8 months old

Well. Little Clara is not so little any more.
8 months old! And showing more personality every day.

I love when a baby starts to “tease” and be playful.   And since she’s
the most ticklish baby I’ve had, we all love making her laugh.

She’s still such a pleasant baby….wiggly and all over the place but totally happy as she’s doing it.  She’s a champ at sitting up.  Sometimes I even hear her at 4am, just sitting and smiling in her crib, which we’ve gotta do something about (the 4am thing, not the happy)

She’s soooo close to crawling.  She’s perfected the army crawl, dragging herself around the living room.  And she can sit and scoot, sit and scoot.  So one of these days it’ll all click.

Probably the biggest milestone this month is that she EATS!

I first introduced baby food when she was six months old and it was a disaster.  She wasn’t ready, I am never ready (I hate teaching babies to eat), and so we took a two month break.  And that made all the difference.  Now she gobbles it on up!

If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face?  Uh. Maybe.

She still has the fabulous old man combover but the back is really filling in.  In a few months it might look more normal.

And guess what??  TWO teeth!
I love this look!  Especially when Clara gives a signature silly stare.

Okay here’s the 8 month comparison:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. 1) Carolyn Thornley

    I love sitting in back of your family at church. Clara is the “bouncing baby” I remember our kids were and your other two are so well behaved. You have an amazing family and I love your posts. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. 2) Carina Garcia

    Es muy hermosa!!! Felicitaciones!!!

  3. Clara is so beautiful! I love her strawberyy-blonde hair x

  4. So so cute! I LOVE the tub pic! What a face!
    My youngest turned one this week! Aaah! It happened so fast!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh! That baby is SOOO cute. And she just keeps getting cuter…

  6. 8) Martine

    What a beautiful baby girl and those eyes! You have beautiful children, all 3 of them.
    Greetings from Belgium, Martine

  7. 9) Leah

    She is just so cute!! the adorable pictures are making me wish my little one would finish cooking faster, lol. (btw, I love your whole site! I have stopped reading all other blogs to be able to devote more time to my kids, but I still follow yours because it is so inspiring!) Have a wonderful day!

  8. 10) kellie

    oh my heavens! she’s too cute!!

  9. I love your blog! Every time I read it I have my lil 9month Walter on my lap and he literally lights up when he sees pics of your sweet Clara. I think he is in love! She is the sweetest!

  10. 12) Kelly

    Your daughter is just really beautiful & precious!

  11. She is so lovey dovey! And using her highchair for more than monthly photos now! We did Baby Led Weaning with Maddox so that I’d never have to touch a spoonful of puree – somehow purees seemed messier to me than BLW. Until I introduced blueberries 😉

  12. Happy 8th month! Even more cute!

  13. she is so sweet, almost, I mean almost makes me want to have a baby around again. 🙂

  14. 16) Mary

    She’s so cute. Love her little teeth and smile. I hate teaching babies to eat too. My little girl is 2 months old already.

  15. 17) darlene

    gorgeous … love your monthly update … i wish the net was available with all my darling babies were babies … love your pics …. darlene

  16. 18) Joy

    Oh my what a sweetie pie! I have the same tub picture of our youngest daughter (now a newlywed!) and her eyes were sooooo big also!! Those eyes, get me every time, in fact, when each of our children was born their eyes were so darn big they looked like they would fall right out of their heads! Clara too has those beautiful dreamy eyes. Smooch, smooch, smooch her all day. As others have said, your other children are also beautiful. Enjoy them all! God has truly blessed you.

  17. 19) Sarah

    That tub picture is awesome!

  18. Oh my goodness – she is just so adorable!! I love all of your pictures!! Thank you for sharing.

  19. She looks like the Gerber Baby,Dana! And she is totally adorable – love the sweater she is wearing too.

  20. 22) Darlene

    What a little sweetheart she is !!

  21. She is just such a darling baby! I love her little teeth. My youngest also didn’t bother eating until about 8 months. Then she wanted to feed herself!

  22. 24) Rebecca

    She is completely gorgeous! Have you read about baby led weaning? Doesn’t work for everyone, but it really takes the pressure off both of you. Be ready for a lot of mess and a lot of cleaning up under the highchair though. x

  23. I love her old man combover! (by the way thats an awesome cute things to call it) I love your month by month grow pictures. Its a special picture memory 🙂

  24. She is simply the cutest thing ever. So glad you keep sharing these pics.

  25. Oh my word. The tub picture KILLS me. I am still laughing.

  26. WAY too cute, Dana. She totally looks like a joy! Love seeing the side view of her hair, haha! Baby hair is so funny.

  27. Oh she is just precious! Maybe she can teach my 9 month old to eat, ha ha!

  28. 31) Collette

    I just love baby eating pictures. I have one of Gabe with a face full of beets, looking like he just devoured a small animal! Clara is much more refined. 😉

    Her hair is so light now! She’s really adorable.

  29. it’s interesting that you mentioned starting solids and teeth. with my first two babies, neither one was interested in solids until around 9 months – right when they got teeth. we adopted our third child from Ethiopia when she was 10.5 months old. she had a lot of feeding issues related to her time spent in the orphanage, but she was also a late teether – like 12 mo old before her first teeth sprouted. our fourth baby is our only one to take to solids “early” at six months… and she got her first teeth at 6 months. i didn’t realize that what i was doing had a name – baby led weaning.

  30. 34) Madeline

    awww… cute kid!

  31. Oh I just love these posts… she’s just growing so fast… aaah… eating & mess…

  32. 36) Bree

    Lots of people have mentioned ‘baby led weaning’ which I did with my youngest too… because I hated starting solids as much as my kids did… but they LOVED baby led weaning!

  33. 38) Ana Ruiz

    Clara si sooo cute!! 🙂
    My baby is only 5 days older than yours and he does exactly the same as yours with the food…, he just started liking it…, even though he’s got no teeth yet…! He can crawl now but it’s been only a few days he does…
    Babies are so adorable!!!!
    Love your posts!!

  34. 39) JoAnna Talley

    I am so in love with Clara, and I don’t even know her! I’m tearing up reading this post. I think I’m officially ready for another child!

  35. What a sweetie! Clara’s hair has turned so light, and I see Lucy in Clara’s beautiful little face.

  36. 41) Anne

    Thank you so much for sharing your sweet Clara with all of us. I love your Clara posts, and I really enjoy watching her grow each month. She is precious!
    The Clara posts always make me smile! Thank you!

  37. 42) Sara Marinara

    I can’t have any more kids so I totally get my baby fix looking at your little Clara. She is soooooo precious. I just love to see happy children. 🙂

  38. I love that pair of teeth! Clara is such a DOLL. Such a pretty pretty baby. Sorry about the 4 am thing. : / Natalie does that too but she’s crying. Maybe that makes you feel a bit better. 🙂

  39. 44) Emily

    Oh that last one! She’s a beauty!

  40. She’s so adorable! Your pictures are really great. I kinda hate that they have to grow up but you look forward to them reaching their milestones.

  41. 46) amy

    She is so stinking cute. Love seeing how much she grows from month to month in those progressive pictures. I wish I had done that with either of my babies.
    I mostly had to comment though, because that little purple argyle cardigan she has on, was one of my absolute favorite things my daughter had when she was tiny. And I thinks he wore it when she was around 1 or 2 so at least 5 years ago so it is nice to see someone else hangs onto things that long too. So funny to see something and have it bring back memories.

  42. GET OUT! That bathtub photo! Too adorable

  43. Vincent just asked what I was laughing at, so I showed him Clara in the bathtub and he goes, “She’s like ‘what the heck? what i am in?’ ” ahha

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