All in a week’s work

My hair clips are headed to Tucson this weekend, hoping to claim residency.
My mother-in-law runs a boutique in Arizona twice a year. She was kind enough to let me ship my goods off with her (without me being there in-person to sell them). So I jumped on-board and tried out some new ideas. My favorites on the roster (aside from the AZ landscape above)…cupcakes! I love these, but they were a bit time consuming:and Fall Leaves: It’s been a busy week. It was a rather last-minute decision to build up my inventory like this. My forearms and hands are sore. But I’m glad I did it. It’s always satisfying to see the final product lined-up and ready to sell:
The great news is, whatever clips don’t sell will finally be for sale in my shop! Nothing like an upcoming boutique to get your hands in gear.

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