oh baby,

I’ve been keeping a secret.
Something’s going down at our house:
No I haven’t been eating too many Round Rock Donuts (okay, we did go there last weekend).
A little baby is joining our family in the middle of February!
I’m 17 weeks along and currently feeling great. Month 2-3 was rough–I took a lot of naps; ate a lot of ramen noodles. Thankfully I had a stash of posts in the que to keep the blog filled up! And what everyone told me is true…on the third pregnancy, your body remembers the routine and pops out so much faster. I’m way bigger now than with my other two. And since I turn 35 during the pregnancy, my OB kindly informed me that I’m “Elderly”. But the upside is that we get plenty of ultrasounds. And we’ve already found out what we’re having!….

A human!

The little body looks something along these lines….
I pulled Lucy’s old clothing from the garage and had tons of fun reminiscing about how cute she looked in them. That red dress above (GAP) might be an all-time favorite. And her denim jumper, red-skirt refashion for my brother’s wedding, her argyle sweater? Can’t wait to get more use out of these on our new baby girl.

(Lucy, 4 months)
This shirt is another favorite. I bought it at Babystyle where I used to love strolling and browsing. Too bad they went out of business.

With our genes this little one is destined to have blond hair and blue eyes–though I secretly long for a brunette baby with green eyes. But I’m not complaining! This combo is pretty cute too. I wonder if she’ll look more like specimen Lucy (left) or specimen Owen (right). Can you even tell them apart?
I just hope there’s more of this in our future.
and this.
Here’s to 4 months of quadrupling my size! (btw, this photo was taken two weeks ago and I swear I’m twice as big now. Oh well. I’m making a human.)

  1. I know im a little late reading this, but CONGRATS! that is so exciting! Your kids are so adorable, all that blond hair and blue eyes is darling! Good luck with your delivery and everything very soon! Congrats again!

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