7 months old

Time for the monthly update.
Guess who’s sitting up?
And loves it! Such a new perspective on life (and ability to reach for toys).

Oh Clara. I love, love, love this little girl!
I loved my other babies too. But I’m enjoying this one even more (since she’s probably our last)….rubbing my hands in those leg folds, smooching the squishy cheeks, letting her climb all over me and trying not to mind. The other day Lucy and I grabbed a onesie from her room and smelled it, just to get a dosage of Clara while she was taking a nap. How ridiculous is that?

But you see what I’m dealing with?Happy girl.

And hitting all the normal milestones.
Chewing everything in sight?
Check.Old man combover?
Check.Chubby cheeks?
Double check.And guess what else happened this month?
First tooth! She’s been running her tongue over it for weeks, trying to understand life.
There’s a little peek….
Just a bud so far. It makes me a bit sad that the gummyy grin will be gone forever. But then I remember how freaking cute they look with a tooth duet on the bottom. Now I can’t wait for the other one to break surface as well.

Since I’m always talking about what a good girl she is, it’s only fair to mention that YES she is human. She gets cranky, frustrated, flails, cries (but still looks so cute doing it).And typically she’s back to this again…..coerced to smile for Instagram photos (find me at danamadeit)
We’re truly blessed to have a sweet baby.
Please don’t grow up too fast (but get working on that 2nd tooth. Thank you)Here’s the 7 month comparison!

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  1. Aww, she is so beautiful! My little gal is 6 months tomorrow and just got a tooth as well…. Bittersweet for this mama too!!!

  2. 2) Amy

    Just gorgeous! I have a 10 month old boy and can totally echo your feelings. So hard not to just hug and squeeze them all day long!!

  3. 3) jennie


  4. 4) jemz

    So adorable!!! My little 7 month old girl is teething hardcore and still no tooth in sight! I love all your pictures of Clara on Instagram. So hard NOT to snuggle them, especially when they are too cute at being cranky.

  5. 6) Gosia

    I love her! She’s so cute, even when crying! All the best, baby!

  6. She could not be any cuter! Seriously – it’s not possible!
    I have a daughter too who’s just a couple months younger than Clara and there is something really special about knowing that this one is probably your last…it just makes you want to treasure every second and every stage (even the ones that drive you crazy)

  7. 8) Valerie

    Dana, you are truly blessed! I love how you have been capturing Clara’s personality. I have never met you but I feel like I know you between tutorials, pictures and reading your site. You are like scrap booking on line; what a keepsake. Enjoy your precious bundle of love. Owen and Lucy are wonderful specimens for your projects to show us. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration and making it simple ideas.

  8. 9) Jenny

    What great photos! With the orange headband in, she looks just like you (I’m thinking of your eating breakfast shots from a recent blog post). She’s absolutely adorable – my littlest is 15 months and I’m trying to enjoy all the squeeziness before it goes away too (he’s a late walker, so he’s still got lots of rolls on him!).

  9. 10) ira lee

    she is such a sweetie! i miss mine being babies- oh so much. it hurts my heart sometimes. now my baby boy is 7 and does too much talking and playing at school and a lot less being good. -eye roll- boys!!!!

  10. 11) Kelly

    She’s a doll. šŸ™‚

  11. awwww happy babies are just the best. i might say this every time you post photos of her but…she’s scrumptious!!

  12. 13) Ginger

    I have always thought my kids were the cutest. Definitely cuter than any I know or have been around. So it pains me to say, that IS the cutest baby I have ever seen. Ever.

  13. She’s so cute! I would be squishing her and kissing her all day long too. Good luck with the teething (and good bye gummy smiles).

  14. she’s so nice ! and I understand what you feel with her as I felt the same with my fourth (and last) baby : trying to keep the sensation of it forever ! (and unfortunately, it’s not possible …)

  15. 18) Jackie


  16. 19) Kere

    She is the most adorable lil babe I have ever laid eyes on! (someone else’s anyway šŸ˜‰ )
    Her eyes, and that combover <3, not to mention the cheeks!
    Even dh thinks she is just adorable!


