Building a new home: The STUDIO, Before

I say this every time… but it’s been forever since I did a home update!
So let me show you one of my favorite spaces in the house—the Studio.(If you’ve missed my other posts, our family spent the last two years building a custom home in the Austin, TX area. Check out my previous post from the series here.)Okay. Just down the hall from the kitchen and Great Room is this spot. It’s a bright space, with glass doors, just asking you to come in.lucy4Last time we walked through here it looked like this:

And now it looks like this!

A white open room, with still a lot of work to do.
In fact, this post is more of a “Before” or “Current” status of the room, because it’s a long work-in-progress.In the old house our Office looked like this:

(You can see more pictures and info here).That space was perfect for our family at the time. But when we started discussing new home plans, we knew we wanted to create a room that was more than office. We wanted a nice large studio space, with lots of windows, and room for the whole family to enjoy.

It would be a workspace for me, a creative room for all, computer room, photo studio, craft zone, dance club (which happens often), and video set for MADE Everyday.

Yep! That wall right there is where the video magic happens (with bookshelves and tables moved around a bit). It’s also where I draft patterns and take photos with an all-white backdrop.

I love this space so much, and feel blessed to have a nice open room… because honestly, the whole family uses it more than I really imagined. The kids are in here every day coloring, writing stories, listening to music. And when friends come over, they drag them in here too.Of course where do they do all this coloring?

At the big invisible island in the middle of the room!

Yes, we do actually have an island/workspace there, but it’s also a work-in-progress… like the rest of the furniture in here (which feels dwarfed in this larger room).

We always planned to have an island in the middle, but it needed to be just the right fit. All the “pre-made” art tables I found were too small, or not tall enough, or not the right color, etc.

So when we first moved in I started researching simple ideas for making a large craft table, with 4 chairs and some shelves. And you know when you have an image in your mind and you do a Google search and the very thing pops up?? And it’s totally awesome?! Yep. That happened. Thank you Ashley for reading my mind.

So we bought two of these and hauled them in, using our strongest workers.

Honestly, she insisted.

And I started to set up shop in the middle of the room, creating my own cutting table and art station.

We purchased an oversized construction door to work as our table top, because it’s really hard to find a tabletop large enough, and wide enough to accommodate 4 chairs in the middle.

And for the last while this table has served our family well.
But here’s the problem… it doesn’t look quite as finished and polished as I envisioned.
And–as the art projects show here–there are pen and crayon marks everywhere on the wood (which makes it really hard to use the wood as a photo backdrop… though I do have decent photo-editing skills).

So, (I promise I’m going somewhere with this)… I went back to one of my original thoughts with the table top. If I want something custom… then why don’t I have someone make me a countertop for the island? Just like you would in a kitchen? Maybe a Formica® Laminate countertop?… something I can easily wipe down, that will look awesome, that will pull the room together… and it can be whatever size I want?

And guess what happened?
(just another reason I love blogging)
Last month, the company emailed asking if I’d like to review their new Formica® Laminate Jonathan Adler Collection?!

What? Yes! All they had to say was Jonathan Adler and I would have reviewed anything. He has such a fantastic mid-century modern and colorful style.

But back to countertops.
Formica® Brand teamed up with Jonathan Adler and created 9 new patterns, which you’ll find at Lowe’s home centers and in certain kitchen and bath distributors around the country.

And these are not your grandma’s countertops.

If you haven’t seen Formica® Laminate in a while, it’s really cool, and really current… and can be used for more than just countertops. Look at those orange cabinets!

And I love the tagline:
Countertops that pop. Surfaces that shine.

Yes, please.
Could the timing have been better??

So. Now I’ve got a choice to make.
Which of the 9 patterns do I choose for the Studio island?
I ordered free samples from the Formica® Corporation website (which was easy to do and they arrived quickly).

I really love the Lacquered Linen patterns, specifically in Green, Crème, and Orange.

But… you know me.
It will likely come to this…

Because come on:

He and I could totally hang out together.

And… you could totally win a $100 Lowe’s gift card by leaving a comment below!
So, to enter for a chance to win, give me your input–which color would you do?? And how would you use Formica® Laminate in your house?

Okay. I’m off to measure for a new countertop…
We’ll talk soon….

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  1. How awesome are these? I love the green countertop. I would totally do it in my house!

  2. 2) Danielle L.

    So pretty, love the fun vibrant colors! And I’m totally envious of your new studio, so much natural light!

  3. 3) alexa

    Your new studio is gorgeous. And I’d get new countertops for the kitchen!

  4. 4) Shae

    I think I would use it to refinish my craft table too!

  5. 5) iralee poore

    hmmmmm….choices choices!! i like the green and orange linen. however i think my favorite is the gray that’s 4th from left- the kinda plain one. maybe its the linen pattern, but i can’t really tell.

  6. 6) Emily C.

    Oooh! I love the orange linen.

  7. 7) Rana

    I would go with the creme. I love the green and orange but worry I would get sick of them. With the creme, I feel like you can change up the colors of the rest of the room whenever you want.

  8. 8) Elizabeth

    I love the orange! And it may be boring, but we would love to redo our kitchen counters.

  9. 9) Kristy

    I love the orange! It would pop so well in your studio.

  10. Green linen… for sure…. but then again, I love green!!!

  11. 11) kellylynn

    I actually think the orange is fabulous!

    Not sure where I would use it. Probably something for my boy, he needs a desk.

  12. How fun! That is such a beautiful bright space. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  13. 13) Amy Huff

    I LOVE the orange linen, and I would totally redo the counter top in my children’s bathroom with it. It would look fabulous in your room, too!

  14. 14) Tara S

    Love this!! Your room is amazing. I dream about having a room like that. I’ve had that craft table pinned since Ashley posted it. Genius! Enjoy decorating your beautiful space.

  15. 15) Julie

    I would go with the orange !! Since we are in the process of building our home, I would use this for counter tops (in the baths) or for desks in my kids rooms.
    ( Whatever color you go with will turn out wonderful ! )

  16. 16) andrea

    So cool. It’d be fun to cover a “table top” to with “bookshelves” on casters as a movable workspace.

  17. 17) Megan

    Your room looks a great space! It will fun to see it evolve. If I were to guess what color you go for, I would guess orange since you love saturated color! If I were to chose, I would go with crème. Yes, yawn, but easy to change up décor. Looking forward to seeing what you did!

  18. 18) Shannon S

    the orange would look so great with the rest of the colors in your house!

  19. 19) katie w

    orange! totally orange! I would do this for the counter tops in my kitchen–my husband and I are actually building our house right now and are hoping to move in in the next month or two!

  20. 20) Karin

    For myself I’d choose the green. We have a space where we want to put a bathroom in so that’s where I would use it!

  21. I think I would go for the gray linen. But I think You should go for the orange geometric or linen. It will look fabulous! LOVE your studio!

  22. 22) Oshry

    these are soooo cool!

    I would alternate one or two green cabinet doors in my white kitchen. or maybe blue……..
    need to stop by Lowe’s to take a closer look.

    thanks Dana!

  23. 23) Sara

    Oh man, would I love some new kitchen countertops! I love the crème lacquered linen! Oh that shine!

  24. 24) Diane

    I would go with the green–green is my favorite color (along with aqua, which I would have picked if it was offered). Our house has more of a traditional interior, so these patterns wouldn’t go well in the kitchen, but I do think they would be cute in a more modern house or for a smaller area like our laundry room or the basement bar.

