36 weeks

I made it!
….to SLC and back, without going into labor.
And no one asked any questions.
Well, except for two flight attendants I overheard chatting about me, “oh man, I don’t need to deal with that today.”
Sorry Southwest. But honestly, at that point we were 30 mins from landing and I wasn’t squirming in my seat. I never want to travel that late in a pregnancy again. But I am so, so glad I went to the Alt Summit. It was great! It was fun! It was like hanging out with your favorite friends and gaining inspiration from each other. And the Design Camp class ran so smoothly thanks to my wonderful volunteers. But more on Alt in another post this week (you can get a peek of the conf at the Alt Summit 2012 Flickr photos).
In the meantime, pregnancy photos?
Okay. I’m reaching the end and I’m so ready to meet our little girl. I’m not ready as far as baby things/projects goes (this week is sewing crunch time). But I ready to not have a bowling ball in my tummy. I’m ready to sleep normal again (if waking up every few hours with a newborn is “normal”. At least I can lay flat on my stomach if I want and won’t need 5 pillows to prop me up each night). Sounds dreamy. But I can’t complain. It has truly been a good pregnancy. Aside from the first trimester I’ve had really good energy. And yes, I had planned to share some maternity sewing projects with you, but instead I found cute maternity clothes at my favorite shops (Target, Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy) and never sewed anything up. So here’s a look at my favorite Target dress–and Target boots–and flower accessory from H&M. It’s in the normal Sunday rotation. And here’s my view from the top. Not easy to find my feet. I did manage to paint my toenails the other day though! Just a few more weeks to go.

p.s. I know many of you are still having trouble with the RSS feeds and getting my posts to show up.Β  SORRY.Β  “Top men” are looking into it.Β  It’s driving me crazy too.Β  Hopefully we’ll get it sorted out soon.

  1. 1) Michelle Lubbers

    You look GREAT Dana, happy last few weeks!!

  2. You look great!! Any chance you’d let me in on what boots you’re wearing? πŸ™‚

  3. 3) Bernadette

    I wish I looked as beautiful and as stylish as you do while I was pregnant! Or any day of the week, actually πŸ˜‰

  4. 4) Jenny

    Isn’t pregnancy amazing: It is so incredibly difficult to sleep with a third trimester (or, for me, first or second trimester) baby on the inside that we actually look forward to sleeping comfortably but having to wake to nurse or feed the baby.

    You look fabulous, by the way.

  5. 5) Maggie

    Oh my Dana, you look too cute! I love your sweet baby bump and cannot wait until she arrives. Only 4ish weeks? I can’t believe you are almost done!

  6. Dana, estΓ‘s preciosa! You look very pretty! I just have one girl and the 9 months I had her in my belly were the happiest in my life. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience!… I think it is over for me (too old and too long trying), although I keep wishing that the magic happen again… and if not, I am blissfully happy with my little girl.
    Thanks for everything! You are a constant inspiration and I learn a lot from you.

  7. Beautiful! You are brave to travel at 36 weeks! Good for you–and glad you made it home safely. Target is the best–you look adorable. πŸ™‚

  8. Dana, I love that little belly! You look adorable :). I know what you mean about sleeping normal. With Cass being 4.5 months old, he still wakes up in the night, but being able to sleep on my back or my tummy is just heaven!! Good luck with everything, mama! Can’t wait to see your little bundle and hear all about the birth.


  9. Ahhh! You look so cute! Fabulous photos, as always. They will be wonderful to look back on one day…when we are all old and wrinkled and frumpity, and saying to ourselves..man – I wish all I had to deal with was a bowling ball in my belly! Can someone please pass me my boobs, I think they are dragging on the floor behind me. HA! You seriously look great πŸ™‚

  10. Good luck with your last few weeks. You look gorgeous. LOVE your hair. I’ve never been sure of how to wear those hair flowers, but I love how you did yours. Fancy!

  11. You look beautiful! Wish I had photos from my last few weeks of pregnancy (all 4 of them, LOL) but I’m always the one with the camera. πŸ™‚ Praying the last few weeks go easy and stress free!

  12. 13) Leigh Anne

    You look so pretty! Thanks for sharing the photos πŸ™‚ I was hoping all went well on your trip and that you wouldn’t have any crazy airplane delivery stories to tell….haha! BTW – where did you get your boots?? They are adorbs and I’ve been wanting some just like that!

  13. Dana- You look darling! I love your dress… Hope this last month goes by quick so you can have this new babe soon! Can’t wait to see her! She will be darling!
    xoxo, Ashley

  14. I was planning to make myself some maternity stuff as well, but you can’t beat Target after Christmas clearance sales (I’m about 10 weeks behind you and this is my first so I’m just barely into maternity/bigger stuff so the timing was perfect!). I got about 8-9 shirt under $60. Works for me. And for pants, I cut off the waistbands of Old Navy Clearance jeans and added a stretchy elastic/knit casing waistband and called it good. Sometimes cheap deals just beat the sewing! πŸ™‚ You look great, and I can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  15. i’m wearing the same dress today! it is very comfy and i love it, too πŸ™‚

  16. you look great! love your whole look and the boots too! especially the flower in your hair. such a cute little pregnant momma you are. glad it all went well at alt. best of luck these last 4 weeks!!!

