back home

Well, I’m back from Atlanta!
It was totally fun, I met very interesting people, it was hot, we stayed up till late hours, it was full of bloggedy blog blog moments, and as the souvenirs show…
we tried our share of the Southern Treats.
Dear Frosted Orange (I mean “F.O.”, from the Varsity), I hope we meet again.
and mini moon pies, you’re the gift that’ll be giving all Monday long! (thanks to Jenny from SIDAC who brought me this gift from Nashville):
While we moms gathered in the sewing room, all the dads sweat it out at home…..some of them, literally. Our A/C broke on Saturday, so there were a couple uncomfortable Texas days for Casey and and the kids. But they got some swimming and Sonic in to make up for it. And when I got home, mini Moon Pies more than masked the 85 degree indoor heat (and humidity). Score!
Spending a day around adult friends with great conversation is a nice break from the kids.
But it’s equally as wonderful to walk in the front door to this face:
….and to Owen who flew open the door and exclaimed, “Mom!! Well, come on in!”


Many fun photos and a recap of the Whipstitch demo and workshop to come!

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