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Candy Dots fabric inspiration on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

Okay, more Boardwalk Delight Blog Party fun.
Because ahhh….I can’t believe that school starts in about one week for us!
Let’s milk the summer fun as long as possible.

And let’s talk about Candy Dots.

Candy Dots Fabric from Boardwalk Delight collection by Dana Willard of MADE Everyday

I knew I wanted to have some sort of polka dots in the Boardwalk Delight collection.
And well, giant candy dots emerged.  They totally remind me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

And Cherie of You and Mie used the candy dots fabric for two really fun projects.
You have to click over for her darling double-layer skirt.
And.  Ahhh!  Can you handle these shorts??? So stinking cute!
Go see (and eat?) more here.
Love it all Cherie.

Racer Shorts by You and Mie on MADE Everyday
Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection BLOG Party on MADE Everyday with Dana Willard

And now how about a quilt??
I absolutely love to see what quilters do with these fabrics because quilting is not my forte, as of yet.
And now that I see people quilt with them, it’s made me think about the design process differently.
If it were up to me, I’d have 10 fabrics all with really large prints.
But that doesn’t always work when you’re pairing fabrics together, and piecing little pieces together.

Boardwalk Delight fabric collection by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday

So I love to see what you guys come up with!
And Amy at Diary of a Quilter but this really cool star quilt.  I don’t even know where to start making something like this!  Good thing there are people like Amy to share that with us.

>Quilt by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter on MADE Everyday

I’m sure you know about Amy already. But she is just the sweetest and really fun to chat with!  I met her recently at a Baby Lock event and love her!
So go check out her quilt…and the pic of her son chilling on top of it.

And last up is the I Scream, You Scream print.
–you can see a list of places to buy any of the Boardwalk Delight fabric HERE

I had no idea this would be the most popular fabric in the group.

Boardwalk Delight fabric I scream You scream fabric by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday

The design started as empty cones.
And then I added stripes.
And then I added colors.

fabric design process

And they were all fun/cute….but I really loved it best when I removed the stroke lines and only went with a fill.
I scream You scream fabric design process on MADE Everyday

This design process is a great exploration, discovering which design styles I love most.  And I think I’m a “strokes” OR “fill” kind of gal.
And I love seeing all those cones rolled out on my studio floor.

I scream You scream fabric from Boardwalk Delight fabric collection by Dana Willard on MADE Everyday

But I love it even more when I see what you’re making with the fabric…
Like this darling creation by Made-by-Rae!

I Scream You Scream dress by Made by Rae

She emailed me before the fabric was even out and said “Clementine has been asking for an ice cream birthday party for months…..I might need that fabric…..”
YES!  I Scream, You Scream fabric is in the mail!
I love a girl that’s been planning her own birthday party for half the year.

So head over to see it all on Made by Rae!

And check out the #boardwalkdelightfabrics tag on instagram to see what everyone is making.
Thanks for joining the party ladies!

Boardwalk Delight Fabric Collection by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics


  1. 1) m.a.

    ahh! that ice cream fabric is so cute! ive just started sewing and ive been looking for a cute pattern to make my lil’ sis a skirt.thanks so much for your skirt tutorial, dana!I wanted to sew one myself without my moms help, but I was about to give up the skirt idea when i opened the pattern instructions… thank you for your creative ideas!
    btw, the placemat tote is so cute- i should try it.

  2. 2) Collette

    These are really just too adorable. I don’t know if I can pull them off in clothing for me and I don’t know if the (almost) 9 year old son will consent to anything but I’m working on him!

  3. 3) Jacqueline phillips

    Dana, you just keep coming out with such beautiful combination fabrics. You are so talented. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    Love, Jacqui x

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