Pirate Life–a simple costume, the gear, and an adventure!

My kids are obsessed with pirate stuff these days.
From Jake and the Neverland Pirates on TV, to Olivia episodes, to singing “yo ho yo ho” in the car with the Disney CD, pirates seem to be all around us.
So, we embraced it! And made a very simple pirate costume that works great for playtime around the house or for a themed birthday party.
So what does every good pirate need to sail the seven seas, explore new lands, and search for treasure? Just a few simple things….
You definitely need a cool hat (and when it’s made from cardstock and paper, it only takes 5 minutes!)
A pirate vest (made using the Frontier Vest tutorial and pattern)
A simple felt eye patch….the kind that doesn’t dig into your face and fits a 4 year old matey!
Of course you might get hungry along the way, so pack your fishing pole.
Then grab your telescope and don’t forget THE MAP!
“X” marks the spot!
Ready for adventure? Let’s get started!
You’ll find the complete Pirate Life tutorial HERE (and in the Tutorials link at the top of the blog):With your simple gear in tow, you’re ready for hunting treasure….
The kids were super excited when they walked in my bedroom and saw a pretend pirate ship (old baby crib) and pirate clothes. And I was happy that it was the easiest project to put together, with the greatest returns from them!
They hung out for a bit on the ship, fished for their dinner.
And finally got antsy for treasure.
So we pulled out the map and off they went on a hunt. The map showed different locations throughout our house where the kids were supposed to look for treasure.
It was cute watching them run around the house and backyard.
At each spot I left a piece of treasure. They swiped it up and headed off to the next spot.
And finally they ended on the X!…behind the pillows on my bed.
Pirate Booty! Arrrrr.
(they’d never heard me say booty before and thought it was hilarious. “Mom said booty!“) And of course they overlooked the Fruit Leather I put in there and went straight for the Kit Kats (I would too).
And just like that, we’ve had a week of pirate fun. I made this stuff on Tuesday and the kids have been playing with it every day since. We’ve created another map–leading to different spots in the house and new treasure–and the kids have colored and decorated their hats even more. I had no idea it would be such a hit. A pirate’s life for me too!

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