Baby Onesie, Binding, and Sewing with KNITS: GUEST blogger, Omi Creates

We all (well most of us) have a fear of sewing with Knits. We’re not sure if we should stretch the fabric while we go? DON’T stretch it? Do I use a special needle? A special machine? Why is the neck line getting all ruffly? The list could go on and on. But have no fear! We have an expert in the wings today. And with an extremely cute side-kick to boot:
Omi Creates was one of the first Craft blogs I added to my Google Reader back when I started craft blogging myself. I’m not even sure how I found her. But I fell in love with her “family life” through pictures and sewing creations. And for those of you Down Under…..Noami is guesting from Australia! I love how blogging connects us world-wide.
Naomi is a wonder. She does everything. Sews, knits, sews some more, plays with the kids, takes gorgeous pics.
And if her 2 daughters weren’t adorable enough, she went and had a baby boy and my oh my. I just want to squeeze those cheeks and nibble his toes!
With her boy-cap on, Naomi has done some very interesting things with knits for her little guy:
And we’re in luck today because she’s showing us how to make the coolest striped Onesie I’ve ever seen. I’m being honest here… makes me want to have another baby just so I can make one of these to put him in. Nope, I’m not pregnant, but yes this guest blogger was selfishly for me so I could learn from her glorious skills! I love pulling those strings.
So, let’s get on with it. Take it away Naomi……

My husband and I have two beautiful girls, so you can imagine the absolute joy when our baby boy joined the family last year. He has proved to be every bit ‘the boy’, and we are all so in love!
One of the things I love to do for my children is to sew, whether it be clothing, linen, bags, toys… the list goes on! Up until recently most of my sewing has been for the girls, and they like it as pretty and frilly as you can get. Having Jude has suddenly opened the door to more creative ideas, new colours, styles and textures to be experimented with. Now if only I could find the time!
In particular, I love to sew with stretch (or knit) fabrics. I find knits are so comfy for little ones to wear, no harsh seams or bulky uncomfortable fabrics. My journey with stretch sewing began only a few years ago, learning along the way. Stretch sewing seems a little daunting to some, but once you have a few tips and techniques under you belt it is so quick to whip up a garment for your little one. In fact, I now find stretch sewing much easier than working with woven fabric!
The tutorial I have put together shows you how to sew the sweetest striped onesie for a baby boy. You will see all the different techniques I use for sewing with stretch, and learn how to attach the perfect binding using your home sewing machine.
Three cheers for Naomi! And major jealously that she’s enjoying Summer right now, while most of us are freezing in the states. All in due time, I suppose.
You can find Naomi’s complete tutorial for the Baby Boy Onesie With Binding right HERE on Omi Creates.
Thank you Naomi!
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