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Sorry if our BOY month just sort of disappeared. It’s not officially over and we do have intentions of really wrapping it up. But first Rae got sick (she’s on the mend!) and then I decided to spend the day doing, well, whatever (going to a “tea party” at the local library, doing crafts with the kids, and playing at the park–a very fun day!). So I’m back tonight and tomorrow with a few more boyish posts.
Of course this doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate boys the rest of the year too. But throwing an online “party” of sorts does wear me out. Writing just one post a day now is going to feel like a breeze! So, here’s a roundup I’ve had sitting in the files, ready to share: BOY crafts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not always one for crafting with my kids. But surprise: kids grow up! Okay, no surprise. But they’re finally at an age where it’s actually kind of fun to craft with them. It’s going to open many doors to new projects and interaction with the kiddos. So here’s what we’ve been doing around our house lately. Nothing new or elaborate but seeing what others are doing always sparks new ideas in me.

My kids are learning about money. Owen always asks to hold my change from the store and I love it when he recognizes the president’s faces on there (even if he did call Lincoln “Frankenstien”. Sorry Abe.) I know this isn’t a craft…but we’ve pulled out any coins we have from around the world–the cheapy stuff they won’t exchange back at the airport–and the kids have been playing with their money for a few weeks now, learning and counting, and sort of understanding what money is for.
Each kid also received two dollars from Grandma and Grandpa in their valentine’s last month. So we took them to the candy store (Cracker Barrel) to spend it. Owen wanted something that only cost a buck. And Lucy’s elaborate choice was $3. So she asked Owen if she could have one of his dollars. He smiled, “sure!” It was so sweet and kind. I know that will change over the years but it was fun to witness.
This very hungry caterpillar craft was done at the kid’s school. It’s so simple and cute. I don’t have a template but you cut out a caterpillar and punch holes in the middle. Let the kids color it,
and then stick a pencil through the middle!
Lucy made these Hershey kisses gnomes with her speech teacher. I’m not sure what to do with them (other than the obvious….gulp) but they’re totally cute!
The number one things my kids are into these days: Coloring.
While they enjoy coloring books and printed pages, the preferred routine is this….Owen and Lucy ask me to draw something on paper (which often looks like they drew it), they color it in, and then Lucy cuts it out for both of them (she’s getting pretty good with her scissors). On this particular day, Owen requested that we draw donuts. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know that we totally like donuts (it’s easy to do with Round Rock Donuts nearby).
He can never decide which one is his favorite.
But he asks everyone if they’d like to join him for a bite.
Instead of coloring on paper, sometimes we use old cereal boxes. The kids love this because their creations are sturdy and fun to play with. The other day we made rockets.
And Owen flew around the house all afternoon, counting down and blasting off.
And finally, that fishing pole from the pirate outfit? It was played with for 3 days straight. The kids took turns being the fisherman and the “fish”. Owen would throw his line over our half wall, wait till he felt a tug on his line, and pulled it up to find a treasure or toy.
And what did he catch?……his puppy! (Oh man. Along with the Billy Bass fish, the kid insists on carrying that thing around. I guess there could be worse things).
And that’s what we’ve been up to. But I know you’ve been doing much cooler things at your house. So here are some ideas that caught my eye….

Marshmallow Building by Classic Play:
(spotted on Say Yes to Hoboken where Liz and her son also had fun with the puffy whites):
Simple Wooden Tops by Kleas should keep the kids entertained for a while. Check out their other craft ideas while you’re there (like the Big Leaf printing)
Do you follow Made by Joel? You really need to. The man has brilliant ideas and his book comes out later this year. Here’s an Indoor Ring Toss:
and a simple blow fish activity. Made by Joel. Head over.
Before making the fishing pole above, I had grand visions of making Owen a cool fish pond out of felt, with felt fish, with a magnet in each fish and on the end of the pole so he could catch the fish. But then time got away from me. And then I spotted THIS fabulous fish pond and it was totally how I pictured it in my mind! So here you go!
From Leafy Treetop Spot, here’s the Fishing Hole Tutorial. The details and tutorial on this are great.
I also intended to make a play horse for Owen to share with you all. Haah. I’ll stop with the laundry list of “I meant to do this or that” and just show you the REALLY cool stick horse that light blue grey made! She’s got a tutorial and details for you. Oh and she made an awesome horse lovers apron too. A really fun site.
Here are two great teaching ideas (I’m sure some homeschooling moms out there have a slew of crafty teaching methods).
Left: Learn about rainbows and light from Lorajean’s Magazine.
Right: Slap me Five Kid Art by Kinderparent.
Say Yes to Hobeken has many rainy day craft ideas up her sleeve…try a simple popsicle stick boat or construction paper rainbows.
And If your kids like a good bean bag toss, check out this robot from my kids make.
Make it and Love it is always a great spot for DIY inspiration. And while she’s on “maternity leave” her husband has commandeered the blog and made really cool cardboard guitars with the kids! I need one of those.
Elsie Marley shares how to make a wooden tangram. Not sure what that is? Check it out!
And look at this fun memory game made from bottle caps (by Crafty Beats). Another reason to recycle.
I’m sure many of you follow Under the Sycamore? I can never get enough of Ashley’s beautiful photography and ideas. Look at these Salt Dough Lego Men she made and shared on Grace Laced.
And a boy roundup would not be complete without some mention of Star Wars. This Jedi quiet book by Julie’s Blog is so cool. I think Casey might steal it from Owen if we had one. Check out Julie’s Star Wars finger puppets too.
And just for kicks, here are a few BOY party ideas.
Have you been to One Charming Party? Their site is delicious and will make you want to throw a party, even if you don’t really need to! Check out their recent Dinosaur Party and excavation tools tutorial.
They’ve also got a cool circus party and a New World game.
And that’s a roundup! All sorts of ideas to get your wheels turning.

Tomorrow I have one final (and pretty cool) giveaway to wrap up our boy month….cause you have to offer a pot of gold to someone on St. Patrick’s Day, right? Hopefully you feel lucky!
See you in the morning.

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