Beach Boy: pants and shirt

Though it’s bit too hot in Texas for summer pants, you may live in one of those beach-side areas where light-weight pants are just perfect. Pair it with little Tee and you have a beach boy outfit.

For the Whipstitch sewing demonstration a few weeks ago, Deborah asked me to share my method for creating patterns from existing clothing. So, I used an old pair of Owen’s pants and a baby onesie to create these simple beach boy pants and a 90 minute shirt.

First I showed how I trace the old pants to create a new pants pattern, we cut up the pieces, sewed them up, and voila: Simple pants. Then we used a onesie for the 90 minute shirt. Here I am attaching the ribbing to the neck:

When we were done, we had a very simple outfit that any child can kick around in.

Two very basic clothing items, for girls or boys, made from the following tutorials (just omit the knee pads…or add them!):

The pants are made from very light-weight chambray cotton. Remember my thrifty finds last month? I found a project for the 50 cent fabric!

As I do with most pants, I added a wide hem to the bottom (so I can let them down later as he grows taller) and a double stitch for style:

The top is a standard 90 Minute Shirt (made from a man’s T-shirt) with short sleeves, which makes the project even easier.

Of course I made room for branding.

And Owen was quite content while we climbed the sand dunes and strolled along the pier.

Who doesn’t love a 75 degree sunny day at the beach?

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