  25. 25) Marci

    Your room is GORGEOUS! A great retreat for any family to create in! I would choose the Creme Linen. When I re-did my sewing room years ago, I do it all in white & super light gray–everyone thought I was crazy. I love it! There is so much creative color in the room all the time–fabric stash, all kinds of thread, yarn, books–that it’s perfect without furniture color. Regardless of what you pick, it will be a wonderful, glorious place! Congratulations!

  26. 26) deeanna

    The orange would be an incredible pop of color!

  27. 27) Katy

    Love all of the white in your studio and you definitely need a fun and colorful counter top! I think I would want to put the orange lacquered linen or possibly the green lacquered linen in there. So fun and pretty! Who would have thought that formica could be so trendy and fun?

  28. 28) Bridget

    I love the green one and the beige one and actually think they would look super cool as flooring but a bathroom counter would be great too.. Good luck with your decision!

  29. 29) Kat

    hard debate between the orange and creme. I could sooo use new counter tops in our basement next to the laundry and a pop of color could really spruce that place up a bit, hmmmm orange it is! 🙂 You house is just so pretty.

  30. 30) Kristen

    I’m boring and id want a basic color…like a blue or a cream but you are fun and that orange just screams Dana!

  31. 31) Tonia Jeffery

    I really love the charcoal linen. I think I would probably use it in my bathrooms or kitchen.

  32. These countertops looks awesome. I like the creme in linen.
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. 33) Heidi V

    I think the orange linen would look fantastic in your studio. I’d love to make a similar craft table for my house as well!

  34. I would do orange. Super awesome and seems to fit the other fun colors you have going on!

    • And, I would probably use Formica for my kitchen table

  35. Your space is amazing! I think the creme color would be a great neutral but a wow, pop color of orange would be really great. Depends on what you want…

  36. 37) Amy M

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like those laminates and I love the look. I would choose the blue greek key – what a vibrant and playful color to add to a room!

  37. LOVE the linen formica looks!! That orange is so lovely!

  38. Orange linen! I love orange color and now I am thinking if I could have a craft table with that too!

  39. 40) Samina

    I’m a huge green fan, but that orange is completely drawing me in – it’s so happy & vibrant!

  40. 41) Katie M

    Green is my favorite color, so id totally pick that color! I need anew countertop in my kitchen. I wonder if my husband would go for the green??

  41. 42) AmberC

    Oh wow! I love both of the oranges! We need to replace our countertop soon. Thanks for the heads-up.

  42. 43) Lisa

    I love your studio! So much beautiful light and space for everyone!

  43. 44) Catherine in MI

    I say go with the orange. That room is so bright, the orange just adds to the excitement.

    In my own home (which is pretty traditional & simple), I think the creme linen would be a better fit. I would use it in our 1/2 baths.

  44. 46) Megan Snyder

    I love bright white and natural light, but I would be craving some color! So I would definitely go with the orange. It is my favorite color, and every time I see it used well in decor, it makes my heart smile!

  45. 47) Jennie

    i hope that I’ll have a beautiful studio space like yours someday! I think I would choose the creme linen and then go bold with my accents.

  46. 48) Kathleen

    When we recently got new counters in the kitchen, many people told us to go with granite or another solid surface, but we weren’t tempted. We got Formica and we love it! We have white cabinets and a dark wood floor and chose light gray counters. We add color with more temporary items. So, I like the green, but the creme would work well too.

  47. 49) bdaiss

    I did the same thing not too long ago. 2 4 square expedits for the ends. But we opted for a melamine covered plywood we found at our local big box construction store. So easy and so awesome. For my sewing room I added a couple adjustable height legs from IKEA so I can jack that baby up to counter height or set it down to kid height. I loved it so much in my sewing room we did the exact same thing in our office. But now…now you are making me wish for that beautiful linen pattern. Creme for my office and green for my sewing room! (My other dream: that laminate companies would find a way to make more than 12′ wide rolls. The only thing I hate about the laminate we have in our house is the seams!)

  48. 50) Marilyn

    I just love your great room and your strongest worker is adorable.

  49. 51) Mel

    I love the creme linen. I’ve actually been heavily considering formica for my kitchen countertops when my remodel gets to that stage!

  50. 52) Amy

    I love the green! It would make great tabletop for a desk for my 2 girls.

  51. 53) Teri

    Definitely orange. Why even consider anything else?

  52. 54) Bailee

    Love this! I like orange. I would use this for a craft table too!

  53. 55) Ashley

    Can’t wait to see your finished space! The table week look great.

  54. 56) Lindsay

    The orange will look great in your house and the creme would look great in mine!

  55. 57) Amy Groff

    I love the linen look in green. It would be a nice pop of color. I would use it my kitchen, we need new countertops!

  56. 58) Maxine

    Orange linen – definitely your style and a really fun pop of color in that bright room.

  57. 59) Brenda

    As much as I LOVE the orange, if you are thinking of taking photos with this as a back drop or base, I guess I’d worry about the glare the orange would likely produce on the item being showcased…so my vote would be for the creme linen! And, gotta love that Ashley over at make-it-love-it 🙂

  58. 61) Danielle

    I like the creme so pretty! I would use it for our craft room counter-top too, what a great idea!

  59. 62) Ali

    Love it – I would use it for a little bar area down by our totally mid-century copper fireplace. I think the charcoal lacquered linen would be great.

  60. 63) Ariel

    I’d probably go with the creme as well. I think the smaller pops of color brighten up the place

  61. 64) Kandice

    I think I would chose the white and I would love to redo the counters in my kitchen.

  62. 65) Andrea

    These are AMAZING!

  63. 66) Jen

    I love the orange!
    And, we just bought and moved into our first home! It’s older and needs some updating, specifically in the bathrooms. I think that blue swirly design would be perfect in our kids’ bathroom!

  64. 67) Katharine Wright

    I love the green, but agree that creme would be a better photo backdrop.

  65. 68) Toni

    For your house, orange all the way. For my house–those blue patterns are speaking to me.

  66. 69) Windie D

    i like the Charcoal Greek Key and would also do a craft table!

  67. 70) Mel

    I would go with the orange! I would save my kitchen table from everyone in my house.

  68. Green linen…probably. Tough decision. We would have to do the kitchen counters. They are in great need of an update!

  69. I like the green because it would feel like spring all year long in that room!

  70. 74) Lana

    Those are all awesome options! I like the green one myself. 🙂

  71. 75) Gail

    Although I really love color, I think I’d do the Creme.

  72. 76) Samantha

    Orange because I like how it pops against white. But I guess the cream wouldn’t be so distracting when you lay out projects on it (but certainly not as fun)!

  73. 77) Mary Kay

    I am all over that orange!! Growing up (late 60s) my mom had orange in her kitchen. I loved it. I need new counters in my house. I think the yellow that are in there now are from about 1970. So yeah I need new counters.

  74. 78) Kathleen

    Well, the white is too plain for me and since I’m considerably more experienced (ahem…I mean older; wink, wink) than you, the orange reminds me of the late 70’s and early 80’s so, my vote for your house would be the green because it brings in a nice pop of color but is also calming.

  75. 79) Jessica

    I really like the orange, but I think I would opt for the white instead. It would go with the rest of the room, and as others have said, you could then use other areas as color accents that you could change out more easily.