  17. Glad to hear you made it home safely. You look great. It is hard to sew for babies because they clothing is so cheap for them and you can find great items out in the stores. Plus, babies grow out of everything so fast. We always have intentions but not all can be done. Oh well. I’m sure you’ll do plenty of sewing for her.

  18. 19) Ilene

    You should have Lucy paint them for you!
    My little boy loves me to paint his toes. Perhaps Owen might even like to do it~!
    each on a different color perhaps?

  19. Oh wow, it feels like yesterday I read about your pregnancy.
    Enjoy the last weeks.

  20. Too cute! I loved when I was pregnant (when I wasn’t with all day sickness). You are beautiful! Congratulations!

  21. 22) dietcokegrrl

    How cute are you? Seriously. And I miss you!! It’s been over a year–and I’m just NOT okay with that.

  22. yay for 36 weeks! you look amazing of course. have fun and try to relax a little until she comes!

  23. You look so cute! Congratulations on being near the end. Best Wishes and we can’t wait to “meet” your new little princess!

  24. You are so cute that I *almost* want to be pregnant again (*almost* being the operative word – I hate being pregnant). Good luck with your last few weeks!

  25. 26) Lisa

    you painted your toenails!?!? kudos to you. i could hardly get my socks and shoes on let alone paint my nails! πŸ™‚

    good luck on the last month! It can be a long one, I know…

  26. Dana, you look fabulous. Good luck with the labor and delivery. I can’t wait to see all the baby pics and baby related cuteness on your blog.

  27. you are the cutest pregnant woman ever! i’m sure you hear that all the time!

    my coworker also has those super awesome Target boots…they hardly look Target! i love the color too.

  28. 29) Cara

    I have that same dress, love it, and wear it with brown boots. I’m 33 weeks and expecting number 3.

  29. Congrats on making it this far! You look great! I am 39 weeks and having my c-section tomorrow morning! Wish me luck! I feel your pain about sleeping, looking forward to that! LOL

  30. You look great. Glad the flight attendants did not have to deal with a delivery… I am sure you could have stuck the landing even if you went into labor.

  31. You look so great–love the outfit! You are so cute. Good luck with it all!!!

  32. 35) Kimberly

    I remember that anxious feeling when I was ready to meet my son Sage. He is almost two now and I can still remember being pregnant with him. He was two weeks late, and I was very impatient! =) Good luck to you and let the excitement continue!!

  33. 36) Emily

    You look so cute and I love the dress! I am right there with you about not being able to wait until there is no bowling ball in your tummy. I have 3 weeks left and I can’t wait to meet our sweet baby #4 (we are going to be surprised) and looking forward to being able to sleep “normal” again! πŸ™‚ Good luck with everything in the next weeks!

  34. You look fantastic! I love that dress. I hope everything goes well.

  35. 38) barbi

    As far as subscribing goes, I was able to get it to work in Google Reader by typing in danamadeit.com/feed and got the posts from the new blog. If I only copy and paste danamadeit.com (like I normally do with all other blogs) It auto directs me to the old blog address. Hope this helps solve the issue!

    Cute tummy pics, btw. And I feel your pain about the pillow propping! I remember how awful it was to have 7 pillows propping up various parts and having to re-arrange it all every time you moved or for one of the umpteen times to get up to the bathroom.

  36. I am right there with ya- due on Feb 23rd! You look great, and I also ended up not sewing much for my maternity wardrobe other than a maxi skirt with a yoga-pants like top. I have sewn everything for the baby’s nursery though, and that has been fun!

  37. 40) Lori

    Good for you Dana for making the trip! So glad it was a success. What a great “last hoorah” before precious baby girl arrives. I traveled accross the country alone at 36 weeks with my number 3 for a weekend trip to see family. It was so nice to have a little time to myself before my newborn came along. What do those cranky flight attendants know? πŸ˜‰ Oh and, you are glowing πŸ™‚

  38. 41) Sue

    Dana- you look great! I totally understand about the sleeping thing. I have seven more weeks, before meeting Boy #3, and I just told my husband this morning, it might be time to add the body pillows to our bed. Poor husband, he is going to run out of room, good thing he loves me so much.

  39. 42) Martina (Spain)


  40. 36 weeks already!? Wow! You look amazing! You are in the home stretch now. Relax and try not to go completely crazy waiting to see that cute baby face! πŸ˜‰

  41. 44) Brittney

    You have the cutest little bowling ball belly! you look AMAZING and the dress looks great on you.

