Pieced Pants with GUEST: Kojo Designs

I hope you’re not sick of pants yet! I promise I’ll be sharing other items throughout the month-long celebration. But since pants are a main staple in any boy’s wardrobe, one can always use more inspiration, right? Then let’s talk about today’s guest!….a site many of you are familiar with: Kojo Designs.

Kirstin and Jordan are creative sisters who sharing amazing decor ideas and all sorts of cute girly clothing. In fact, they’re well-known for their feminine projects and anthro-inspired ideas. But recently on the Project Run and Play competition they shared this cool Vintage Vail outfit. And I was totally rooting for them. How cute are these photos and clothing?
And today Kojo Designs is sharing a boy project that fits right in line with our Kid Pants series. So let’s here from the ladies!….
Hello there, friends!
I’m Kirstin (half of a team of sisters who blog over at
kojodesigns); I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here today.

One year ago, during the first round of Celebrate the Boy, I was mama to an almost two-year-old son (Burke). I don’t know if I’ve ever loved a blog series quite as much as I loved Celebrate the Boy 2010. See, I think the internet is bubbling over with terrific ideas involving dresses and ruffles, but sorely lacking in the boy crafting department. I loved the idea of making things for Burke, but hadn’t attempted much. Celebrate the Boy was the antidote to that.
Can I tell you something? I see myself as more of a ‘girl mom.’ With the amount of crafting that goes on at my house, my love for dresses (and making dresses!), and especially the delight I find in my friendships with my sisters (requiring not just one, but more than one daughter!), I always figured that we’d have a house full of girls. Imagine my surprise when the delivery room echoed with “It’s a BOY!” refrains on Burke’s birthday. The real surprise, however, has been how much I’ve loved being a mama to a dirt eating, sword wielding, ball tossing, lego crashing, car zooming Little Man. What a fantastic idea to devote a whole series to celebrating boys in all their rough and tumble goodness!
Which brings us to today’s tutorial! Recently, I made Burke a pair of super comfy, pieced jersey pants. Want a little rundown on the fabulous features? Since the pants are made of old t-shirts, they’re extra comfy (bonus- the upcycling translates into nearly free as well).
The drawstring is perfect for accommodating an extra-tiny waist (or any waist-size, really). Also, the exposed seams and pieced jersey give the pants a colorful, modern look. Best of all, Burke loves them, which always equals a craft success in my book. Come on over to kojodesigns for details. And, on behalf of boy moms everywhere, thanks to Dana and Rae for hosting this most-fabulous-of-all blog series’ for a second year! We’ll be checking out the goodness every day. Twice.

You’ll find the complete tutorial
HERE on Kojo Designs.
Thanks Kirstin for sharing your ideas with us!
Make sure you check out Made by Rae’s guest today as well–the impressive Collette Patterns. She’s classy, a bit vintage, and full of helpful sewing info and tips.

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