  76. 80) Jenny Egbert

    Funny, was just talking with my sweetheart this morning about our kitchen remodel. I had not heard of these counter tops before. Awesome! Sorry, not an orange girl. I really like the white and green though. Not sure which best thought. 🙂

  77. 81) Julie

    I have corduroy the bear on my mind- so I would totally go for the green!

  78. 82) Emily

    I love the orange! So bright and cheery! My parents definitely need new countertops for their kitchen. What better Mothers/Fathers Day gift than a trip for free to Lowes!

  79. 83) BreAnne

    I love the orange for your space! Such a bright and fun color. I think I would use this in my sewing room as well, what a great countertop for sewing projects.

  80. 84) Erin T

    How fun! I love the green, not too bright but still a fun pop of color. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  81. 85) Penny

    LOVE all the bright happiness in your home! If Dana says Formica is cool, modern, etc. – hurray! (obviously I love your style!) Those patterns are all cool. I think I would probably go with the gray linen/tweed and would definitely use for my much needed, way overdue, currently dated and pathetic, kitchen countertops (since, again, because Dana said it would be cool and I need some coolness in my life!)
    Have a good day everyone.

  82. 86) craftygramma

    Hi Dana!
    I knew you would choose the orange (before you even got there) and, having been where you are, I know it will be super!
    I would however, HAVE to build a smaller version of your craft island and top it with either the charcoal-ish swirl or the orange greek pattern!
    And put it on wheels!
    Wish I may, wish I might…

  83. 87) Kristine

    I would love to have the orange linen in my craft room.

  84. 88) Beth

    I think any of the linens would be great in your studio (I’d go with the green), but my personal favorite is the blue malachite!

  85. 89) Judy

    I think the charcoal malachite would look good in your studio and then you could change your pop of color on the walls and windows as desired!

  86. The orange looks amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  87. 91) Susan Green

    I would go with the Orange Greek Key top with the Blue Greek Key as a trim. Complimentary colors and the trim would make the top pop! good luck;-)

  88. 92) Leigh

    I would do the blue because it makes ME happy. So you should do your happy colour.

  89. 93) Carla

    I Like the cream and I would use it in the craft room

  90. 94) Heather

    Your space is terrific! I think I’m partial to the green!

  91. 95) Tammy

    Your studio is beautiful! I love the green! If I would put it in my house, I think I would make it a cutting table in my sewing room.

  92. 96) Susan

    wow! the orange is gorge. Love (and really jealous of) your awesome workspace.

  93. 97) Jess

    I would totally do the orange in your space! I would love to do the orange in my kitchen, but would probably do creme…we have A LOT of countertop space! 🙂

  94. 98) Heather

    The orange is amazing and would really pop in your bright, white room.

  95. I personally would use the cream color, but I’m pretty toned down when it comes to things like counter tops. We need new kitchen counter tops, so I’m off to look at Formica samples as we have decided that we don’t want anything too fancy like Marble or other similar options!

  96. 100) Jessica Gipson

    The ORANGE is a must, the POP of color is a room needs. It’s gives the room life. I would use it on my dull boring cabinets.

  97. 101) Fran Daoust

    Great craft table. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  98. 102) Andrea

    I would get orange counter tops! That is what i think you should go with as well 🙂 Thanks!

  99. 103) jessica

    I would go with the green.
    I would totally use this in m boys bathroom it would add just the right amount of color.

  100. 104) Carol

    I’d go for (anything) green. I don’t have any use for the laminate, though. 🙁

  101. I would go with something neutral (the linen cream or the grays) so that it doesn’t interfere with the fabric that I’m using when making a project. If I wanted to go bold, though, I’d go with the green or blue to mimic the colors of the outdoors, since you have so much of a view! What a fantastic space. I’m jealous. (Oh, and we just put in veeeery similar floors in our new kitchen. I love them!)

  102. 106) Stacey

    Those are really cool countertop choices! I like the grey linen.

  103. 107) Colleen M

    For you, I’d go with orange or green. I’d love to work in color in my sewing studio, which is currently an unfinished room in the basement but we have plans to finish it. I tend toward neutral decor in the rest of the house, but I hope to do red and black in the sewing room. 🙂

  104. If it were my house, I’d say white, but since it’s your house…ORANGE! The studio looks awesome!

  105. 109) Andrea Staron

    I love the green, but the orange seems to suit you best!

  106. 111) maya

    On a surface this large definitely crème

  107. 112) maya

    On a surface this large definitely crème for me

  108. 113) Sharon Burke

    I love the that color green! It would look great with orange accessories!

  109. I am so, so jealous of all that light. Beautiful!

  110. 115) Emily T

    I love that pop of orange – but maybe the off white color would be better as a backdrop for photos? ….hmmm still leaning toward the Orange 🙂

  111. 116) Lucy

    The creme lacquered linen hands down!! Matches with anything. Change other colors as your moods change.

  112. 117) Adri

    Go with the orange! That would look amazing in your room! I would like the creme linen for my craft room, but I have a light mint walls as my base!

  113. 118) Cynthia

    The Creme linen is perfect for what I have in mind for my kitchen remodel!

  114. 119) Kristine

    Orange! Orange! Orange! I vote for the orange! By the way, someone told me just this morning that there are no words that rhyme with orange.


  115. You really don’t have a bad choice among the three, but I think the green would look especially good in that room.

  116. 121) Jess

    I vote green!- it’s so earthy and beautifully bright! I would love to use it in our creative space

  117. 123) lissette

    Cream linen would be classic!

  118. 124) latanya

    I would use it on my kitchen counterops and 9488 Creme Lacquered Linen

  119. I LOVE the green! That would be my pick. 🙂

  120. 127) Amber Wheeler

    We close on our new “old” house on May 4th. One of the first thing my husband wants to do is build a custom Lego desk for our son. We would use the Formica laminate in blue for the top of his desk, it would be perfect! Thank you so much for this post and the fabulous ideas!

  121. 128) Karin A.

    I think I’d pick green.

  122. 129) Adrienne

    Orange!! How awesome will that orange look in your studio? I think the orange is perfect.

  123. 130) Julie

    which color would i do? well, probably something quite boring, but i know you will go with the orange and i love living vicariously through your color choices! go get it!

  124. 131) Megg

    I love the blues and grays, but I think the orange would be amazing in your craft room. I think all the choices are fun new options.

  125. 132) Lynn

    Orange! Definitely go for it!

  126. 133) Brooks

    I like the creme. But my brain is always “all white everythingggggg” the green is also super pretty, and would always look clean!

  127. 134) Karen

    Green or crème for me!

  128. 135) Norma

    Orange! It’s such a happy color. Also would love this in turquoise.

  129. 136) Kim

    I LOVE the orange but I don’t know if I, personally, could go that bold! I would probably lean towards the crème. Then again, it’s a fun space so you should go for a fun, bold color. Go orange, Dana!!

  130. 137) Michelle Sherrod

    I’m so excited to see a new house update! These are seriously some of my favorite posts you do bc your home is so Brigh, Cheery, and Colorful!!!! I don’t care if I win a gift card…just wanted to let you know I love your home posts!

  131. 138) Stephanie

    I absolutely love the orange and would do it in a heartbeat!

  132. 139) tiffany

    Love the orange! And I would love to do the same thing in my craft space! Brilliant!