  42. Hey dana,
    thank you so much for sharing with us!
    I enjoy reading your blog so much!!!
    It’s impressive how much time and effort you put into sewing and crafts!

    I like you! πŸ™‚

  43. You look–you are–adorable! And I wish I’d seen those boots at Target! So fabulous!

  44. 48) Holly

    You look great, Dana! All the best as you prepare to meet your new little one! Glad your Design camp class went well, those pillows looked like fun!

  45. You are so adorable and even prettier in person! What a comfy/pretty dress. We got through IKEA but didn’t make it through Target. I’m tempted to go back down just to go there! πŸ™‚

    I hear ya and being grateful to be pregnant, but also dreaming about not being pregnant any more. My husband just started P90X. It has me itching to get my body back. Too bad I can’t exercise and nurse too though. My doctor keeps telling me to go on the ice cream diet…I keep telling her – I am! πŸ™‚

  46. That dress looks so comfy! When I was pregnant with my second, I found a very similar dress in a polka dot pattern at the thrift store for THREE dollars. It was brand new, had been donated by Target. I love when that happens πŸ™‚

  47. So glad to hear you had a great time. You look great! I had my first in April and can remember the “pregnancy home stretch” feeling! Where did you get those fantastic boots?

  48. you look great dana! hope the end goes quickly. i always get so impatient in the end (or the whole time) because i just want to see them and hold them and snuggle them. only a little while longer. πŸ™‚ take care.

  49. Congrats on making it through a flight that late in pregnancy! I’m 31 weeks and although the pregnancy has been pretty good, just super tired at this point. Having a one-year-old and working full-time doesn’t help! P.S. I have the same dress from target, although I consider it too cold to wear it. Maybe I should try it with some leggings!

  50. I am SO glad you made it there and back! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  51. I have to say you have marvelous taste!…ahem, I also have those boots!!! Got them last year at Target, and boy do I love how they look even more now that they are wearing out from the toes and heels and it now gives them that vintage feel to them. They are supper comfy!! I also love how you can wear them with either browns or grays!!!!

    You look to cute prego!

  52. 56) nancy

    thanks for making me smile! you look lovely!!

  53. You look absolutely fantastic! And I love your style!

  54. 58) Erika

    Great pictures. Look forward too seeing the pictures of your sweet babe when finally arrives. like the new look of your blog and thanks a zillion for making it available via email since I tend to get more behind on the ones in my RSS feed.

  55. Look at you! Fantastic! (but I totally understand that get-it-out feeling!) Good luck fir last last few weeks! I don’t have an rss feed.. But ever since you swapped your site over its been better! It used to be the slowest blog ever to load (totally worth the wait though) and now it loads in a snap like a normal page! Sometimes I had trouble leaving comments but no trouble with that either now! So even if you’re having issues it’s got it’s upside too! πŸ™‚

  56. 60) Margie

    You look fantastic!

  57. 61) bdaiss

    Holy buckets girl, I would have been terrified to fly that close to my due date. Especially without my hubby along! Also – how did you get to 36 weeks already?!? (I’m quite sure it doesn’t feel that quick for you, but yeesh! Seems like you announced your pregnancy just last week!) As fun as sewing for yourself is, finding awesome (and reasonably priced) maternity clothes is even better. Love that dress! And I bet it will look just as cute this summer.

  58. I just found out you were here via Design Sponge, via Alt Summit. Wow! I am all signed up to get your posts. What a very fun blog, looking forward to looking through all your creative projects.

    BTW, you look adorable! Didn’t know what you looked like prior to 36 weeks, but I was not looking this good at this point, with either pregnancy, singleton, then twins. Oy!

  59. Dana! YOU, my friend are ADORABLE! I was just thinking about you today wondering how long you had left. So close (but so far away!) hang in there…I am so happy for you already. πŸ™‚

  60. 64) brooke

    I was really jealous of your dress and then I realized I have the same one but in a different print. It’s so comfy. I am 36 weeks pregnant too. I hope I can still wear it after the baby comes – but sometimes that can make you still look pregnant when you are trying to look normal again. Hmmm…

  61. 65) Ronica

    Dana you look fantastic! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. And a winter baby? How did you get so lucky? So much fun cuddling with a newborn in chillier times! It gets easier right? lol.

  62. 66) AMABishop

    Hey Dana, I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it coming! I did have one thing to say about something you mentioned in this post. My mom, who went into normal labor naturally with all three of her kids, always said it was the toe nail polishing that did it! I guess there is something about getting into that position to reach ones toes around ones big belly that tells the body it’s time! Good luck!

  63. I think that you look so cute in the pictures! I hope I look that adorable when I’m expecting our children! Thanks for your great inspiration. Wishing you the best!

  64. You are so darn cute! I love your outfit, and those stores are amazing! They always have cute things..we just got an H&M in Utah and I really need to make a trip and check out their adorable things {and baby line!} Have a great week or two left of being pregnant, im sure your SO ready to have your precious baby girl in your arms : )

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