‘Twas the night before Christmas and Dad was putting together a little Play Kitchen, sent straight from Costco direct to our house (FREE shipping! I love you Costco). Mom sat at the computer blogging, CD burning, preparing for their Christmas getaway, and lamenting that she never got around to sewing aprons for the two kids. She knew Lucy would love it.

So she walked to the other room to uh, check-in on the Kitchen assembly (but mostly to complain about not having enough time to finish all her projects before heading out of town. Dad loves hearing those woes). She noticed a little towel rack on the side of the play kitchen and her brain quickly catalogued every hand towel in their house. I should hang something cute on there, she thought. Red, orange, black and white striped? No. And then it all came together.
She remembered that adorable package that showed up one day from Vintage Fern (something she had won in a giveaway). In the pile of sweet loot was a custom-made hand towel that she’d been saving for just the right occasion. Classic Vintage Fern. So she pulled it out and decided that it should NOT be used as a handtowel….but better yet, it would be split in two and make the perfect little aprons for Lucy and Owen.
Dad knew just what was going on as her machine hummed from the other room. At 12:15 (and with the Play Kitchen completed) he walked by, I’m going to bed.
Okay, I’m almost done! She smiled back. Typical motherly behavior.
With a few fabric ties, some pleats here, a gather at the waist (an adorable tree/bird applique from Vintage Fern)….
and a green double-pocket (because every manly chef needs a spot for utensils and rolling pins)….Phew. Both aprons were finished.
Mom was able to finish it all! (well, except for the Picnic felt-food gift. Sorry Grandma. And the skirt for mom. Oh well. And the files she forgot to bring on vacation. And the list of girls she forgot to call from church before leaving town. Whoops. I guess mom can’t do it all. She’ll just keep trying.)
At least the kids were happy with their new kitchen and fake ice cream cones. And aprons, of course. And Mom was happy watching them play. Cause this face is a gift in itself:
Thank you Vintage Fern for coming to the Christmas Eve-MIDNIGHT rescue!
And thank you Target for having a wonderful Dollar Section.
Boy, Christmas Day can really wear a girl out.

  1. 1) Sue Peck

    This is my very first visit to your wonderful site. I am going to start with a circle skirt for me and two aprons for my grand daughters. Thank you so much for such clear directions… I may even get them finished before Christmas. Regards. Sue from the UK

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