  133. Love the orange! And I would probably get a Formica craft table also… I NEED a better cutting and work space, but my room is just too small for it 🙁

  134. 141) Julie H.

    I am a neutral kinda girl, so I would have to stay with the creme linen. However, you have done an amazing job with your new home and incorporating all sorts of fun color and it looks great. So I can see any of the colors in your studio and you would make it look awesome.

    I would use the laminate to recover our kitchen counters. They have seen better days. Or we should just move? Ha!

  135. Orange all the way! Id love a craft table of my own.

  136. 144) Summer Wang

    LOVE your studio space! Still trying to put together my little craft space. 🙂

    • 145) Summer Wang

      I forgot the color:creme! And I would try and make a mounted wall w the formica. 🙂

  137. 146) Shelly

    I think the creme would fit in perfectly with the clean look of the room. I could definitely use a nice new countertop in my bathroom – it’s old and got all sorts of chips!

  138. 147) Mary D.

    I’d pick the orange, too, but I’d probably go with the Greek key pattern. We’re planning on redoing our totally 1989 kitchen this summer, so would love to win the Lowe’s gift card.

  139. 148) mary

    It must be a Spring thing – I was just looking at my counter tops today thinking – we really need a new color palette here. Love the unusual charcoal malachite!

  140. 149) Tommie @ Ilene Books

    I wish I had known about these a few months ago. I wanted to resurface an old chrome Formica table.

  141. 150) Erin

    i would do a neutral color, but that is becuase i am afraid of going bold with something that costs a lot of money! 😉

  142. 151) Roni

    Congratulations! On your new home. Your studio is looking so nice!!! You truly
    deserve it, because you are super creative. What a blessing! To have a studio for crafts ans sewing. I love all your projects. Thank you for sharing. Love your daughter’s diamond top.

  143. 153) Michelle Giese

    How fun! And what a great space you have!

  144. 154) Dottie Bonner

    My red counter tops are 43 yrs. old. I would love to get new ones. My kitchen is pretty small so there isn’t much counter space but it’s fine for the two of us. The Formica is pretty dead so it is time to update!! By the way, LOVE your new space!!

  145. 155) Gabrielle

    Wow! Definitely a step up! I could totally see laminate in my kitchen now!

  146. 157) Kristin

    Well this is timely! I am currently researching countertops to replace the tile ones in my kitchen. I despise the grout and how hard it is to clean. And I hate that the surface is uneven and I can’t use them to roll anything out! Will add Formica to my research. I’d probably go with a neutrally one, creme possibly. 🙂

  147. 158) Niki

    Oh my how I dream for a space that large and white! I would probably choose the cream because I change my mind often 🙂

  148. 159) nicole dz

    I would choose the creme Formica Brand product, and use it in my home for the countertops to upgrade my kitchen for a more stylish design.

  149. 160) Laura

    I’d do the creme and then cover the chairs in orange!

  150. 162) Rickie

    I would do the Creme. I like to change things up for the seasons so would have the permanent things be neutral and put color on the chairs and walls 🙂 At my house I have a basement kitchen that could use an update and a Lowes card would be VERY appreciated!

  151. 163) Lauralee

    I am in love with the orange, but I am TOTALLY making the cool table that you made for my kiddos in my sewing room. How beautiful is that!!!! I bought one and it is *okay* – yours would be PERFECT!!!

  152. 164) Kristin B.

    I like the green, but I think the orange would really work for your space.

  153. 165) Tori

    The orange has a nice pop to it, but green is always first in my heart. On the other hand, the creme is a nice neutral color that could totally work as a photo background. I’d love to make a craft table like that!

  154. Beautiful spaces! Very inspiring!

  155. 167) Emily

    Love the linen Formica options! And the blues. Once again, your words and photos inspire ideas for my own space. Thanks!

  156. 168) Jamie

    Green linen, for sure!

  157. 169) KChu

    That’s a tough choice between green or orange. In my house, I’d probably lean towards the green….can’t get enough of it. I could use a craft table like that with storage….just not sure where it would go just yet!

  158. 170) Amie

    Go with the orange!

  159. I really love the orange countertops. With that large expanse of white in your new room, the orange would look fabulous!
    good luck! and thanks!

  160. 172) Ellen Barth

    I love the Orange Lacquered Linen !

  161. 173) Deb

    That orange is so cheery. I’d give my craft table a face lift but it would also be a crazy splash of color our bathroom. I remember the old Formica counter that my mom had when we were kids. That counter top held up to the abuse from 4 rowdy kids. I think I need to get some samples and check it out!

  162. 174) Amalie Ottley

    What a delicious way to spice up a craft space! So smart!! I can’t wait to see more of this in different functions and styles!

  163. 175) Kelly A

    I like the orange!

  164. 176) Rebekah

    My craft table is a simple card table, but it vibrates when I use my sewing machine, so I would TOTALLY steal yours and Ashley’s idea about a new craft table. I like your orange, but I’d go with green because it’s always been my favorite color!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  165. 177) Amy

    I love the orange, but would probably pick the cream if it were me! It seems more versatile.

  166. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I think the answer is more countertops!

  167. 179) Meghan

    Love all the windows in that room! We’re getting ready to start an addition & it is going to included a windowed 3 season room so I have space with lots of natural
    light … More for hanging out, though, less for working lol.
    I would choose the linen because I’m boring & because I like to chang my room colors a lot … The linen would never be a problem if I wanted to change room colors. 🙂
    Love MADE patterns & I’m devoted to your blig! Thank you!

  168. 180) Sarah E.

    The orange is so you! Can’t wait to see it!

  169. 181) Leigh Anne Blades

    This is a fantastic idea. I should do this for my craft room. I have the same problem of not finding a table that’s just right. I’d use creme for mine though because I’m very boring. But if use a pop off color on the shelves for the legs. The orange will look awesome in your studio, though. Definitely pops.

  170. 182) Shannon

    The orange would look great in your studio. I would love to redo my kitchen counters or make a cool kitchen table. Thanks for the opportunity!

  171. I like the green but I would be a little nervous it would end up looking like something out of a 70’s kitchen so I would probably go with something more neutral and traditional like one of the grays. Well, and to be honest if I were brave enough to choose a color I would probably go with blue just because that is my favorite color and it goes with almost any other color.

  172. 184) Karen

    You should go with the orange. I love the choices. I’m planning to redo my kitchen counters. I think I’ll go to Lowes and check this out. Thanks for the info.

  173. 185) Erin

    How fun!! Love the lacquer…

  174. 186) Jess

    I’m a green kinda gal but with your coloring, I totally agree on the Orange! Or the blue. Love either of those for you!

  175. 187) Dena

    I’d definitely go green. it’ll bring out the colors from outside. As for how I’d use the counters – we’re building a house now and I would love crazy counters in our craft space for sure.

  176. Love your space! I can see you going with orange. I would pick grey linen for me.

  177. 189) Mrs. P

    I would go with the charcoal linen, tie in the darker tones of the floor and ground the space. Or looking at the collection the orange greek key screams “Dana” to me…

  178. 190) Angie

    I would choose that off-white linen for my house, but orange seems like a good fit for you. I remember in your post about tile selection that you weren’t prioritizing resale over your own personal taste for your decisions in your new home. I really appreciated that perspective. So go with what makes you happy!! 🙂

  179. 191) sorahart

    The green is fantastic! I too would like a big cutting/creative table in my sewing area.

