a little Friday video

My goal was to have an Alt Summit recap post ready today.
But.  I’m feverishly trying to finish up….a new winter Pattern to share with you!  Wow, it’s been forever since I put a pattern out.  It’s time.  And I’m so close to being done.

So Alt will be next week.  And today I’ll share a little video with you from the Alt Summit.
I was interviewed by the TV show Studio Five in Salt Lake City and we chatted about creativity and making fun projects like my Goodnight Moon jammies.

So…if you want to see what I sound like in real life (people tell me my voice is lower than they imagined. Haah), check out the video HERE.  There’s a small blip early on where they flash up images of my clothing too soon. But other than that, we had a great time!

In other creative news…
Do you follow the Film Petit series at Skirt as Top and A Little Gray?
They’ve done it again with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Check out the ensembles here, here, and here (with guest Luvinthemommyhood)
Have a fun weekend!  The question is…what aren’t you going to do today?

We’ll chat soon.
  1. I watched it on the day it was on, it was a very cute interview. You are quite charming!

  2. 2) Meg W

    I”m so jealous that you got to go to the Alt Summit (even though this is the first time I’ve heard of it). I’m sure it was amazing. I love seeing all of your and other bloggers’ amazing ideas and to think they were all in one place!

  3. 4) Sara

    How exciting! Good job!

  4. 6) Katie

    awesome job! You sound a lot peppyer than I would have imagined…although I never really thought about it. lol

  5. 7) JenniferF

    I love you even more now 🙂

  6. 8) Jessy Rushing

    Wow – this is BTBB! (Big Time Blog Biz) I’m really impressed. Can’t wait to hear all about it and why haven’t I heard about Alt Summit before? Maybe I don’t travel in the right circles 😀

  7. Yes. You were adorable! I watched the clip…you seem so comfortable on screen. I was so impressed. Watching it also made me SO sad I didn’t just load all the kids in the car and make the drive down to have ice cream with you or something. Please tell me you’re planning on going to Alt next year? I am already saving for a ticket.

    Can’t wait to see your winter pattern!

  8. Oh my goodness, how adorable are those PJs? (I’m going to watch the video in a second) I was standing in front of a bunch of knits last night with a $100 groupon that was expiring in 45 minutes and could not think of anything to make for my little boy. So I chickened out and bought one of every notion I didn’t already own. I’m regretting not getting a cut of knits now!

  9. 12) carolina

    yes, you look comfortable on screen, maybe in the future, Dana on TV!!!!!.
    Certainly is not like I think, is better. BTW, love theGoodnight Moon jammies post.

  10. 14) Rachelle

    Dana, you are too cute. Nice to hear your voice.
    You’re the best… keep at it!!

  11. 15) Alison J

    Oh my! Too cute!! Congrats! I love putting voices with faces. People always say my voice is lower than they assume too. But I thought your voice sounded lovely and confident. Good job, mama!

  12. Super awesome. Your outfits were twiners. Gotta love some orange and blue. Can I just say I had a great time visiting with you. I hope we can do it again some time.

  13. 17) Ann

    Thanks for posting this, I missed it when it originally aired. Your voice is lower than I imagined, but I like it! It’s weird how it’s hard to match up voices with faces over the radio, or in blogging, faces with voices. I was surprised when I first watched a video with Gabrielle Blair, her voice was higher than I imagined. But hearing your voice makes me like you even more (if that’s possible:) You did a great job!

  14. You did great and seemed totally at ease in front of the camera. Wish I could have seen you in person this year! Everything on instagram looked like a ton of fun and you always had the cutest outfits together. Hope your stay in Utah was great and not too cold :).

  15. Those Good Night Moon jammies are too cute. What a clever idea. I love the Ferris outift too – I so need to find more time in my life for sewing blogs. I love them and they are so addictive. The down side to which is that I am sitting here on the computer when I should be sewing. 🙂

  16. 20) Penny

    great “interview” on TV, Dana – you looked great – you sounded great – you rock!!!

  17. Yes! Your voice is totally different than what I would have thought haha! Super cute interview!

    Can’t wait for your new pattern :)!

  18. 22) Kelly O

    You don’t at all sound like I expected 🙂 great interview

  19. So great to see FP featured here Dana! And I don’t think your voice sounds deep- you could totally be a news lady yourself 🙂 One day when we meet in person I’m gonna talk in like 6 different fake voices to throw you off. Then you can just pick your favorite.

    • Same here. My voice actually sounds like James Earl Jones…little known fact. Hehe. But yes, ditto to Jess – thanks so much for featuring Film Petit here! So exciting! 😀

  20. For the record, your voice is on par with what I expected. And HOW HILARIOUS that you and the anchor coordinated so perfectly 🙂

  21. 26) kitty

    Loved to see you “live”!!. Apart from being a little less tall than I expected, you are exactly the radiant, dynamic personality I sense through your great blog!

  22. 27) Carolyn Thornley

    I showed your interview to my hubby and he said, “Oh, I know her!” Good job…we love you!

  23. 28) Robyn

    Yay! The interview was very fun to watch – thank you for sharing.

  24. 29) ira lee

    loved seeing you!!!! i thought your voice was deeper than what i expected too! lol i can’t wait to see all the alt goodies !!!!!

  25. Hello Dana! Wow! It is so cool to hear your voice in real-life, it is exactly how I thought it would be! It was also nice to ‘hear’ how to pronounce ‘sew’ in English, because I thought it was different, haha! Keep up the great work you are doing! I am your biggest fan of the Netherlands!

  26. 31) Jenny

    Great to put a voice with your blog! Awesome job. The Alt sounds like a cool place to go. Can’t wait for your blog on it.

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