Big Sweater to Little Sweater TUTORIAL

Transforming an adult-size BIG sweater into a child-size little sweater is one of the easiest upcyling projects to tackle. In fact, I’m not sure why I don’t do it more often. I love fast projects. And I love it when my kids want to wear the things I make. I put this on Owen and he didn’t want to take it off! A very good sign.
If you remember our Sweater Vest tutorial from last year’s Celebrate the BOY, the concept is similar.
Take a big sweater (from your closet or a thrift store) and slim it down to fit a child.
Using the existing hand cuffs and waistband, the project is fast and easy.
You’ll find the complete Sweater Tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog)
I’ll even show you what to do when you’ve finished the sweater and it’s too small to get over his head! Grrrr. Totally fixable.
It fits over his head and sure looks cute. Even when he makes this face and tells me “mommmmm. I’m collllllld.”
I place a few smarties in his hand and everyone’s happy again.
Enjoy your new little sweater!

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