BOYs Valentine Project with GUEST: Avocado & Papaya

I’ve been following the blog Avocado and Papaya for a while now. And it’s just…
Jackie, the designer behind it, is a mom of two boys. And she has a knack for taking interesting pictures or her really interesting creations. Her design is simple, colorful, and with lots of shapes. Of course I’d like it.
A few of the cool things she’s done….

Made her own craft table for the boys:
Block puzzle with vintage chair photo:

Avocado and Papaya has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Odeedoh, Poppytalk, and so many more. And well, I could go on and on sharing pictures from her site (because I feel like I’m thumbing through a magazine when I’m there). But I’ll get to the point.

I was thrilled when Jackie said YES to Celebrate the BOY. And today she has a very cool Boy’s Valentine Craft to share with us. You were wondering how we’d get BOYish Valentine’s Day in there, right? Well, you’ve come to the right spot. Jackie is sharing with us today. And I’ll be sharing with you later as well!

So let’s hear from Jackie herself…..
I have been very inspired by all the projects in the “Celebrate the Boy” series over the last few weeks. My contribution is a bit of a departure from many of the others because it doesn’t involve sewing or fabric or clothing of any sort. I wish I had the sewing talents of the other moms featured here, but sadly, I can barely thread a needle. It’s on my to do list. But, given that I have two little boys who take up a LOT of time, I’m not quite sure when I will get there. When I do, I know exactly which blogs I will be scouring for sewing projects.
For now, I am mainly about paper and glue and wood and maybe a little glitter now and then. Today I’m sharing with you a simple valentine project that my son Graham (4.5) and I made last year with repurposed wood pieces. I’ve grown a little addicted to wood over the last year, since my husband brought home a stack of remnants from a hardwood floor installation that he did. He figured the boys would use them as blocks for building towers and castles and barns. I had other plans for them. Over the last year, I’ve used them to make dominos, flash cards, puzzles, holiday ornaments and this valentine project:
You can vary these using different images, text from magazines, doilies, stickers, and if you are feeling bold, throw a little glitter on there! What feels special about these little valentines is that the wood is so tangible and fun to hold, more of a keepsake than a disposable card. You can also use them as a gift topper for a box of chocolates or other v-day treat. Have fun!

Head to Avocado and Papaya for more info on her Valentine’s Craft. And if you’re looking for further inspiration, just click on her MAKE category on the left-hand side.
Come see the cool BOY fabrics Rae has in her closet…..

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