  180. 192) amy

    I would say go with the green one to pull the color of the plants in from those big gorgeous windows and give you a pop of color!! I’d use this Laminate in a similar way- we just built a great studio in our back yard and I have been looking for a desk. This will be perfect! Thanks for showcasing it!

  181. 193) Elizabeth Smith

    My vote is the orange for your house. I might personally go for the blue, especially for a new kitchen table. Our current table doesn’t really fit the space.

  182. 194) Jamie

    This would be great for our laundry room!

  183. 195) Tabitha

    I love the green, and would love to try it on the island in my kitchen.

  184. 196) Caroline

    For your house, the orange. For my house, the green. I would use it for my desk, the table top in my hall credenza, and my kitchen table. Amazing!

  185. 197) Laurie Bauer

    The green is awesome…I would use this product for a big craft table in my house any day!

  186. 198) jan

    Orange is my favorite color! So I would totally use that color in my kitchen!

  187. 199) katherine

    Oh, I would love to try it in my craft room also!! Would maybe do the green laquered linen?!?!

  188. 200) Laurel

    I love the cream linen looking one. I would make a craft/sewing desk for myself.

  189. 201) Anna

    I love the look of the linen, but I would probably put the dark grey on my countertop. It would really “pop” with my white cabinets.

  190. orange!!!!!! That beautiful room needs a huge pop. And his orange room!!!! I would love to have the guts to do that. I’ll just keep living with all my orange accessories 🙂

  191. 203) heather

    I would use Formica® Brand products in my home to update our kitchen counter tops.

  192. 204) Kristie

    I love the green….and the orange….and the cream. Such a hard decision. I don’t envy you. 🙂 But I can’t wait to see what you choose.

  193. Great choices Dana!
    Part of me says the Crema as a neutral backdrop, and easy for photography. However, I also see getting tired of that decision after a while and for some reason that one seems like it would date more quickly (maybe it reminds me too much of gold and black flecked Formica of my youth.)
    The orange is great, and you have that awesome chandelier with orange. If the color is bright, like in the product shot with Jonathon, it would really pop, but on my computer screen it isn’t bright enough for you – too muddied/rust.
    Based on other color choices in your home (front door, bath tile) I’d go with the green – though I wish it were a little more limey. I think this could be a good pop of color but because of it’s naturalness could also be more of a neutral for photography. Also, it draws in the outside of the trees out the windows. Lastly, it is cooler and more calming, and with the Texas heat, I think the cool green rather than the hot orange would wonderful in your big room.
    I look forward to seeing what you decide on!

  194. 206) tabitha

    I’m pretty plain so I’d do creme! I’ll have to check out these counters. We really need to redo our kitchen soon and need to find affordable options!

  195. What a lovely way to custom make an island! It’s so spacious and wonderful!

  196. 208) Kristen

    I’d try the Charcoal Lacquered Linen on our built-in sideboard.

  197. I never even really considered formica, but I’ll have to head to Lowe’s and check it out! I need new counter tops in my kitchen, but I’m not really willing to invest a ton of money. I’m loving the green.

  198. 211) Alyssa

    Loving the color options!!

  199. 212) Sarah

    LOVE the orange. But I love the green. And the white. I think I’d still go with orange, though. OhMyGosh. This is why I could NOT do a review. I’d want them all!

  200. 213) Natalie

    What an amazing, large and bright room! I would do white because I love light colors, but I think for your room that the orange would be awesome.

  201. I love the linen print, and how perfect is it for a sewer’s studio? I would probably go with the cream color if it was for me, because it would go with a lot more stuff, and would be less visually intrusive (I like to keep my studio spaces neutral so the colors don’t reflect and influence color matching etc.) But if I wanted a color, I would definitely go with the green, since green is nature’s neutral, and goes with everything! (no one has ever said “that grass looks terrible with that flower” or “the leaves of that tree are so tacky with the sky” 🙂 )

  202. 216) Melissa Clark

    I would pick the creme and do exactly what you’re doing, a huge craft table for everyone to use!

  203. 217) Beth K

    I pick Orange. I would use the Formica® Laminate in my house to create a worktable for my sewing machine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. I love the orange but I’ve done that color before. Now I think i would go with a bright green. I would use laminate to make a new sewing counter. Love it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  205. 220) chandra

    What perfect timing for you! Of course you HAVE to do orange. I am not you, so i would go with the very linen one. I would go traditional use for it and two my bathroom

  206. 221) Natalie

    I think I would use the orange color for a pop of brightness! I would use the laminate for my crafting table.

  207. 223) Caitlin

    I know you’re an orange girl, but I really like the green! I would love to make a new sewing /cutting slave!

  208. 224) Leslie

    I love them all!!! ….but if I have to pick I go with the orange every.single.time!!! LOVE ORANGE:) It will be the perfect pop of color in that awesome white space:) I would put this in my kids new playroom in the basement!

  209. 225) Leah K

    I love the orange, but I am more of a blue person… it calms me :). Totally green over here over your craft space.

  210. 226) Erin

    Orange. Totally orange. Then again, I’m a little biased because it’s my favourite colour. I think it would add a wonderful focal point to the room.

  211. 227) Kelly D

    I think the orange would look great. I would finish my kitchen counters with this product.

  212. 229) Annita

    Green is the winner in my book. Like bringing springtime indoors.

  213. 230) Hilary

    I would get the charcoal lacquered linen for my kitchen. Love it! The green looks great for your space!

  214. 231) Amy Osborne

    Love the blue!!!

  215. 232) nancy beach

    Oh my goodness. I am ordering samples today. I love these new options! I love color so I vote for Orange or green!

  216. I would redo the counter in our den with the cream linen. Lovely!

  217. 234) Lauren

    I would use this in my bathroom.

  218. This is exciting ~ we will be building in the near future and I can totally see us choosing the formica laminate. I think it’s the perfect surface for your custom island, too!
    (love all the windows in your studio!)

  219. 236) Hillary

    I say orange, it’s basically a neutral ;o)

  220. 237) Erin

    I like all the linens. I would land on cream for the final choice.

  221. 238) Britta Hughes

    I really like the creme linen. I actually love the idea to use the Formica as a crafting surface!

  222. I can see you doing the orange. I would go with the green or the geometric blue.

    What I’d like to know is totally unrelated to the counter/craft table. I want to know about The Wall. It’s plain white in these pictures, but always changing in the videos. And I LOVE the wall. Do you actually put something different on the wall for each video? If so, what? And how? Or are the designs computer generated and it’s still just all plain in real life?

  223. 240) Kristen

    I don’t think you could go wrong with any of those choices!
    My husband keeps on saying granite for our kitchen counters and I keep going back to Formica!

  224. 241) Jocelyn

    I like the crème countertop, though for the space that is all white, green or orange would probably work better.

  225. Orange all the way!!!

  226. Oooh, look at those patterns! I like the cream colored linen one or the gray one, but I’m honestly not sure any of these would work in our space without some other changes (wall color, etc.). But I would love to design a room around one of these–they are great!

  227. 244) Jaimee

    So Awesome! I would do the white one – i love the simple look.

  228. 245) Sheridan

    LOVE your studio! It’s gorgeous. I would do the charcoal lacquered linen.

  229. 246) Lisa

    I love how bright and cheery your studio is! The orange is beautiful and so is the grey laminate!

