book winner, I talk too fast, and a quilt of cookies

Hi friends.
I hope your summer week is off to a good start!
And if your name is Melissa, with a #78,  it’s off to a really good start.
YOU are the winner of the Forest Feast book giveaway!  I’ll email you with more info.

And thank you guys for entering.  I’m so happy you love beautiful books too—that makes me want to share more!

And for those who didn’t win…how ’bout a consolation prize?
Me, Kate, and Kelly chatting it up at Baby Lock headquarters?….along with fantastic words of wisdom from Nancy Zieman, a quilt we made out of sugar cookies, and the realization that I talk way too fast? (no wonder my dad never understands me).
That kind of stuff?

Then just hit play!
It’s the Common Threads video by Baby Lock.
Virtual high-ten to anyone who understands exactly what I say….

  1. 1) Melani X.

    Ha, you make me laugh! I understood though, virtual high ten!

  2. 2) Elisabeth

    Haha, I talk waaaayyy too fast too, I can’t help it, I just think fast so my talking has to keep up, right?? 🙂 I honestly don’t realise, except when I hear myself talk on a recording… terrible!

  3. 3) Becky Thompson

    You did great! Yes, I understood you although I’m glad you prepared my slow-listening Texan ears for it. ha ha I’m sitting here, SO envious, that you got to hang with all my blog & TV sewing/quilting heros. Jenny Doan?? I LOVE her! She literally taught me how to quilt 3 years ago via YouTube and visiting her store is on my vaca-to-dos. And so many of them are Craftsy instructors so I’m always hanging with them. Glad you had a great time and good job!

  4. 🙂 I understood everything you said. People tell me I talk fast, too. If I don’t say it fast enough my mind wanders somewhere else and I forget what I was saying. I have to get it out or lose it, so fast it is. Looks like you have a great time and had tons of fun with everyone.

  5. 5) Lisa

    I would love to meet so many of those ladies. They would make me feel so inspired. Where can one find such experience and wisdom and creativity?

  6. 6) Penny

    Very cool, Dana – you rock! I talk fast, too – I think from just being excited about life!
    I am sure someday we will see you as a guest on Sewing with Nancy TV series – I know I’ve seen sewing bloggers on her show recently. That will just add to your coolness, if you can even be any more cooler!!! Have a great day and thanks for writing your blog.

  7. Dana, that is AWESOME!!!! That must’ve been the funnest thing ever. Did everyone love their gift from you? The crepe paper ruffles? I loved your blog post on that. It made me want to sit down and make a bunch of them! 🙂 – Dori – (Oh and I understood everything you said!!!)

  8. 8) Kim

    Babylock customer service is the best! I had a machine from them and it gave me nothing but problems and finally just out of my one year warranty I took it back to my dealer just completely frustrated. She went to the president of babylock and they gave me the next machine up for FREE because of all the times I’d had to take my other machine back to get “fixed”. He made a customer for life there. I’m jealous you got to meet so many awesome people. My 4 year old and I love to watch Jenny Doan’s videos. 🙂

  9. Holy Moly! I had to reverse the scene 3 or 4 times, but I totally got it. Love your energy. Looks like you had an amazing experience.

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