness, we need countertops in the WORST way. The previous owners left us some majorly waterlogged cabinets and countertop around the sink and unfortunately there are so many other things that need to be fixed on this house and the countertops are pretty far down the list!

  147. 169) Elena

    I love the color of your table

  148. Really loving the orange top you chose! Even though the jury (you) may be up in the air about the wheels they look great and what an easy way to move the table around.

  149. What an amazing transformation for your studio table. I love how it turned out! I’m currently doing a remodel in my bathroom and am looking into Formica for the countertop.

  150. 174) Barbara M

    What a great makeover – you did a fantastic job!

  151. 176) Ellie Wright

    I like it. It really makes the room pop now.

  152. It’s beautiful! And durable! Gotta love that in a house with kids!

  153. 180) jose benavides

    I love the table. It would look beautiful in my house.

  154. 181) Bert Ruiz

    Very nice, I like the color

  155. 183) g. penrod

    well it would be fantastic for anyone young or older

  156. 184) Bruce

    the table looks great

  157. 185) Margaret Smith

    Love this table. Really perks up the room.

  158. 187) Megan Z

    I love it! very classic look and stylish.

  159. 188) Kimmy Ripley

    Love this project! It turned out great!!

  160. 189) Debbi Wellenstein

    What an easy fix! I love the top, and the wheels-it’s good that your table/island is mobile.

  161. Love the table. The caster wheels are a great idea. I do like the ability to move things around

  162. 192) Joanna Allison

    I love the new table. What a great idea. I’m going to have to use it for my craft room.

  163. 193) McKim

    It really brightened up the place.

  164. 194) jules m.

    i love the new tabletop! the color is so cheery and the glossy surface is awesome. I would love to do this to my kitchen table!

  165. 195) Lois McLachlan


  166. 196) Lauren Olivia Wood

    I like that the table is functional and easy to clean!

  167. 197) krystal wethington

    I love it and think its really cute.

  168. 198) Erica B.

    I think it looks great! Very unique.

  169. 199) s riches

    I like the table and the orange top. The wheels are a very good idea.

  170. 200) Cathy Truman

    I like the table the orange color is very pretty and you can use
    the table for a lot of projects.

  171. 201) Brandy Monday

    Love the orange, such a unique color for this project!

  172. 203) Daniel M

    the new table looks good!

  173. 205) Bonnie Day

    love the color am actually doing one room in pumpkin color

  174. 206) Serge B

    I like it, much more interesting than your typical table, and the caster make it much more practical

  175. 207) angie

    I love how the orange pops against the white.

  176. 208) CR Williams

    It is really nice I would love this for my home.

  177. 210) Lisa V.

    I think it is a great use of space.

  178. 212) Patricia Delgado

    I think the table is brilliant and I want one for myself!

  179. 213) Brittney House

    I love the bold color!

  180. 214) Theresa Jenkins

    1st. I like that it’s easy to keep clean; I like the clean line look; that it has storage and it’s mobility

  181. 216) Michelle Levine

    I think that your new table is very nice.

  182. 217) Anastasia Falling

    I LOVE the transformation! Such a fun color & style 🙂 So great that they have so many cool colors to choose from! 🙂

  183. 219) joe gersch

    i love the table top. looks stylish and versatile

  184. 220) joni

    I love the color and all the shelves too.

  185. 222) Melissa

    I love the table, great size! 🙂

  186. 224) thischickwins

    the table is great- it makes the room.

  187. 225) Denise B.

    I love all the storage. This would be great for arts and crafts.

  188. 226) Amanda Sakovitz

    The table is gorgeous! So modern!

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    It’s a very pretty orange.

  190. 229) Peter G

    Looks like it has many uses and very sturdy.

  191. 230) Thomas Murphy

    I think it looks awesome!

  192. 232) Julie Hawkins

    I love the table! Sturdy and chic, it will be great for many purposes.

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    i think the new table looks great and very functional

  194. 235) Ellen Casper

    What a great idea and looks fabulous too

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    Love it! The color is great and it is nice storage

  196. 238) Ed

    That is sweet furniture.

  197. 239) LL Laughlin

    Love the table, especially the wheels

  198. 240) Angela W

    Your table looks fantastic! I love it!

  199. 242) Crystal F

    I like it. I think it’s very different but neat. Thank you!

  200. Those Ikea shelves are so versatile. We have like 3 sets of the 3 x 2 size in our home! Love the glossy table top too!

  201. 244) Janice Cooper

    I think the table is very nice and I love the wheels! Makes it versatile!

  202. 246) Will M

    I love it! Great space underneath to work comfortably and the color really pops.

  203. I think that the table is awesome. I love the castors and the Formica top. This would be good for parties and I recommend in anyone’s hoe.

  204. 249) Linda Bradshaw

    Wow! I love this table. So easy to set up. I need one for my den.

  205. 250) Shannon

    I think it looks cute and cheerful and I love all the storage.

  206. 251) Kathy Pease

    I think the table is gorgeous and what a beautiful way to get some organization..Great job! 🙂

  207. 252) Lisa Lear

    I love the orange top. This table would be great to use in my scrapbooking room-I’m going to ask my husband to help me make one-thanks for the idea!

  208. 254) Ashley C

    Your new table is beautiful! It really brightens up the space nicely!

  209. 255) Denise S

    What a great idea. It looks wonderful!

  210. 256) Barb Stenby

    Absolutely awesome table! I love DIY! came out great!

  211. 258) Becky Moore

    At first I was like ohhhh orange…how 60’s retro..but when you put it all together I liked it.

