baby stuff

I’m officially half-way through pregnancy and I’ve got baby on the mind (if you missed the big announcement it’s here).
So I bought a few items for our little girl-to-be.
Of course there are plenty of girl clothes in Lucy’s old boxes. But how can I say no to really cheap clearance items at Old Navy?

A simple heart.
a girl in baby blue.
And something I’m really excited about this time around…it’s my first having a baby and a nice camera. It’ll be fun to have a new specimen for the lens. I’ve been roaming online, pinning cute babies and photo ideas on my baby photography board.

I stumbled on Love the Shultzes which has really clever images. Click over for more of this goodness….

I never get tired of baby feet pics–I’ve got about 5 pinned on the board. I’m not a gooey/smoochy kind of person but I can’t help playing with their feet, kissing them, inspecting their tiny features, playing peek-a-boo. Maybe that’s why I don’t put shoes on my kids till they can walk. I may change my tune this time around. Who knows. I was happy to find these patent leather mary janes in size 18-24 months….for only $4!
And the tiniest little sweater I’ve ever purchased (also $4)
At some point I hope to snap Lucy and sister pics. How sweet is this?
And this series of week-by-week Maternity pics from Blue Bird is fabulous.
If you haven’t read it yet, Katy’s birthing photo-story at No Big Dill is lovely, inspiring. Natural birth isn’t for me but I enjoy hearing from those who do it.
And oh, baby Stella.
Does this photo make your heart melt?
Katie Evans Photography has 3 easy steps for turning standard photos into stunning black and whites. And starting on Tuesday she’s holding a photo contest…..Photoberfest! How great is that name?
Oh baby.
It’s going to be an “awwww” kind of year.
I hope you don’t get sick of the baby photo lovefest.

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