a few things

* Submissions for the Design My Header contest are closed, as of this past Saturday night at midnight. Thank you for all who entered! And sorry but I can’t accept any email submissions. Throughout this week I’ll share my favorites from the flickr group and on Monday, 8/15, I’ll announce the winners!

* Today the Southern Institute is giving away THREE of my Beach Robe Patterns. Head over if you’d like to enter!

* Some of you have asked:

Can Simple Skirts be made for adults? Of course! Just follow the instructions in the tutorial, using your waist as the measurement. Also, cut the ratio down to 1.5 to 1 or 1.75 to 1 (fabric to waist width) so that the skirt is less full around a woman’s hips. Most of all, do what works for you!

Do you have a pants and shorts pattern for girls? You got it! The KID Pants series is meant for both genders. Just mix it up with different fabrics and/or colors and you’re set!

All of my tutorials are meant for you to adapt and tweak where you’d like–so that it’s just your flavor. I’m here to give you a starting point. So have fun with it and keep your wheels a spinning!

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