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Check out what Delia made with the Flip Vest Pattern!
I’m in love. I want both.
For me…or Clara.
Especially because the little plaid version has a secret color inside!  So head over to check it out, read her pattern review….and win free FLIP VEST PATTERNS!  She’s hosting a giveaway that ends Monday night!  Woohoo!

And now I’m off to double-check that the Downton finale is set-up to record tonight…
Have a great Sunday!

  1. 2) Annelize

    That looks gorgeous!!!!

  2. 3) Donna Blalock

    I somehow round your you tube tutorial on how to make a simple skirt. I have already made two and now starting to make the party banner with fabric scraps. You are a great “instructor” and I am even going to attempt a zipper (something I have been putting off forever). Thank you so much for your time, effort and great tutorials.
    Donna Blalock

  3. 4) Ruth Kirby

    were is the pattern for cicle skitts for adults

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