Before and After: Front Porch furniture

Back when we were just thinking about building a home, I knew there needed to be a front porch.  I mean, there’s always a front porch.

…but how bout the kind where you can actually have furniture?
And sit outside with a cold beverage, watching the kids ride bikes and scooters down the street?

Or….maybe a porch is just an excuse to go shopping at the thrift store and not feel guilty about walking out with an entire bench and two chairs?  Yea, that sounds about right.
And when I saw this patio set at my favorite antique store in town, I just couldn’t pass it up!
The style was perfect.  Kinda beachy.  Kinda craftsman. Very simple.

They just needed a little facelift.
My first thought was to paint them orange like the flower vase above, or yellow like the basket below (which I also “had” to buy at the antique store.  Isn’t it cute??)

I asked on instagram (find me @danamadeit) for your input and the ideas were all over the board!
“Navy Blue!”
“Kelly green, black, yellow, white, red…..”
So I went with the obvious choice,

I called my mom.

She and my dad were in town and asked what projects they could work on for me.  So we pulled out the sander, pulled out the brushes, and they finished the whole darn thing for me!

Thank you mom and dad.

And thank you Sherwin Williams #7005 Pure White, for always being a fantastic paint choice.

Yep. I went with white.
Actually I really considered Navy Blue or Black. But against the gray color of the house it just had to be white!

And I love how it turned out.
You can see the white contrast against gray as you drive up to the house. And with flowers in the planter boxes, it’ll all come together.

Now I just need to make some pillows, and get out the bikes, and make some lemonade.
Your thoughts on these fabrics? (all of them are duck cloth from Hobby Lobby). I’m leaning toward the two V shapes.

Have a great day!

  1. I think the “v’s” with the orange, white and gray would be great for accent pillows for the front porch. I love the neat stuff you find at thrift and antique stores. I also like the white on the furniture. It’s perfect.

  2. 2) Samina

    Ha, I’ve had my eyes on that blue geometric fabric for ages, so that’s my vote! You can never go wrong with the white & navy combo.

  3. 3) Teri

    Love the fabrics, but I could never use them. They happen to be the school colors for our rival football team (University of Florida). Also, love, love your front door! I was just saying yesterday that I need to update the pillows in our sun room – always something:)

  4. I think you need one of each of those fabrics

  5. 5) Lindsay

    Did your Dad really paint in a long sleeved collared shirt? Love V fabric!

  6. Dana, your house is gorgeous! Gorgeous, I say!

    The white looks great on the furniture and beautiful against the grey! Can I borrow your parents to come to my house and work? 🙂

    • 7) Tony Jean

      I agree 1000%!

  7. 8) Heather

    Gorgeous house! I have always dreamed of having a house with columns like that. 🙂 I think either of the blue fabrics would go beautifully with your front door. I agree though, the V one is gorgeous. It reminds me of feathers, which I love. 🙂

  8. 9) Tina

    Love both v fabrics, but with that green door, blue. The orange would fight with the green for attention and you want the door to be the focal point, yes?

  9. Mansion seems to fit ; )
    You are blessed

  10. 11) Sheila

    I like the V’s. I think I’d use both. The orange might compete with the door on it’s own, but the I don’t think the blue would stand out enough from the street by it’s self.

    I mean, really, what’s the point of porch decorations you won’t even notice unless you’re walking up the steps? With a door that bright, you need some brightness on the benches too, or they’ll fade into the background when the house is viewed from the street.

  11. Looks great! I think the orange “V” is perfect! Good luck picking!

  12. You’ve a great mom and dad and they did a great job! 😉 I like the blue V’s most for pillows.

  13. 14) Penny

    Love the porch! Love the porch furniture! Love the white paint!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “you ROCK at home décor!”
    (and blogging, sewing, sharing, living!)

    • 15) Dana

      Thank you Penny!
      You always have the kindest things to say. Makes my day! 🙂

  14. Oh, sweetie, why would you do anything but the orange??

    LOVE your porch and your color sense and your “new” furniture. So much fun getting to watch it all come together from afar!!

  15. I love how the benches turned out 🙂 I vote for the blue hued “v” fabric! Brings in the navy (you considered painting the benches which I think would have been awesome too) and a lighter hue without competing with your vibrant door.

  16. 18) Mark Suman

    That’s the appropriate use of a Dodgers shirt…something that can get ruined and you won’t care. :-p

    The front is looking awesome!

    • 19) Dana

      hahaha. I was waiting for someone to make a Dodger comment.

  17. 20) Ag

    You look just like your father!!!!

    Love the white furniture! Great choice. The blue v-shape will look gorgeous, but that’s only my opinion!

  18. 21) Alison

    Aren’t parents the best? Love the patio set. Your whole house is just so gorgeous. You are so talented.

  19. What a lucky treat to have such handy parents!! I need some of those!

    Great makeover – well done! I am in love with that navy and white print…stunning!

  20. 23) Aime

    I love the fabrics. I’d make pillows out of all of them!

  21. Your dad is dressed rather too spiffy for painting…hope he didn’t get paint on his clothes. 😉 The V’s are lovely.

  22. I love both the V shaped fabrics, the orange is a nice pop of color, and the tonal blue one is a resting place for your eyes while still being graphic and interesting, maybe be eclectic and use a combo of the two (If you can find a 3rd fabric that really pops with them???

  23. 26) Sheila Perl

    Your parents are great! My husband always paints in a nice shirt and never gets a drop on himself!! The white looks wonderful with your house, and what a fabulous thrift store find 🙂 I like the orange solid and the V shaped orange, they look great with the grey and I like them with your lovely green door.

  24. 27) Dori Troutman

    Your mom and Dad are THE cutest parents ever!!!! Their smiles are totally contagious. I smiled just looking at them! And the porch furniture is PERFECT.

  25. 28) Teresa B

    I need a “like” button for the post and for Mark’s comment! Also, I’ll be moving in soon (with or without my family… kinda depends on the day lately). Just a head’s up for you.

  26. 29) Sarah

    Looks great! And I like the two fabrics on the left. Blends with the house well. But why not do all 3? 😉

  27. Your parents are adorable. What a great photo to have! I love your choice in colors and especially that bright, cheerful front door. And what porch is complete without the lovely variegated yellow to pink of Lantana. Such a beautiful flower. Unless we have hot days, it doesn’t always grow well here in the PNW.

  28. 31) Gweny

    The orange chevron for sure. But have you noticed how you lean toward yellow and orange a lot? Their not your fav colors are they? hmmmmm lol

  29. 32) Diane

    I love the white! Then you can add the color with those fun pillows! Looks great Dana!!

  30. 33) Eve Epstein

    Blue fabric, doesn’t compete with the front door

  31. All of them would look great, one of each even! You got style girl!

  32. of course they had to be white! how else would your pillows pop against the furniture?! this was an awesome thrift score, Dana… 🙂

  33. I would actually do all three patters & add solids in the mix as well. You’re house is beautiful. Loving all the choices you’re making.

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