You’ve got quilts floating down your hallway too, a few days after Halloween? Noice!
You guys…hi!!
It’s been a minute, or two.
In fact, I don’t think I’ve posted since last year. Whaaat?!
Sorry to leave you hanging!

I shared some details on Instagram about where I disappeared to. But in a nutshell: In February I became a long-term substitute for our school district, and spent a few months teaching Health to 8th graders. Haha. How’s that for unexpected?? The school needed help, I had time to give, so I signed up, and surprised myself at how much I loved working with teenagers! It was fun and crazy and time consuming and hard….and really fulfilling. You can read more here.

There’s more to that story….and I’m still subbing on and off this school year (I really love being with the kids. And it’s sort of my own research project. Haah!)
But in the busyness of it all, I was pretty quiet online last year. So I’ve vowed to spend more time with you, which I love and have missed.
So here I am! I’m alive!

Meet The CANDY QUILT! It’s so much fun to make. I’m already scheming ideas for a Christmas quilt.

If you think those cats look familiar….yep! I brought back the cats, in hats! in my NEW FABRIC COLLECTION called GHOST TOWN, with FIGO Fabrics.

Ready for the details??
THE CANDY QUILT is a fun pattern that can be used for holidays or any time of the year! It’s playful, colorful, and great for all skill levels. It comes in THROW SIZE QUILT + THROW SIZE PILLOW.

What I love most is that you can use an entire fabric collection, since the pattern calls for 10 FQ (fat quarters) of fabric for the candies! For this particular quilt, I used all the fabrics from GHOST TOWN…with those cute kitty cats on the back. Meow.

Ready to make a quilt???
Maybe you’re new to quilting? Definitely check out my ULTIMATE QUILT VIDEO to learn ALL the steps of quilting.

And if you’re ready to up your game, this quilt is for you!
I would consider this an Advanced Beginner quilt–meaning…you’ve made a quilt before, so you understand some of those basics. Of course I always encourage everyone to push themselves and try new things. So if you have the ambition, go for it! There may be a video in the works 🙂If you make one for Halloween, you’ll definitely need a BAT PILLOW to go with it.
And then give a mouse a cookie.

HIT PLAY to see the quilt in action.
Grab your CANDY QUILT Pattern and have fun sewing!
I promise to see you sooner rather than later.


I’m so excited to share a new project with you!

Oh how I love this bag! It’s a simple over the shoulder, boho style bag that can look casual like a book bag/grocery sack, or it can feel chic like a purse. It’s so versatile. And guess what??It’s REVERSIBLE. Yep. Y’all are often asking for reversible projects. So here you go! Two bags in one, using one of my favorite prints from my Butterscotch fabric collection with FIGO fabrics.
GET MY FABRICS: Do a search for “Dana Willard fabric”, check, etc.

This project comes with a FREE BAG PATTERN.
(Click the pink button below).
If you need help printing or piecing the pages together, watch:
“How to use PDF Patterns” here.

• 1 yard for the OUTER bag
• 1 yard for the LINING bag

• Quilting Cotton
• Linen
• Lightweight Canvas
• Denim
• Flannel
…get creative!

With your pattern pieces printed and ready to go, watch my step-by-step video for assembling your reversible bag. There’s a clever trick to the project that will make you feel like a magician when you do it. Love those moments!

IF YOU WANT STEP BY STEP PHOTOS, here are some bullet points (Please note, all the fine details are in the video):

• Cut out 2 Outer pieces and 2 Lining pieces.
• With RST (right sides together), sew the 2 outer pieces together around the sides/bottom. Then sew the the 2 lining pieces the same way. It’s like you’re making 2 separate bags.

Refer to the next 4 photos below.
• Turn the Lining bag right side out and place it inside of the Outer bag (so the right sides of each bag are together), lining them up at the side seams.
• Measure down 10 inches from the ends of the bag straps (this is where you will start sewing in the next step).Pin the two bags together, staring at the 10-inch mark around the curved areas, to the other 10-inch marks. There are 4 areas: the curved areas around both side seams, the curved areas on the middle fronts of the bag (see video for more details).
• Sew around these curved areas using a 1/2″ seam allowance. 
• Clip the curved areas so they will lay flat. Be careful not to clip into the stitch line.

Refer to the next 6 photos below.
• The Fun Tricky part! – Carefully turn the whole bag right side out by pulling the bag through one of the strap openings. Just do it little by little. At one point it will “give” and easily pull the rest of the way out.
• Press the edges of all 8 straps under 1/2″. They will naturally want to fold under. Make sure your straps are the same length (trim any excess if needed) and sew the ends of 2 Outer straps together, the other 2 Outer straps together, 2 Lining straps together, the other 2 Lining straps together. Refer to the video here if needed.
• Match up the edges of the Outer and Lining straps together. Pin them together, and top stitch around the inside of the straps and the outside of the straps, closing any openings in the bag straps.

And you’re done!
Enjoy your cute little bag on the linen side, or the dot side!

And fill it with all your favorite things.
This is such a great bag to make for a gift or to just have on-hand for yourself!

If you share your photos online, please share with me! You can tag me at:
Have a great day!


I’m so happy to announce a NEW quilt pattern! Can you tell I’ve caught the quilting bug??
I hope you have too after watching my ULTIMATE QUILT video. It walks you through ALL the quilting steps from beginning to end. So you CAN DO IT.

This new pattern is called the SPLENDOR QUILT.
It comes in 5 quilt sizes with an added bonus: the pattern includes a cute pillow sham in Standard US + King sizes, so you can make a complete bedding set.

I really love making this quilt and I hope you do too! The Splendor Quilt celebrates the splendor of color as it moves through the spectrum. And this version just screams summer. Makes me want to sit pool side with friends, sipping something cold and delicious.

What I love most, is that it’s the perfect design to showcase an entire fabric collection, or to use solids and basics. There are so many fun fabric shops that sell whole collections by a specific designer, or curated bundles of FQs (fat quarters) which work great here.
Check out these cute shops for fabric bundles:
Hawthorne Supply Co.
Fabric Bubb
Piper Autumn Fabrics

And if you think you’re having deja vu….Yep! This is an expanded version of the Squeeze the Day Quilt I shared recently. I loved it so much, that I expanded the pattern to 5 sizes, up to King, then added two Pillow Shams, and packed in even more info and tips. I really hope you feel like I’m sitting there next to you as we sew.

Details about the pattern:

• 5 quilt sizes
• 2 pillow shams (so you can make a complete bedding set)
• Very detailed instructions
• The pattern teaches you step by step to make Flying Geese, using the “no waste” method and offers tons of practice!
• Colorful diagrams + tips
• All the basics are included—like basting a quilt, design ideas for quilting, and how to bind your quilt.
• Instructions for making a pillow sham.
• All the nitty gritty stuff you’ll need.

If you’ve never made Flying Geese before, no problem! The instructions explain what Flying Geese are, why they’re called that, and how to make them, step by step, so you’ll be flying solo with ease.

Plus, you can always watch the Ultimate Quilt Video for extra help with basting, quilting, and binding your quilt. Just hit the play button below, or watch it on my channel here:

Okay….I’ve rambled enough. Grab the SPLENDOR QUILT PATTERN in my shop.
Scroll through all the photos for fabric requirements, etc.
And if you share online, tag your pics to #SplendorQuilt and tag me too! @made_everyday

Have fun sewing!