Aqua Velvet, Encore

Nope, I didn’t make the same thing twice. But I am blogging about it twice. And here’s why…
Sewing for Scarlett posted this little dress I made for Lucy on their blog yesterday. And it kind of surprised me. I made that dress exactly a year ago. And it was so perfect for winter. But it kind of came and went and now it falls in the more “forgotten” creations of the MADE archives.
In fact, I’ve only had one other person tell me it’s one of their favorite dresses (which is why I did a double-take on the pic when it showed up in blog land yesterday). But here’s the funny thing about it all….It’s actually my favorite dress I’ve ever made for Luce Goose! It’s so girly but without the frills. It’s school girl but with a grown-up twist (must be the fitted back). So….I’m sharing it again with you, with a few tips on how to make your own.The concept is fairly simple and you don’t even need a zipper!

1) I found nice aqua/teal velour at JoAnns with a slight stretch to it. They usually have these heavier fabrics in the winter season.
2) Cut a long rectangle of fabric for the skirt and gather it up (as if you’re making a very simple gathered skirt). A good ratio for this is to measure your little girl’s waist and then do 1.25 to 1.5 times that length (there’s no fine number on this. You just don’t want it to be too gathered and poofy)
3) For the top bodice, mine is cut into two sections….but that’s only because it morphed into a dress. It was originally going to be a skirt with a waistband. But then my idea changed. So, you would probably do a rectangular top piece and if you have fabric with stretch in it, then make the bodice tighter and form-fitting (but not too tight, or she won’t want to wear it). Measure around her chest to get a good measurement.
4) Cut four long strips for the overalls. Sew two and two together and turn inside-out so you have long tube-like straps. IRON them down. Always iron your seams. Your clothing will look more professional. Attach the straps in front and back of your dress.
5) Find cute buttons, make button holes, and….you’re done!

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