  230. You should totally pick the orange! We have a formica coffee table that is 30+ years old and it is indestructible. What a great idea to make your craft table out of it. Go you!

  231. 248) sabrina

    What fun! I’d go with the green 🙂

  232. 249) Lauren hannon

    oh sounds great.

  233. 250) Kelli

    I love the Green!

  234. 251) Lisa Brown

    I would use it to replace the damaged garage counter tops and choose ebony oxide color

  235. 253) Mami2jcn

    I like the green. I would use formica in my laundry room.

  236. 254) Mami2jcn


  237. 255) Janna

    Oh they are so pretty!! We are building right now and I think I would do the blue swirly one for my boys bathroom! So cool!!

  238. 256) Elena

    I love the charcoal linen. I would probably use it in my bathrooms.

  239. 258) steve weber

    I would pick creme and use it in our dated powder room.

  240. 260) claire

    You should do the green! And my bathroom countertops have been on my hit list!

  241. 261) Madeline

    I’d use the Charcoal Lacquered Linen in our kitchen for an updated look!

  242. 263) Jessica To

    I like the crème color best. I would use it on my kitchen counters.

  243. 264) Kim

    Love the orange!! I’d probably end up with the grey in my kitchen…our countertops are perfectly fine and functional but very much not our style. *sigh* #firstworldproblems

  244. ohhhh that creme one!!! but of course, you have to do orange!

  245. 266) Linda C

    I like the creme and would use it for countertops!

  246. 268) Lindsay

    I love Formica countertops! I have granite, which is greAt, but being a retro girl at heart, I think my next kitchen countertop will be Formica. I love the orange one for your workspace!

  247. 269) Janelle D

    Oh, what a great space. So, for your countertop, if you’re talking a background for photos, the creme linen would probably be the most reasonable – but those are so pretty, who wants to be reasonable?? I’d pick either the orange Greek pattern, or the blue waves.

  248. 270) CR Williams

    I would do the orange lacquered lined.

  249. 272) dziugas

    go orange! it’ll pop and look amazing! I’d use it for the back yard studio I just built for my wife. She’d love a desk made from this laminate!!

  250. I would totally go with the green….except I’m fascinated with orange lately….

  251. 274) Lenetta

    So pretty! that would make an amazing cutting table, which I happen to need. 🙂

  252. 275) Jessica

    I would go green because that is one of my favorite colors, but the orange would really pop:)

  253. 276) Aimee

    I hope you go with the orange!

  254. 277) rachel

    Go bold! The orange is so fun!

  255. 278) sarah

    I’ll vote for the green….

  256. Love the studio! You actually inspired me to create a family studio in our own house and I have been trying to figure out this exact same thing! I would love a chance to win the gift card.

  257. 280) Vanessa

    I love the orange for you, it so fit~!!! I’m plain-Jane and would love the white and do something for my bathroom or craft desk too. 🙂

  258. 281) Gina M

    I would love to use the creme linen as a bathroom countertop!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  259. 282) Gina M


  260. 283) Cynthia C

    I would go with a gray on my bathroom vanity counter top.

  261. 285) Gayle

    Wow, would I love a counter in my craft room. Never have enough counter top in a craft room.

  262. 287) Melanie P

    Such a hard decision! I would go with the orange linen or the orange greek key (I know that wasn’t your top option, but I LOVE it!)
    I’m building a new house too, and will have a craft room. My space won’t be as big as yours, but I’m considering a large table top, and this would be such a great way to create what I need in my space!! Currently, I use glass top tables from IKEA, but I would like something that can be beaten up a little more 🙂

  263. 288) sarah

    I would use the green….and formica on craft tables, a sewing table, a new bathroom countertop…

  264. 289) meg browning

    I love the orange too.
    Thanks for the chance to win we have projects galore going on in our new house 🙂

  265. 290) Maria

    One more orange fan here. I have so many projects just waiting somebody to start working on them, starting from kitchen and bathroom…

  266. I love the green! I think the color reminder of growth would make me feel really creative. I would love to put into action all the plans I have for the house we just bought. Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing your space with us!

  267. 292) Sara

    Do whatever color makes you and your family happy! Even if some of us in the internet world think it’s weird. 🙂

  268. 293) Melissa Wilson

    I am torn between the orange and the green. Either would certainly pop in that space!

  269. 294) jweed

    orange for you, blue for my laundry room countertops. love it!

  270. 295) dawn

    oh goodness that orange is perfect! I’d love to have a coffee table with that orange or maybe even the green. It would be the perfect super cute yet durable surface for a house with kids.

  271. 296) leslie

    The creme linen…. either in my own sewing/homeschool studio. OR to replace the awful tile in our family room bar area. 🙂

  272. 297) Becky

    I definitely think you should go with the Orange! Our bathrooms are in need of some updating, I think I would like the green with white cabinets.

  273. 298) Barbara P.

    i would totally pick the first blue one with the squares. Love that one! We could use new countertops in the kitchen but I also like your idea of a cutting table made with that. Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  274. 299) Brenda

    I love the orange, especially for such a fun work space! Thanks for another great contest too.

  275. 300) LeAnn

    Wow! So fun! I was just complaining to a friend about my ugly 80s white formica-with-wood-trim cupboard doors in my kitchen of the house I rent. Formica has come a long way! I couldn’t do anything permanent since I rent but it would be fun to have a big craft table. I love the Lacquered Linen in Green and Creme.

  276. 301) Elle

    I like the charcoal Greek key pattern and I’d like to use the Formica in my bathroom.

  277. 303) Gizala

    I am envious of your studio. Such a great space! I would use the crème and then building around it with other colors. I would use the laminate for kitchen counters and breakfast bar.

  278. 304) Madeline

    Orange, all the way!
    I would love to do something similar – add a fun pop of color in a crafting space, or make the laundry room a little more fun!
    I immediately went and ordered some samples…if anything, I can use them for something crafty!

  279. 305) Amanda

    The orange in my kitchen!

  280. 306) Judy

    I would go with the orange or green linen and totally copy you and make a family work table. We have some serious arty crafty sewing folks in this household. 🙂

  281. 307) mary

    blue! or green (??) or orange. that would look great for the laundry room (aka the garage!)

  282. 308) Christina Hill

    Love the blue!! My hubby recently bought me an embroidery machine & I started making appliqued shirts and matching skirts (thanks to you!) & pants. My hope is to create a workspace in our guest bedroom.

  283. 309) suzanne

    I think the orange would be a lovely pop of color in that white room, but am not sure if it would work well as a photo background. I grew up in a mid-century modern home with orange kitchen counters, so that feels right to me. I would probably choose the crème for my next bathroom re-do.

  284. 310) Amanda Fry

    I love the the linen patterns as well! Awesome project!

  285. 311) Robyn

    Hooray for color! Yes. Please.

    • 312) Robyn

      I’d go with either the blue or the grey. And like you, I need a workspace table top.

  286. 313) BARBARA A.

    I like the orange in your space. It is a pop of color that anchors the whole room. Plus it is fun and for a space shared with kiddos that is an added bonus.

  287. 314) Sarah B.

    I love the orange in your house too! I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and am choosing a laminate for my countertops. Laminate is great! Inexpensive, beautiful and fun!

  288. 315) Elizabeth Dale

    Oh, I would use it for my kitchen counters and little island in the new house we’ve just purchased! How very fun!

