4 years, 90 mins, and low-fat mini cupcakes

One month ago our little girl turned four years old.
I say it every year. But I just can’t believe she’s changed,

and what a sweet girl she is. She challenges us at times, as every child does. But she truly has a sweet, positive, happy disposition. She loves to smile.
To start off the celebration I made her a 90 Min. Shirt. I tried to make the sleeves more girly by gathering them at the shoulders. But I didn’t gather enough so it’s still a work in progress. When I get it right, I’ll add it to the tutorial!
Lucy thought the shirt was pretty great though. She excitedly announced to her whole preschool class, “my mom made me a Birthday shirt!” She’s just happy about life no matter how simple or small the reason.
To celebrate the day, we also took mini-cupcakes to share with the kids in her class:
Mmmmm. Yummy.
I love making mini-cupcakes because they are perfect for kids (and adults).
They fit in their little hands and mouths without as much mess.
You can eat 4 of them and feel more satisfied than just eating one big cupcake.
And when you do this, the cupcake-to-frosting ratio is perfect:
BUT WAIT, there’s still a cherry on top!….

The Cupcakes are LOW-fat! (sorry, the frosting is not).
My mom taught me a trick for taking a boxed cake-mix and making it low-fat. I use it every time I make cake/cupcakes and no one has ever noticed. Makes me feel better about loading my bite up with all that sweet frosting.

You can find the info HERE (and in the Recipes tab above).

Go ahead, try it out! If you can fool your husband, you can fool anyone!
Happy Birthday Lucy! We’re sure happy you’re part of our family.

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