Big Stick Jammies

I bought this plaid flannel fabric at Joanns and it totally reminded me of a Big Stick popsicle.  Or a whole box of them.

In fact when I was in labor with Lucy at the hospital, all I wanted was a Big Stick (pineapple, orange, and cherry popsicle).  And my sweet husband rushed off to 7-Eleven to find one for me.  Aren’t husbands the best?

I sort of wish these were real pants he could wear to school but since Pajama day is coming up, I made him some Big Stick pjs.  His schoolmates will see the pink and orange afterall.

I used the Basic Kid pants tutorial and extended the sides and length of the pattern to make it a little roomier for pjs.  And guess what goes great with simple Pj pants??  A Basic Tee! And also Rae’s Flashback Tee!

“Mom why are my jammies taped to the wall?”
“It’s for my blog”
“What’s a blog?”
That’s for another day.

I always sew a label to the back so he knows which way to put them on.

And this time around I made them especially long so he can wear them next year too.

Then we tried them out on the big bed with our favorite pig pal.  A friend made this cute orange guy a few years ago when we lived in California.  Isn’t he great??  Owen loved tossing him at my lens.

And just for fun, I made a pair of these too.  Cause who doesn’t want Darth and C3PO on their bum?

Have a great Monday!

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This is part of Celebrate the BOY, a series hosted by me and Made by Rae.

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  1. 1) Jenny

    SUPER cute.

  2. I have to say, I’m a bit jealous that they let you have popsicles in labor. I had my Gatorade confiscated! I was so mad! I love the pants– they are just adorable, as is Owen!

  3. I have made many a things out of that Star Wars fabric – two different dresses, shorts, an applique shirt, an applique nursing tank. Ya know – a little bit of everything. 🙂

  4. these are so awesome!! never heard of a big stick, but that popsicle sounds amazing. 🙂

  5. Those are super cute! I didn’t know what a “big stick” was. I think that’s not a thing here in Canada, maybe?

  6. LOVE these!! What an awesome plaid. I, actually, had never heard of a “big stick” either, haha.

    Anyway, love the pants (and the Star Wars ones, COOL!!) and thanks for the sweet mention. 🙂

  7. 7) Marisa Ibrahim

    This is funny because my son only wears these type of pants to school and every day. They are the same cut and made with funky patterns so I thought of them more as 70’s style rather than pj’s. They were the best bc he couldn’t work buttons or zippers yet too! Its like yoga pants for kids!

  8. 8) Bonnie

    Lol. That’s awesome because I made my son the EXACT same pair of Star Wars PJ pants for Christmas (extending your kid’s pants pattern too)!

  9. 9) Julie H.

    I am from Chicago and I don’t think I have ever heard of a “big stick”… So it took me a few minutes until you explained it. I thought big stick PJ’s? They look like normal PJ’s to me, ha! They look delish. 😉 I love the fabric, it is so fun! And the star wars ones are be-yond! I always see that when I am there, but never knew what to make with it…that solved it for me! I love PJ pants…I would wear them every day all day if it were socially acceptable. 🙂

  10. 10) sarah heat

    I was thinking Teddy Roosevelt… “speak softly and carry a big stick”. Funny.

  11. 11) Judit

    I’m a grown up and I’d be delighted to wear those star wars pants (around the house)

  12. Love flannel plaids!! He’s wearing them well, and I like the idea of making them extra looong. The first piece of clothing I made for my little guy were flannel plaid pj pants from your little boy pants pattern 🙂

  13. 13) Jackie

    Love them. Cute Star Wars, too.

  14. 14) Carrie

    Cute pj’s! Fun to see your “flaky friend”. 🙂

  15. 15) Emily

    I made my boys the same star wars pj’s. It’s fun to make something out of the fabric they actually want.

  16. 16) Jennie

    I must know where that fabric was purchased from! I have 2 Star Wars obsessed boys in my house!

  17. Absolutely love these! I think that Owen & Vince would be best friends in real life ^_^

  18. 19) Heather D

    Those are so cute!! They look super comfy, too. I want some. =)

  19. That fabric is fantastic. And I love those Popsicle too. They are the best!

  20. 21) Rebecca

    Geez I want those pants for myself! What a great color!

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