  289. 316) Kirsten

    LOVE the green and creme linen! What fun!

  290. You should go orange! I would pick the creme because I’m too chicken for orange, but the id spend many years wishing I had orange:)

  291. 318) ranee

    Forget accent walls, I would have an accent countertop! Orange!!

  292. I like the charcoal lacquered linen.


  293. 320) Holly

    I think the orange would totally pop in an all white room. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  294. 321) Jessie C.

    I would go with the green linen for my craft room, cream for the kitchen.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  295. 322) Jessie C.


  296. 323) Wendy

    I love the linen creme colored one- I’m thinking it would look great in the laundry room.

  297. 324) Debra C

    I would love the creme linen in my bathroom.

  298. I feel like you really have to do the orange…and it would look great in there! We are renters but I’d love to build a custom kitchen island that we can take with us when we move – hopefully in the next couple of years!

  299. 327) Aimee

    The charcoal linen would look soooo pretty in my kitchen!

  300. 328) Heidi

    I would use the orange in the kitchen!!

  301. 329) Robin

    I love the linen creme! Like you, I am getting ready to do a diy desk/sewing area!

  302. 330) Janell

    I think you should use the charcoal lacquered linen. And I would put in in my kitchen.

  303. 331) Casey

    I would totally do the orange, but the green is great too. I have both orange and lime green in our house, and the green would be perfect for this little niche in our entryway that never stays clean, no matter how many coats of paint I put on it. This would be a perfect surface top for it!

  304. I love the linen texture and would use it to make a large table for my craft room.

  305. 333) Lori P.

    Oh wow! I love the colors! I love the linen texture and the creme color. Where to use it? Update my kitchen for sure!

  306. I’d totally find a way to use the black geometric in my house (because where don’t I need new countertops?) – so unexpected to have a pattern in a black countertop. You should absolutely go with a color though. My favorites are blue and green.

  307. 335) Sally J

    I would go with creme for laminate. and then you can paint the bookshelves orange or green. it would be much easier to repaint the bookshelves than get a new tabletop. that’s just my thought because I dont like to be “locked” into a decor decision, I need freedom to change my mind easily! 🙂

  308. I think the green is the prettiest color, but I lived through the first incarnation of Formica and I would not go there again! I’m glad to relive some 60s memories through your photos, though!

  309. 337) Rebecca

    I like the Cream Linen pattern.

  310. 338) Stacey b

    I love the Creme linen style.

  311. I love the orange, I think it would really pop! We currently have formica on our countertops, and we are in the process of adding a kitchen island to our kitchen so I would use formica there too! 🙂

  312. 342) Shannon

    Go for the orange! It would work well in our laundry room too!

  313. Totally agree with the orange for your application. Personally I’d add even more! Love, love your workspace. I too would use the laminate for my craft/sewing table top. Thanks for this opportunity! Your ideas are rockin’!

  314. 344) Janice Cooper

    I like the Crème Lacquered Linen pattern and would love to use this to update my kitchen countertops.

  315. 346) tina m

    I’d use them for my kitchen! I like the Creme Lacquered Linen.

  316. 348) Cathy Coleman

    I would love the creme linen pattern. I’ve had the same counter tops for 27 years.Update would be fabulous.

  317. Oh fun! I love the function of laminate! I’m drawn to the grey linen, but I would have to sit with my thinking cap for awhile…my kitchen countertops desperately need to be replaced!

  318. 350) darcy

    I really like the blue but I could see you going with the orange or green. What a lovely studio! We have a Formica kitchen table and the kids use and abuse it and it still looks great. The real wood tops don’t fare so well. I would love to redo our counter tops.

  319. 351) Kathy

    Love the laminate! I’m partial to the linen look too, but pretty sure I would go for the green in my house. Orange would be so much fun in your room!

  320. I like the green, but orange seems more like you!

  321. 353) Wanda McHenry

    I would totally do the orange! As for me? I would replace my current kitchen counter tops with the Charcoal Lacquered Linen!

  322. Oh we are so feeling the same vibe!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Orange for the countertop.

  323. 356) Emily Brown

    I would use it to buy a power sander and finish off a coffee table I found on the side of the road that needs so TLC. Also your craft room is amazing!

  324. 357) Norma

    I’d use Creme Linen for my bathroom vanity!

  325. 358) LAMusing

    I want to get rid of the awful pink tile in my guest bathroom – I might pick Charcoal or Creme linen.

  326. 359) D Schmidt

    I really like the Charcoal Malachite

  327. 360) Margaret Smith

    I really like the Creme Lacquered Linen. I’d love to replace our kitchen counters and I’d use this color.

  328. 362) Peter G

    I was out voted by my wife and daughter for orange, I picked the gray.
    Very nice the way this was done. I would fix up the kitchen first.

  329. 363) Christie

    I really like the Blue Malachite, I am doing a beach theme in my home and that is perfect.

  330. 366) paige chandler

    I would use it for the master bath sink counter top. Charcoal Greek key would be perfect.

  331. 367) Tara O.

    I like the crème! I think this would look great on my island in the kitchen!

  332. 368) Lisa

    I lie the creme for the kitchen counters, but the green is really pretty.

  333. 369) Debbi Wellenstein

    I like the green! I think that would look awesome! I could use some new countertops in my kitchen, and they would be lovely in Charcoal Malachite,.

  334. 370) Stephanie Phelps

    I think you should choose the orange linen. We are in the process of putting a bathroom in the basement and I would love to use the the 9494 Charcoal Greek Key.

  335. 372) Denise S

    I would choose the orange lacquered linen for my kitchen.

  336. 373) Suzanne K

    I’d go with the white because it would go with everything and then I’d accessorize with other colors to brighten it up.

  337. 374) maria cantu

    I like the blue malachite.

  338. 375) Stephanie Galbraith

    I like the Crème color. I would use it to put some texture in my living room.

  339. 376) Debbie B

    i would use the creme lacquered linen on my countertops

  340. 378) Cathy Truman

    I like the Crème Lacquered Linen for my kitchen. I would like to do our
    kitchen in neutral colors.

  341. 379) joni

    I would love their Aqua Dotscreen for my kitchen counters.

  342. 381) Chi Shannon

    I’d love to transform the bathroom counters! Give it a bit of a cool, new look 🙂 I like a dark look, so I’d go with that Charcoal Malachite color and pattern 🙂

  343. 382) Lauren Olivia Wood

    I’d use the white linen pattern!

  344. 383) sarfah hirsch

    i like the creme lacquered linen , i would use it in a basement workspace

  345. 384) Crystal F

    I like the orange the best. I could really use this for our bathroom. I can see the blue swirly pattern in there. Thank you!

  346. 385) Ashley C

    I would love to use the creme Lacquered Linen patterns to help me create more organized space in my laundry room!

  347. 386) Kerry

    I would like the Blue Greek Key for our laundry room!

  348. 387) ANGEL JACKLYN

    Formica Laminate® Jonathan Adler Collection
    Charcoal Malachite


  349. I love the orange color. I would use this in my pantry. It needs an update!

  350. I said orange too!, But that grey swirly….oh dear….

  351. 391) mickeyfan

    I love the Charcoal Laquered Linen for my space, but you can go crazy….I’d go orange.

  352. 392) Jenni Shaver

    I would go with the orange! I love that it is so bold. You can always throw a cloth over it if you needed to tone down!

