Boy’s TIE shirt with GUEST: Saltwater Kids

I can’t remember when I met Emily from Saltwater Kids. But whenever it was, I smiled and thought, I need to come back here in the future. I’m so glad I did.

Saltwater kids is one of my favorite spots for gift ideas. Emily has a knack for creating beautiful crafts with a simple and classy look. Her concepts are earthy and colorful. I’m sucked in every time I stop by.

Next Christmas, I’m definitely making this Tree Pillow. And if you still need a Valentine’s gift, check out her “we make a great pair” socks. Socks?! A great pair?! Brilliant.
At Thanksgiving time, she created Leaf Coasters:
For the holidays, she gave away Fire Starter Kits to friends:
And as a mother of 2 boys, Emily’s no stranger to BOY ideas. I’ve never seen such simple AND cool looking Scavenger Hunt Cards. Hey, I’ve never seen Scavenger Hunt Cards! I think I need some, and you will too. Keep reading….
Reusable Lunch sacks:
And something that caught my eye many months ago, wedding outfits she made for both her sons. The linen shorts are refashioned from a woman’s dress. And the ties are done with a simple applique process:
And guess what? She’s sharing her Tie Shirt Tutorial with us today! Along with….a GIVEAWAY. Double-score.
But let’s hear from the genius behind Saltwater Kids….cause whenever I click to her site I just want to relax on the sand, watching the kids play…..
Wow, I have to say that a whole month of everything BOY is super exciting! Several years ago I took my first peek into this wonderful world of crafty bloggers and I was totally sucked in. Since becoming a full-time mom of two boys, my days are filled to the brim with kid related activities. It is a great environment for creative thinking and planning, but not so great for finding time to carry out those great ideas… if I just had a free moment – oh, the possibilities! Prior to having my boys, I dabbled in sewing a little, but it wasn’t until my first was born that the sewing machine became a permanent fixture in our home. I guess you can say, boys are really the driving force behind my passion for sewing and creating.
I am so excited to share a tutorial for a Tie Shirt that is lighthearted and fun just like my boys. It is perfect for school parties, birthdays, play-dates – you name it! (Not to mention they are super fast and easy to make.)
You can find the detailed tutorial (with PDF pattern piece) HERE on Saltwater Kids.

And in addition to the tutorial, Emily is giving away two items that have been inspired by her boys, and represent two of their favorite pastimes: snacking and exploring!
* One winner will receive a snack pack (reusable snack bag and sandwich wrap).
* One winner will receive a set of Scavenger Hunt Cards.

For all the details, click HERE.
Note: Giveaway ends Friday, 2/12 at 11pm Pacific Time.

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