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* First, Thank you for entering the Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway. Here are the four lucky winners! One of you is really in-luck because your boyfriend entered for you! What a guy (pretend like you don’t know when he surprises you).

#892 – Ulysses Lopez, who said: I snuck behind my girlfriend’s back to enter. If I win, it’ll be a great surprise for her!!!
#322 – Ann @ Modern Mrs Darcy, who said: Yes please!
#1042 – Amber, who said: I’ve never heard of this store – so cute!
#124 – erinmalia, who said: are you kidding me? i already know which bundle i’d buy. let’s be honest: i know which eight bundles i’d buy

Winners will be emailed with more info.
* Looking for printable gift tags for all those gift wrappings? There are tons freebies here and here.

* I’m loving this collarless wool jacket by Crewcuts. How easy would it be to make a pattern for that? In our spare time around the holidays?…. (image found via Joy Cho pinterest)

* Here’s a cool DIY idea: mod podge your old heels with fabric. Love it.

* Simple whimsy wreaths by Under the Sycamore (photo below). Just embroidery hoops and boxwood branches. I’ve got both!

* Another festive wreath idea with peppermint candies (though it would be real tempting for guests to pick them off as they walk up to the front door. Hmmm…..maybe that’s another idea. Detachable welcome treats?)

* Pompoms look great on gifts and they’re easy to make--you don’t need a fancy tool–just your fingers! Here’s the short tutorial.

* Many of you have been making Rollie Pollies as Christmas gifts. The Cluster Stuff I recommend in the pattern is no longer carried at Walmart. You may be able to find it at Hobby Lobby, or try these other options…
– Use standard poly batting. This will make it soft like a pillow.
– Buy a cheap premade beanbag from Walmart or Kmart for about $15 and use the little beads inside for your much cuter handmade rollie pollie.
– Use shredded foam (purchased online at Amazon or at Joanns – though it can be pricey at $4.50/bag. You could buy them one at time with coupons).
– Use whatever you have on-hand….some old pillow fillings?
The project can be as inexpensive or pricey as you want. If anyone else has filling tips, please leave it in the comments.

Hope that helps!

  1. 1) Christiane Tremblay

    First time I have been to this site, i love it! As a mother of four, I appreciate the kid friendly projects. Simple and gorgeous, thanks!

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