  353. 393) Kim P.

    Formica counters would be awesome in the big laundry room area of the house we are building!

  354. 394) Susan

    J.A. is AWESOME. I like the Orange Linen.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished studio.

  355. 395) Katherine

    I love this one
    Charcoal Lacquered Linen

  356. 397) Courtney

    The orange is perfect for that all white space! The kitchen redo is on our list so this would help for sure!

  357. I would choose the creme. I would replace my bathroom countertop.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  358. 399) Kimmy Ripley

    I love the black/gray in the Charcoal Malachite.

  359. 401) Bruce

    creme for a bathroom

  360. 402) Susan Smith

    I like the Crème Lacquered linen for my kitchen.

  361. 404) Erin

    Wow, LOVE these colors and patterns!

  362. 405) erica best

    Blue Malachite is nice

  363. 406) Tim A

    I would use formica to as the top for a folding station in my laundry room. The Charcoal Laquered Linen would be perfect.

  364. 408) Rebecca Graham

    I would pick the green for countertops in the kitchen.

  365. 409) Christina O

    Green for my countertops.

  366. 410) Stephanie

    I think the green lacquered linen laminate would be fun for a craft room! I like the blue greek key pattern for a kitchen backsplash or the creme lacquered linen pattern to modernize our bathroom counters!

  367. 411) Erica B.

    Definitely green!

  368. 412) Leela

    I like the Charcoal Lacquered Linen.
    I would use them to fix the house we moved into.

  369. 413) Nicole Larsen

    I love the orange! I would love to re-do the tile in our guest bathroom….it is so beat and old 🙁

  370. I really like the Charcoal Lacquered Linen pattern. I think it would look so cool in my bathroom!

  371. 417) Jennifer Dunaway

    I love the orange it makes the room pop.

  372. 418) jennifer

    I would choose charcoal greek key!

  373. 419) Mark

    I love the pop colors.

  374. 420) Carolyn Daley

    I would probably use the blue malachite style for the bathroom counters.

  375. 422) Daniel M

    i would go for white like you did

  376. 423) Linda G.

    I would like to use it in my kitchen on my counter tops. Mine is outdated and needs replaced. I would choose the orange.

  377. 424) joe gersch

    i love orange and owuld use the Laquered Linen in my kitchen on the counters

  378. 425) Amanda Sakovitz

    I love the green! I would redo my countertops in the kitchen!

  379. 428) Victoria R.

    This is an awesome update to a classic product! I’d love the charcoal greek key in my bathrooms – all of them!

  380. 430) Betty C

    I’d love to redo my kitchen counter tops but I’m just not bold enough to go with orange or green. I would choose something a bit more neutral. The Formica website has some great ideas. I especially like the Argento Romano which looks like crushed rock.
    However, for your studio I think the orange would be great.

  381. 432) Ed

    I like the neutral colors; some spiffy countertops!

  382. 433) Thomas Murphy

    I would pick the orange and use it in my kitchen.

  383. 435) Ellie Wright

    I would pick gray. I like more neutral colors.
    I would love new counter tops in my kitchen. Our house was built in the 70’s and the counters are the same green that was popular at that time.

  384. 436) Denise L

    Hard choice! I love the orange, but would probably go with the green because it’s my son’s favorite color 🙂

  385. 439) Heidi B

    I am so partially to this it would be cool in the white room, going with the Charcoal Malachite on their website.

  386. 441) Stephanie Larison

    I think a pop of blue would look great, so I like the blue greek key.

  387. 443) Roxann

    I would use the Creme Lacquered Linen in my bathroom.

  388. 444) Lisa V.

    I’ve always been it’s either that or this…meaning black or white…even my wedding was black and white.

  389. 446) Leah Shumack

    I would probably choose the cream linen!

  390. 448) MJ

    Keep it bright….go with the orange!

  391. 449) Bert Ruiz

    I would choose the Orange Lacquered Linen

  392. I love love love the new patterns they have! So fun and so non-traditional, just like I enjoy decorating my home! I would love to get new kitchen counters using the Orange Greek Key pattern! SO fun!

  393. 453) Veronica Garrett

    The Orange would add so much color to your home. I would use Formiva Laminate for a kitchen redecorating. I would love to do my countertops and cabinets with it.

  394. 454) eguiver

    An orange backsplash in the kitchen

  395. 455) Brian S

    I will use Formica brand products in my Laundry room and also in my garage to replace the counter tops.

  396. 456) Lisa Garner

    I like the orange best for your home. For my house I would love to use the Charcoal Greek Key for a backsplash in my kitchen.

  397. 457) Seyma Shabbir

    I would prefer the Blue Malachite! But from the 3 choices the green is best! I would love to replace the tiles in my kitchen!

  398. 459) tina reynolds

    I love your studio and these countertop coloros so awesome love these

  399. 460) Tabathia B

    I love the creme and then green. I would use it on my kichen counter top

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  400. 462) Kim Fielding

    We need new kitchen countertops, so I’d go for the charcoal linen or malachite.

  401. 463) Sarah L

    I think the 9488 Creme Lacquered Linen will look great on the tabletop and in my kitchen.
    Thanks for the contest.

  402. 465) JessZ

    I love this!!! I’m rethinking how I’m going to design my new sewing space! Love the orange!

  403. 466) Jen K

    Wow, these are fun. We’re getting ready to build a house and I need to look into these for my laundry room. Fun! I love them all but the green speaks to me. 🙂

  404. 467) Sarah Hull

    I love the creme and the charcoal colors…tough decision! If probably go with the creme for our kitchen though. We need new counters in the worst way…and then I need to convince my hubby to paint the cabinets…hehe. 🙂

  405. 468) Andrea Dye

    I would love to win. My 14 year old had a cooking catastrophe & burnt a hole in our kitchen counter. Keeping our fingers crossed!

  406. 469) Brandy

    Green!!! Love the green!

  407. 470) heather s

    The green is happy and makes me think of Earth day

  408. 471) Bonnie

    For my own craft table I would choose blue. For you, I vote for orange.

  409. 472) Katie

    Orange is my favorite color, but my poor kitchen counters would love to be creme! They are in a sad state if affairs.

  410. 473) Abby Bartel

    You should totally do orange. I would definitely use these in my kitchen which has the original 1943 Formica countertop and backsplash that has worn in many places. When I saw these designs I was overjoyed. I haven’t replaced the old Formica (which has a vintage rounded squares pattern) because I wanted something retro to go with my original cabinetry. Now all I have to do it decide: grey or orange?!?

  411. 474) Beth Hill

    I reallllly need new countertops! Those colors and patterns are terrific. Me want… Can’t wait to see your finished space!

  412. 475) Jessica Thompson

    Kitchen countertops!!

  413. 476) Betsy

    I would do the green. And I would use it for new counter tops!!

  414. 477) shea balentine

    I think the Charcoal Malachite would make a great kitchen counter top and wouldn’t show stains!

  415. 478) Melissa

    I like the green and white linnen ones! I would re-do all my counter tops with Formica!

  416. 479) Tara Swan Cheng

    Hi Dana!! 🙂
    I love your YouTube tutorials and am always waiting for new one’s! I’m just in the start of my sewing adventure so your chanel helps more then you know! I was wondering what style your baby lock is and also if you plan on making anymore toddler/baby clothing items?? 🙂