blog notes and buttons

1. Some of you have mentioned that THE BOY button doesn’t work anymore. Instead you’re getting an upgrade to a Pro account graphic.

Sorry about that guys (or gals). Photobucket is not my friend today. But we fixed the problem! (three cheers for Rae!)

So if THE BOY button which you’ve posted on your blog isn’t working, please grab the updated info in our right-hand column.
Make sure you scroll all the way down to get the entire html.

2. Have you tried out any of our Boy Tutorials? Make sure you upload photos of your finished creations to our Flickr Group: you MADE it. Some of your 90 Minute Shirts are already in there and I love it. Makes my day!

I’ll be doing a you MADE it roundup at the end of this week… get your photos in there! You just may find your photo and blog name popping up here on MADE!

3. Frustrated with the 90 Minute Shirt cuffs?
* UPDATE on sewing cuffs *….Many of you have expressed frustration with the method used for here for sewing cuffs. I agree! Once I finished this tutorial there was an “ah-ha” moment of “duh, I should have done it that way instead!” So, I’ll be taking more pics when I can and adding a simpler method.
In the mean time, look at the pics in the TUTORIAL but then adjust it like this instead (these instructions have been added to the tutorial also):
* Do not sew your cuffs shut, Do not sew your sleeve shut.
* Serge, fold, iron your cuff and sew it to the bottom of your sleeve.
* THEN, sew the entire sleeve closed.
again, duh.

4. Looking ahead:
Once BOY month has ended, I will be archiving each project from Celebrate the Boy and you will find them through THE BOY button here on the blog. Hopefully it’ll be done by the time March rolls around. But you know, I’ve been just a tad bit busy. So I’ll add it to the list!

5. Thank you!
I am overjoyed with the response to Celebrate The Boy. I guess it was long overdue. And as Rae and I swim around in it, we realize it’s far bigger than us and our one-month window. Perhaps I’ll host BOY WEEK here and there throughout the year. It’s really been fun to put my BOY Thinking cap on.
To all of YOU: thank you for stopping by, for your great comments (I read all of them and try to reply when I can), and for keeping me motivated. This blog is a real passion for me. And hearing how it creatively inspires you makes everything completely worth it. So….

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