  212. 259) Linda G.

    what a great craft table, love the storage shelves!

  213. 260) Tracey byram

    The table is made even more useful with wheels and shelves

  214. I freaking love it! I love the style and the color! It is totally something that I would use in my own home! 😀

  215. 263) Tim Moss

    The new table is awesome!

  216. 264) Mary Calabrese

    I really like the look of it. I wouldn’t pick orange as my first choice, but it really works for this table.

  217. 265) Reginald Masten

    Love the rolling formica table!

  218. 267) DanV

    I like that it’s classy and has a great color

  219. 269) Claudia Davis

    I have 2 coffee tables with wheels and I love it. It makes for easy cleaning underneath. You will grow to love them and the table top looks fab!

  220. 270) Steph J

    I love the table and the orange color too.

  221. 271) Betty C

    I love your new table. It’s so functional, especially with the rollers, and it’s such a fun color.

  222. 273) katie

    Loving it! Great color, pattern, and texture. Seems simple to put together, too.

  223. 274) Philip Lawrence


  224. 275) Jennifer Thorne

    Love, Love, Love the Glossy Orange POP!

  225. 276) Tabathia B

    I think the orange tabletop brightens the room and gives it more life

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  226. 278) S. Carter

    I love the table. It is very unique looking. I love color so the idea of an orange top is awesome. Thanks.

  227. 279) Elizabeth Newsome

    I wouldn’t have considered orange, but you made it look awesome!

  228. 280) MARIA simon

    love this how precious great use of space

  229. 281) MARIA simon

    love the counter top I need a new one bad

  230. 282) Buddy Garrett

    I think the table is great. I love the color.

  231. I love all of the built in storage and that’s it’s on wheels so you can move it easily. Very functional!

  232. 284) Sarah L

    I think it looks lovely. I like the wheels that give you mobility.
    Thanks for the contest.

  233. 286) Karen Gonyea

    I adore the table – what a great use for Formica 🙂

  234. 287) Leah Shumack

    I love the way that your new table pops! Definitely makes it look stand out!

  235. 289) Ashley

    It is absolutely beautiful!!

  236. 291) Debbie B

    i like the table – not particularly the orange but that’s just me!

  237. 293) laurie murley

    I love the table would love to have one in my sewing room, you give me a lot to think about

  238. I love the scale of your table!! I use my tall kitchen island to cut fabric. Height is such a nice factor. Love the pop of color of the laminate too!

  239. 296) April V.

    I love the table! I think it is pretty cool that you thought of making a craft table with the laminate rather than having a kitchen or bathroom redone. I love the uniqueness of it.

  240. 297) Jill

    What are the dimensions of your table top? I am making a table like this and wondered what size you used. Thanks! 🙂

  241. 298) Caitlin

    I love this table! I’m trying to duplicate it for my work table for my embroidery buisness and I was curious which storage cubbies you bought from ikea? They look more sturdy than most sets… I was trying to find them on their website and I can’t seem to find your set?

    • 299) Dana

      They’re just fabric bins from IKEA, nothing special.
      They’re actually pretty lightweight, but they have held up great for years.
      I’m pretty sure they’re on the site. I think they come in Yellow too??

  242. 300) Judy

    I love this idea for my craft room. I LOVE the green! Great idea!

  243. 301) Victoria

    What are the dimensions of your table?

  244. 302) Carol

    Love the table. Wondered what the finished dimensions were and especially the height. What is the size of the Ikea bookshelves and especially the height. I have a small room but need 35-38 height.
    Thanks, Carol

  245. 303) Barbara Ayres

    Hi, the table is beautiful, congratulations! What are the measures of the table?

  246. 304) Aless

    When our son left home (and his bedroom!!), I had our wonderful cabinetmaker build me a Formica L-shaped top in a smokey blue.(My handy husband built the frame for it). The top was so big, even in 2 pieces, that we had to remove the opening window frame to get it into the room. My sewing room window faces NW, which here in South Australia,is a hot and sunny direction in the afternoons. Love my sewing room to bits!!

  247. 305) kylie

    absolutely love your craft table.
    Love the orange, really pops.
    Did you buy the two white storage cubes from IKEA too ??

  248. 307) Randi

    Where did you get the leg that were under the shelves before you put casters on?

    • 308) Dana

      Those feet were from IKEA, but I’m not sure if they sell them anymore 🙁 Sorry!

  249. 309) Cathy

    Thanks for sharing love all your great ideas..May “borrow” some!

  250. 310) Brenda

    Hi. I absolutely love your table and I’m trying to order from IKEA to make one myself in a similar style.
    I think your base is the kallax shelf unit. It measures 30 inches without the castors. I’m wondering if you had to move your chair style to a counter height barstool because of the height? Do you think if I didn’t put castors on and used the kallax units, I could use regular standard desk chairs? Thanks !

  251. 311) Cindy

    I love the casters, they do not look messy at all, they look easy to move and lock, I was considering buying a desk/ table from Ikea that has the ability to be moved but with effort but this is such a better idea and I love the storage cubes as the stand. This is going to be my next project.

  252. 312) Theresa K Merman

    I love your craft table. How much did the formica top cost please??

  253. 313) Susan Weres

    Hi Dana, I’m having a heck of a time finding a local cabinet maker to make this for my art studio. The quotes are very high. I’m looking to have this made 4’x10′ and will add industrial pipe legs. Getting numbers around $1800. Does that sound right? I would love your contact at Formica so I can get some samples of gloss finishes they offer. Thanks!

  254. 314) Carla

    what is the size of your completed craft table top?
    Love the orange!!
    thanks for sharing and inspiring!

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