Hold it Bin Pattern

Get your holiday sewing fingers ready!
Just in time for Christmas, we’re dropping a new pattern!
It’s the Hold it Bin.

Hold it. What? You made that cute bin?
Yesssss. That’s what your friends are going to say….when you make all 14 sizes, for everyone you know, for every room of the house, and the office, and the school.There’s even a flatware set, with removable flatware bins, and a napkin holder!
(Warning: bin sewing can be addictive.)

I love how professional this project looks, but still with that handmade charm. The bins are sturdy, while soft, and hold their shape well.  Many of them come with lids and cool handle options.

And we’ve done all the hard math, so you have the perfect pattern pieces, with the perfect seam allowances. We always give you the nitty gritty details, so you feel like we’re sitting there next to you, sewing along.

Annnnd, we have a video to go along with it! You can press the play button below, or keep reading for more info.


The Hold it Bin is a PDF sewing pattern.
Printable pattern pieces come in 14 sizes.

Bin Styles included are:
• All-Purpose Bin + lid (small, medium, large)
• XXL Bin + lid
• Flatware Set + lid (with three insert bins)
• Drawer Organizers (small + large square, small + large rectangle)
• Napkin Holder + lid
• Upright Bin + lid (small, medium, large)
• Gift box + lid (small, large)

Additional info:
• Detailed step-by-step instructions with beautiful illustrations and photographs
• Charts and information provided in both Imperial (inches/yards) and in Metric
• Pattern pages print to either US letter-size and A4

There is so much to love with this project.

Maybe it’s because I love how many options there are. And how many things can be stored inside. You can even add a glass insert vase and turn the upright bin into a planter or pencil holder.

Of course I’m pretty partial to how perfect this XXL bin looks in my house.
It was MADE for this room.

And now you can sew them MADE for your home, too.

Okay, enough talk. Time to sew.
* You can purchase the Hold it Bin pattern HERE *

For additional resources and ideas, check out the Hold it Bin Headquarters Page.
Have fun sewing!
(and wrapping)

  1. 1) Emily

    Love the gift boxes! It will be fun to make a few of these for holiday gift-giving (I’m all for reusable gift wraps!)

    • 2) Dana

      Yay! Thanks Emily, I’m glad you like them!
      The reusable aspect is really fun. I want to make a gift box for everyone I know!
      Have fun sewing!

  2. 4) Penny

    I can hardly stand how cute and fun these are! I want to make a zillion for friends and family. Happiness is always seeing an email that Dana from MADE has a new pattern!!!! Just put me on speed dial for buying your patterns! I know I have some bin patterns somewhere in my sewing room (obviously haven’t sewn them!) but since you designed these, I know they’ll be a quick, fun, easy sew! Let the sewing begin! You rock, Dana – have a good day! Congrats on being so cool!

    • 5) Dana

      Oh Penny,
      You are my most favorite commenter EVER!
      Thank YOU for all the kind words and I’m so happy you’re excited about these bins!
      I hope you have fun sewing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. 6) Mary Lou Pollock

    I love these bins! What a great idea and perfect for gift-giving anytime. Thank you so much, Dana! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!????

    • 7) Dana

      Thank you Mary Lou! I love simple handmade things that work as gifts! Have fun sewing and Merry Christmas to you as well 🙂

  4. 8) Kim Heggins

    OH MY GOODNESS….these are simply amazing!!!! Can’t wait to hit buy!

  5. 9) Suzanne

    I must buy this pattern. Going by the way the baby doll basket pattern was put together, these bin instructions should be very easy to follow. My mind is ticking over on their uses. For my craft, for the dolls clothes of the little dolls I make, to organise some of my draws (keep all the little things from getting lost in the bigger things). On my kitchen table with a plant in it……the list goes on. Dana, I’ll let you know how I went with making these cute boxes. Thanks again Dana.

  6. 10) Maarya

    I BOUGHT IT!!!!

  7. 11) Petra

    Your photography is beautiful as always 🙂 Plus all the different sizes of “bins” are very clever. And those fabrics 😀 I really like the little “pacifier” bin, could’ve done with that 12 years ago haha!

  8. 12) Lydia

    This is seriously like the sewing pattern I have been waiting for. Did you read my mind? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am all about cute organization…and it is less expensive to sew these bins than to try to buy them all ready made! Great job, Dana!

    • 13) Dana

      hahaha. I was totally reading your mind! And yes, I love that some of these bins can use fabric you probably have right in your own stash.
      Have fun sewing!

  9. 14) Nancy rubin

    Goodness Gracious and a Honey Bee and Cute as a Button! I will make lots of these for moms and kids at the Transitional Living Centers.

    • 15) Dana

      Oh my goodness what an angel you are to make bins for those centers. That sounds amazing!

  10. 16) Katie M

    These are such cute bins which would be endlessly useful. I have two quick question about the supplies needed. Would the bins work with quilting cottons, or do you need home dec fabric? What do you use for stiffening? Some supplies are a bit hard to come by in Singapore, so I want to see if I can find suitable products here.

