1. Hello,
    I’m looking for donation for our senior citizens camp. We do a annual overnight camp for 65 seniors. If you can offer general donation for our camp that would be great

  2. 2) Lisa Streeff

    My friend and her family are moving to Guatemala as full time missionaries in June. She needs fabric to make some quilts to help with the expense. I would love to give her some!

  3. 3) Carol Horvat

    I am looking for some free fabric for our quilt club at church.
    We make quilts and give them to shut-in or members who are ill in our congregation.

  4. 4) Kim Dixon

    I am disabled and being home all the time became very boring. One of my neighbors ( which became one of my best friends ) took time to teach me how to sew. Well I have been looking on line at all kinds of sewing videos and trying to make the items I see. I’m not a pro but I am sure working my way up the ladder. Thanks to my friend Tina I now have a great hobby that I enjoy. I can really use the free fabric to continue with my learning to sew.

  5. 5) Kayla

    Hi! I’ve recently started quilting and it’s something I truly enjoy. I would like to make small blankets to donate to the local hospitals to give to kids in the pediatric ward, but fabric is expensive and I’m currently going to college so money is tight. I’m looking for ways to get ahold of fabric to make this happen but so far no luck. If I got free fabric from you it would mean a lot not only to me, but to the pediatric ward at the hospital as well. Thanks.

  6. 6) Jessie Wilson

    i have recently found a hobby (sewing machine work) that i can actually do due to my eyesite. i would love to get, more material to make different projects with to keep me busy because i have trouble going out to the shops now. i’m only 14 years old and i’m going blind very slowly year by year im getting worst. Thanks

  7. 7) Tina Blackburn

    I am a out of work mother of two young boys. And I have been designing dresses
    For about 5 years now. I have created several beautiful dresses. I sell them to get a little income. But the price of good fabric has become outragouse. I am unable to aford to to spend a lot of money. To get expensive cloth. I have a few unfinished designs. But am running low on material. I have been trying to find someone who might donate some fabric or even old sheet, curtains and other unwanted materials. If you are interested you may contact me at7062808220. Thank you

  8. I am a stay at home mom and use fabric scraps to make handmade cards and am now going to be making pincushions, bags and totes to try to make some extra money. I like upholstery fabric mostly for durability for pockets and side panels. I like using decorative fabric for cardmaking and accent pieces on other things. Email me at Godsartist10@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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