5 minute wedding dress

While sewing this weekend Lucy walked up saying Little Bear needed a wedding dress (as Owen screamed from the other room, “no! He’s a boy!“)
What is this obsession with wedding dresses? Must be a princess thing? And really, is the bear a boy or a girl? Not sure it matters. So I gave Little Bear a 5 minute fix.
I traced his body to a piece of felt and cut out the simplest A-line dress, sewed it at the shoulders and sides, cut a slit on the back for pulling it on and off and then glue-gunned tie straps to the back and a bow on the front (sorry Tim Gunn; just had to use the glue).
We placed a Lucy headband around Little Bear’s head,
and she (he?) was ready to go!
Not quite as elaborate as Jessie the Cowgirl’s satin version.
But seriously. 5 minutes.
I love felt.
I’ve got a new tutorial for you tomorrow!

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