    • 17) Dana

      Yes! All these bins (except for the XXL yellow gingham bin) were made with quilting cotton. You can find a full supply list in the pattern listing. The bins call for Pellon 809 Decor Bond interfacing. It really works best with this specific interfacing. But if you can’t get that in Singapore, then definitely try a stiff craft bond/interfacing if you can one. In addition to interfacing, there is a layer of felt in each bin. Just normal felt that you buy by-the-yard from a fabric store like Joann.
      You can read more about interfacing and felt on the Hold it Bin HQ page. Scroll down to the FAQ part:

  11. 18) Christy haggard

    So cute! These look like fun to make and fun to have around the house. 🙂 Thanks for another great looking pattern!

  12. 19) esther lee

    Just bought the pattern yesterday! I’m having trouble locating the faux leather trim in my local joanns. What is it called? Where can I buy it?

    • 20) Dana

      All the faux leather and vinyl is in the Home Decor area at Joann, typically on a wall near the back of the store. It comes on large rolls, and you don’t need very much….1/8 to 1/4 of a yard for a handle. Sometimes they sell precut vinyl pieces on rolls at Joann and Hobby Lobby. Those work also.

      • 21) esther lee

        Thanks for your response! Finally found it. I was looking in the wrong section (trims). One last question-do you have any tried and true methods to avoid the bubbling that happens when fusing the interface with the fabric? I’m making my second one and I can’t seem to figure out why it wrinkles/bubbles…

        • 22) Dana

          Oh good! I’m glad you found it.
          For smooth interfacing fusing, here are some tips:
          • Start in the middle and work your way to the edges.
          • Press right in the middle on the interfacing side first (to get it started) and then flip the fabric/interfacing sandwich over and press on the fabric side, to make sure it’s nice and smooth, and no bubbles, as you continue pressing outward toward the edge of the fabric.
          • Make sure to read the manufacturer’s info on the interfacing tissue paper, so you know how to apply it, and for how long. You typically need to press for about 10-15 seconds….which is longer than one might think. This will give you a nice fuse.

          • 23) esther lee

            Thanks so much!!

  13. 24) Jule

    Just bought my pattern. I’m so excited! But how can I chose which one to sew first? Off to buy interfacing tomorrow. Let’s see what the German markeg has to offer instead of Pellon 809.

  14. 25) Maarya

    Can you make a video tutorial to go with it. I can’t wait to start making it!

    • 26) Dana

      Yes! There is actually a video coming! I just haven’t finished it yet 🙂

      • 27) Kateri Roybal

        Yay! Love the pattern! I’m such a visual person though, so I cant wait for the video!

  15. 28) Linda

    I bought some canvas and “duck” (which seems like canvas) from JoAnns yesterday to make some bins. Would you still use the Pellon interfacing with this type of fabric?

    • 29) Dana

      Fun! I love the idea of Duck Cloth. Yes, I would still use it. It will give your bin just an extra bit of structure…unless you’re making one of the really tiny bins…like the small drawer organizers, or the small Upright. But if you’re making a large or XXL bin, the interfacing will be great.

  16. 30) Tami

    Hi Dana! Thanks for your pattern. Some really cute mustard beehive comb oilcloth was on sale the other day. I’ll use it for the lining of my drawer organizers in my sewing corner. I can’t wait!

    • 31) Dana

      Oh awesome! Those are going to look amazing. Have fun sewing!

  17. 32) Fhvhv

    I went to get the pattern and I just can’t find it

  18. 33) Alyse Huskinson

    Can I ask what the dimensions are for the XXL bin? I love all of these and want to make the bins for my girls’ bedroom as organizers for their storage bench. I think these bins are the prettiest things!

      • 35) Alyse Huskinson

        Thank you so much! That is perfect!

  19. 36) *em

    Firstly leave it to Dana to know what moms want and need!!! Kudos on this pattern super functional and super cute!



  20. 38) Maarya

    Hi Dana! I bought the pattern the day they came out, but wanted to know the size of the bins in the very first picture. They look like the perfect size for a project I need to make!
    Thank you!:)

    • 39) Dana

      Hi Maarya,
      Those are the All-Purpose size Large bins. Those are my favorite too!
      Have fun sewing!

  21. 40) Cynthia

    Hi, I purchased this pattern a while back, and finally have time to play with it, but can’t find it. Can I redownload it? How would I go about doing this please? I just love your videos! You are my go-to when I need something explained, wish you could show me how to fix my auto threader too. Thank you!

    • 41) Dana

      Thanks Cynthia!
      I can send you a link to access the pattern again. I just need to know what email address you used for purchase.
      This email address here is not showing up in my system.
      If you paid with paypal, it will be the email that’s associated with your paypal acct.
      Thanks 🙂

  22. 42) catherine

    Great pattern, as always! I love reading your blog!
    However, I was wondering whether the bins are washable. I live in the desert and with all those sandstorms, the dust creeps into everything. With all the interfacing (and the handles) I wasn’t sure. Have you tried?

    • 43) Dana

      Yes, you should be able to wash these bins–but I haven’t tried yet. So yes, I’m curious how the interfacing holds up. I hope it doesn’t start to look crinkly.
      If you try it, please let us know in the comments! And I would prob recommend letting the bin air-dry.
      Thanks Catherine!

  23. 44) Trupthi

    Hello dana…your work is amazing…May I know how do I buy the patters of other hold in bins…?

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