a new year, a new look

Come walk in our winter wonderland. MADE had a little face lift (though I never stray far from my favorite color palate, do I?)
If I had to pick one color for Heaven, it would be “Light Cyan”.

And just for fun, a refresher course on the buttons/Tabs (which are now at the top!):
* Tutorials are FREE here on the blog.
* Patterns will take you to our pattern shop, showcasing our easy-to-follow, quality patterns.
* Looking for something I’ve made in the past? It’s all catalogued in the MADE it Tab.
* The SHOP features all our MADE items and will be undergoing a facelift very soon too.
* Contact. You know, contact me. And many of you do! Thanks!
* Why Sew? We all have a story behind our crafty love. Find out why I sew and what keeps me motivated.
* Advertise. MADE is currently accepting sponsors. We’ve made a few changes to our rates and would love to hear from you. If you’ve emailed me in the past, contact me again and we’ll get things going.

And that’s it. Take a look around, hang out for a while, grab a winter-ized button, enjoy the peaceful Light Cyan.
Owen’s already checking it out….

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