  17. She is lovely. And I really can relate to your story. I am totally in love with my one-year-old boy – he is my third and last child, so I am way more conscious of every single step in his development than I was with my girls.

  18. 22) Martine

    She is so adorable !
    Greetings from Belgium , Martine

  19. 23) Leigh Anne

    Just adorable! My fave is the little comb over…..too cute!!

  20. 25) Sandra Douma

    She is so CUTE !!!

  21. 26) Allison

    I was just wondering about your high chair. Is it from ikea? If it is, how do you like it? I know strange question but I’m shopping for one and it seems to be the best one I can find for a decent price.

  22. 27) Sherri

    She is so beautiful! Wish we lived closer.

  23. 28) Laura * Suman

    She is so adorable. Love her. She has a hint of Laney in her….her eyes or coloring perhaps. Not sure what but I thought of her while looking at these.

  24. 29) Allison

    Omg it make’s me so sad to read your monthly posts on Clara because my baby boy is the same age and it makes me realize more how quickly they change and on top of that our kids easily look like they could be cousins lol same chubby cheeks, same blue eyes and same hair color! We’ll both be missing those gummy grins but they’ll have more wonderful things to share. Clara is adorable btw and is definitely growing too fast.

  25. 31) Joy

    Dynamo. Big time. BLESSING. She is a DOLL and I bet you could just squeeze her and smooch her all day long! I love the color of her hair, such a beautiful shade and…..she does comb over very well! My “baby” is getting married next weekend so these photos make me a bit sentimental I must admit! We have 3 children and I was always amazed at each birth how we could fall in love with that little bundle each time! How can our hearts even HOLD all that love? Just another miracle of God I guess!

  26. 32) Melissa H

    She’s precious! I too am enjoying my 3rd child (she’s 9 1.2 months at the moment) and I know what you mean about enjoying her even more then my previous babies, it’s like I just want to hold her close as much as possible and breath her in, lol I’m just ga ga for her…. honestly, I’m enjoying her so much I can’t imagine never having another baby.

  27. Time goes by too quickly. She is so cute!

  28. 34) Shelly

    Blech, my kids are early teethers. Mine just turned 6 months and got his two top teeth; his two bottom came in at 4 months. If he continues in his sister’s timeline, the next two will be in within a couple of weeks. I miss gummy smiles, but at least the kiddos are cute either way!

  29. SHE IS SO CUTE. my ten month old is on the thinner side, (she’s oh so beautiful) and I don’t prefer an overly chubby babe, but i got to say little Clara has a great amount of CHUB. good job.

  30. the one of her looking like she’s about to cry-I melt!!

  31. 37) Cate

    oh, she is lovely! I remember sniffing my 3rd baby’s neck and literally being intoxicated by her scent and my overwhelming love for her. I concluded she gave off a particular pheromone that sent me into a spin (and still does). Whatever it is, enjoy, she’s a treasure!

  32. Wow! Such a different seven months makes from her newborn picture! She is adorable.

  33. 40) Beth

    I love that you posted the cranky photos! Most bloggers only show you the perfect pics and you are left wondering why your own babe isn’t cute and photogenic 24/7, lol. But she is seriously cute, even while she is cranking!

  34. 42) Kinsey Dixon

    She really is quite adorable. I always show my husband. I’m like, “look at this precious baby girl!”. He smiles politely. He just doesn’t get it. She’s a treasure and a gift. All babies are.

  35. Oh! She looks gorgeous! Look at those chubby thighs! Aren’t they the most delicious thing! I can’t stop squeezing my baby’s ones too.

  36. 44) Tati

    The day satrted so cute seeing these pretty photos! Kisses from Brazil!

  37. Bellissima! She’s becoming even more cute! Congratulations Dana! šŸ™‚

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