Today my little guy turned Number Two. And as every mother says, I honestly can’t believe how the time has flown. Did he really look like this, just two years ago?
What a boy you’ve become Owen!
And though not quite as organized as his UNO birthday last year, today we celebrated our No.2 with a pencil cake:
We colored with pencils and crayons,
made a trip to the McDonald’s playplace, and just hung around the house.
And we discovered something new today. Miss Lucy didn’t enjoy someone else hogging the camera spotlight. So she kept creeping into my photos. I guess it’s time for a Lucy photo shoot….
Owen’s yellow pants you’ll recognize. But I wish I could take credit for his cute shirt. I can’t! I got it for free a few years ago at a boutique giveaway and it’s made by these cool people.
Happy Birthday Owen. We’re glad you’re our No. 2!
And in keeping with the theme, I leave you with The Dancing Pencil (just so you know what an idiot I am). From Halloween four years ago when our family was Back to School Night:

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