Good Morning! What was in your bowl this am?
You know, after sharing all those pumpkin recipes (I still have two more that will pop up in December), well, I realized that all I really wanted was a piece of plain ole Pumpkin Pie. And when I opened my mom’s fridge to get out the milk, I saw an entire pie just sitting there, untouched.

Breakfast was served.
Confession: I ate this piece and then had another….without the crust (but don’t tell my mom, she hates it when I throw away the crust.)
And that’s my lazy morning, with aspirations to get some REAL blogging in later.
I’m sorry for the barrage of food posts on the blog lately. I have been sewing as well! And I have quite a few projects to share with you…if I could just stop eating pumpkin pie and get myself in gear.
till later!…..

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